Organising Your Online Business Career

Updating Your Resume, Cover Letter and Digital Profile

Instructor(s): NOI

How do you translate the skills you learned on campaigns for potential employers? What are progressive employers looking for in your resume and cover letter? What public face are you presenting online and offline? Tune up your job search assets today!


What Is a Resume?

Instructor(s): NOI

Sara El-Amine covers what to include in your resume and what to avoid in order to grab the attention of hiring managers.


Surviving The Next Three Months

Instructor(s): Katie Ellis

Thousands of amazing organizers and campaigners are going to be unemployed after election season. We want you to stay with the progressive movement for the long term since ours are long term fights! Find out how to stay afloat, get focused and look for work in the short term while setting yourself up for long term success.