Advertising Campaign Management

Best Online Advertising Case Studies

Instructor(s): NOI

Whether your electoral work this year ended in smashing success or disappointing failure, there’s a lot to learn for future campaigns. Leading a rigorous post mortem process and developing case studies from your work can help you lead a more effective campaign in the future, and teach others to do the same.


Media and Blogger Outreach

Instructor(s): NOI

Greg Greene covers strategies for assembling a press and blogger list, and tactics to pitch specific reporters and bloggers with your message.


Email Marketing Training Course

Instructor(s): NOI

Joel Rivlin, Senior VP of Pivot, guest trains sharing his wisdom and expertise on political mail and literature. Beginning with an overview of the role that direct mail can play in a campaign, Joel then shares specific tactics that campaigns can use to make direct mail more effective, as well as some general best practices to design, strategize and advocate for an effective mail program. For the more in-depth email strategies you can check out the profit engine training – available here: