xWatch Smartwatch Review 2020 – What Does This Affordable Wearable Offer?

Can you really get a high tech smartwatch with all the functionality at a fraction of the price?

xWatch Review











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There are many smartwatches out there on the market. Some are packed with features, others don’t offer much. It’s can be really confusing to pick one and have a peace of mind when doing so.

After you decide, these smartwatches can cost you anywhere from $200 – $500+. If you want to buy a great smartwatch which doesn’t break the bank, you should definitely check out the xWatch smartwatch. This watch is going viral online and people are loving it! But is it really worth the money? In our x-Watch smartwatch review we will go over the pros and cons as well as what you should consider before clicking that buy button.

XWatch smartwatch (also known as xWatch) is a good-looking modern smartwatch that will not be modern only for a year, but for many more. Who doesn’t want to have a smartwatch that is timeless and on the budget plus it is everything that you need through the day is literally on your wrist!

xWatch Smartwatch – What It Is And What Does It Do?

Simply put, xWatch is a top smartwatch which not only shows time, date, beeps and wakes you up after setting an alarm, but can also be used to make a phone call with the built in speaker. You can make calls with it, read text messages, use xWatch App as your trainer, be updated with your social media accounts and many other things which we will mention later in our review.

It is a game-changer, right?

affordable smartwatch

How come that xWatch smartwatch is both a watch and a phone? It is because you connect the watch to your phone so it syncs with it. It also has a SIM card slot (worldwide). Simple!

The touch screen makes the whole experience seamless and enjoyable. We all remember those old school watches, where even setting the alarm was complicated, let alone change the time. It wasn’t easy for anyone.
Because it has a touchscreen it is super simple to use. Just touch the LCD with finger and everything is set. It makes life much easier thanks to the latest Europe start-up invention. Yes, it is made or let’s say designed and planned in Europe and constructed in the same factories as many other major brands.

The Design

It looks very similar to the Apple smartwatch and many smartwatches tend to look like they are made of the same materials. If you aren’t familiar with smartwatches let me tell you and show you how they look like.

It Looks and feels very similar to an Apple Watch


Thin And Strong Design

This smartwatch is made from quality materials. Even though it is a quadrat shape it has beautiful smooth curves of modern design which give a luxurious feel. On the front and back it is cased in extra resistant glass so you can easily clean and wipe the dirt off of it. The glass on the front is protecting the LCD screen (HD touch screen display) which gives a bright light and stands out on your wrist so everybody can see the latest technology you are wearing.

It looks like the xWatch smartwatch could be a great competitor against the Apple and Samsung smartwatches. After all, they can’t beat the price – at least not anytime soon.

The strap is very good and comfortable (it wraps around wrist perfectly) and it is made from silicone. The strap feels like wearing next to nothing on the skin and it doesn’t bother you at all, while wearing the watch during movement or any other hardcore activity you are into. Yes, the xWatch smartwatch is very durable!

It is an actual phone on your wrist and the best thing is, you won’t need to look for your phone anymore.

Probably there have been many times when you have been asking yourself this question: Where is my phone?

And now the only answer is: It’s on my wrist! 

And how cool and luxurious is that?!!

And yes, of course, you can get your xWatch smartwatch in many vibrant colors. There is a variety of colors to choose from.

xWatch – How Does It Work?

Where To Buy The xWatch?

This cool, functional smartwatch works with Android and iOS phones. You simply pair a watch with your phone via Bluetooth. And if you don’t want to connect it with your phone there is another connection way: putting the SIM inside. Are you ready to receive/answer your calls?

You can also pair it with up to two wireless headsets for a seamless and hands-free experience, which comes in handy for exercising or other activities.

It also works the other way around. The XWatch can be a remote for your phone camera which makes it perfect for new era selfie shots.

It has a customized OS (operating system) which is very smooth, brilliant and energy-efficient.

What are the coolest xWatch features?

Just like any other (expensive) smarwatch, it has several extraordinary features.

What can you do with it?

  • monitor your health
  • listen to music
  • take photos
  • record videos
  • make calls & write text messages
  • make plans

activity tracking

Monitoring your health

It’s a watch which will help and support you during your activities. It is almost like having a medical assistant on your wrist. We could call it even a doctor xWatch. The reason for the name is because it is monitoring your activity levels, heart rate and can even give you a ECG reading in a matter of seconds.

How can the xWatch accurately measure cardio specifications?

It features a special built-in magnet.

Built in ECG Monitor

The xWatch, includes the latest ECG (electrocardiogram technology monitor) which can sync with its app or the diagrams can be checked live during exercising.

These diagrams can give you insights, which is otherwise hard to achieve.

Another great tip is to bring the diagrams to your doctor, so you don’t need to visit him a second or the third time. Simple life, isn’t it?


To keep yourself healthy it also includes the step counter AI features & suggestions. The counter motivates you to keep moving and not sit for too long. Say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle and burn calories easily – which works like a charm like a cardio coach on your wrist.

Do you know how many steps you make per day or how much distance is that you walk? It would be nice to know accurately, right?

So get yourself the XWatch and track down your physical condition. You will progress and become fit with this smartwatch.

Pedometer Function

Monitor your sleep

There is a big benefit if you wear your watch while sleeping. It has one of those coolest functions, which measures your sleeping phases.

It monitors your sleep, checks your deep sleep stage and after it gives you the results. It will help you with tips and advice on how to achieve maximum health benefits from your sleeping pattern. Simply it will tell you when to go to sleep, when to wake up and how long you should sleep.

Nobody else can tell you about your sleeping patterns better than the xWatch which will actually monitor them.

Sleeping “right” enough keeps you healthy, relaxed and energetic. You can change your sleep quality and habits with it.

sleep monitor smartwatch
bluetooth music streaming

Use the xWatch to Listen to Music, Take Photos & Videos Wirelessly, Plan Out Your Day…

The xWatch has all the features as the phone and even more:

  • Phone books
  • Bluetooth call
  • Call logs
  • Information
  • Notifications
  • Pedometer
  • Heart rate
  • ECG
  • Sedentary
  • Anti-theft
  • Calendar
  • Sleep monitor
  • Bluetooth camera
  • Stopwatch
  • Calculator
  • Alarm
  • Bluetooth music
  • Multiple languages

Functions Of x watch

With this affordable smartwatch you can do a lot of cool stuff. Listen to your favorite tracks and hear them loud via Bluetooth connected with pair of your wireless headphones. You can even listen to music while doing extreme sports because the watch is very durable and resistant to shock.

Not only music is fun but also taking pictures with your XWatch or record videos. Yes, you that heard right!

These days it is hard to remember everything that you have planned.

With the XWatch you can easily set up an alarm, reminder or make an appointment – all on your wrist!

It is like having a personal assistant on your wrist. You can setup appointments, call and send text messages, remind yourself of errands and much more!

xWatch Features

LanguageCompatible with mobile phone languages (more than 20 languages)
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0 is stable, super fast and doesn’t consume a lot.
CameraIt works remotely within 10 m
PedometerAnalyze your sedentary lifestyle.
LCD screenis bright and has touchscreen navigation with 1.54 display
Water/dust resistantIP67 (or 5ATM)
Battery life3-5 days (depending on usage). Charging it for 1 hour over the USB
Buzz sounds3 groups of sounds to choose from
Function menuEasy one-button menu
ReminderFacebook, WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat, QQ, Twitter, phone call, message

xWatch Sleep Monitor

Technical Specifications


MTK 2502


Smart Watch


Diameter 44mm 44*38* 10.7mm








USB charging


Black, silver + more (check official website)


1.54 HD IPS, 240*240 touchable screen


3.0 & 4.0 support Bluetooth calling


380MAH large capacity polymer


xWatch – Crisp Vibrant Display & Excellent Battery Life

Packed with almost every functionality imaginable and the super high-contrast bright crisp display brings a question about the battery life of the xWatch.

