Roots Camp DC Small Campaigns

Today I made a presentation at the DLCC Caucus Director training. The DLCC works with many hundreds of state legislature races all over the country. The directors had a ton of questions about the Internet. Here were the main ones:

  • Should we buy email lists?
  • How much should it cost to put up a campaign web site and how long should it take?
  • Why can’t we find one-stop consultants — like we can for direct mail — who can provide web sites, email writing and Internet strategy all for a flat fee?
  • Should I let my candidate blog? And how can I manage his posting so that we don’t give the opposition material to slam him with in TV ads for the next eight months?
  • Should we spend $10,000 for a viral video ad for our state senate district? And will it go viral?
  • Should our candidates take their campaign lists to the legislature? (And send those folks legislative updates?)

I think I’ll put these questions up on the NOI WIKI (which by the way is a very in-progress work in progress!) and see if I can’t get some other Internet folks to give their answers. Because of the way WIKI’s work, you’ll be able to see our debates (if they happen) on the discussion pages.