The battery is very good and could easily last a couple of days before needed a re-charge. Once you drain it, it charges back to 100% in quickly via the USB cable.

Battery Life
The built in 380 mAh battery provides more than enough juice to keep you going for multiple days.

That is an outstanding multi-days usage or stand-by time! And you need sufficient juice if you want to exercise. You don’t want that during exercising suddenly the battery runs out.

Who is it for?

Crisp Display

It is made for everyone who loves to get in shape, be fashionable and trendy, healthy, make plans or don’t want to take out the phone at a beep of every notification.

Designed for men and women which means it is elegant and unisex watch.

In this smartwatch review we pointed out that it is an all-rounder with a sleek design that will stand out and make an impression on other people.

On top of that, the developers don’t change much when they release new smartwatches each year, so why spend a fortune?

It is very affordable and for those who want the same watch as an Apple  or Samsung watch just don’t have so much money this is the exact watch they/you should buy.

Look, if this is your first smartwatch you can buy xWatch to get familiar with functions. Don’t spend a fortune before making sure if a smartwatch is even a good fit for you. xWatch It is a top-quality smartwatch for a very good price. Trust me you can’t get a better price for that kind of quality.

CONS – What We Didn’t Like

  • The fact that this watch is sold online only and people are starting to take notice, there is a strong chance that it will run out of stock soon! You can check availability here. One of the reasons that they can keep the price low is the fact that normal retailers markup the price – this direct to consumer business model enables them to sell this smartwatch at such price.
  • Another thing the we saw in some xWatch reviews, is the fact that it looks like the Apple watch. While this might put off some people from buying it, we actually think it is kind of cool. They probably went by the old saying: “Don’t fix it, if it ain’t broken”.

PROS – What We Like

  • It is affordable, has a strong battery, bright HD touch display, accurate fitness tracking, sleep monitoring, ECG Electrocardiogram on your wrist and it has a minimal ultra-thin design.
  • It offers everything you would expect from expensive smartwatches out there on the market and on top of that it is very easy to use.

Where Can You Buy The xWatch – The Cost?

This flagship smartwatch it’s the first in the new era which costs three times less than the competition watches. Even though it costs three times less is still as good as all the others. The reason why it costs so much is that you can only buy it directly from the main owner over their website. There is no dealers or physical shop to buy from.

But the company is currently running a sale. They are offering a crazy discount. Discount of 50% which means that xwatch will cost you only $99 with FREE worldwide shipping.

You can get this discount right now if you buy the watch directly from their online shop without any retailers. This is exactly why they can make that kind of discount.

At the time of this writing the company is running a exclusive deal where you can buy the xWatch for 50% Off with FREE SHIPPING. However, we can not guarantee availability – this discount created a lot of buzz and people are buying them like crazy.

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You can order the xWatch by following these simple steps:

  • go to the official secure website order page here
  • fill out all the needed information
  • wait for delivery

xWatch vs. the Competition



Apple Watch 4

Fitbit Versa 2

Battery380 mAh296 mAh145 mAh
Advanced health trackingyesnoyes
Fitness trackingyesyesyes
Control your musicyesyesno
Built-in speaker & Mic for phone callsyesyesno
Internal memory16GB16GB2.5GB

Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

Is It Worth It?

I guess it would be cool to have something around the wrist which feels light and works like a charm. I often look for my phone where it is so that could make a difference in my life. No more searching in my big bag of too much stuff. When someone would call I would easily pick up. The big plus I see in monitoring my sleep habits. I do wonder how long I sleep and if I sleep deeply or not.

Pretty cool technology for that kind of money. I have never heard about such a cheap and qualitative watch product before. Usually, for this price, you can get a normal watch and not a smartwatch like the xWatch.

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