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What goes into our reviews?

Every product we review on our website goes through multiple stages. Whenever possible we find all the reviews online we can and go through each and every one. Then we compile that into a comprehensive review that we finally feature on our website. Sometimes we even go as far as ordering a product to really give it a “run for its money”. Our “toolbox” can include an actual purchased product or digital product and comprehensive online research.

With to many electronics, personal care, automotive, pet, home and other product launched on a almost daily basis, it is really hard to find the ones that are really worth the money. Some companies even go as far in their scams that people are left without the product and the money!

After we review the products, we usually take a day or two… and then proofread it one more time to make sure we give you in-depth knowledge about the product. If we can, we always update our analysis with new data as we get it. However, due to the sheer number of products on our website, that is not always possible.

If you have any questions or want to thank us for putting together this website, make sure you reach out to us at info@neworganizing.com.

Our categories of reviewed products so far include:

  • Electronics
  • Personal Care
  • Automotive
  • Home & Garden
  • Pet
  • Cleaning

We will keep updating the website at our capabilities and when needed. If you think we should review something we haven’t so far, make sure you drop us an email and if possible, we will.

Some of our latest reviews include:

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automotive featured photo

Best in Automotive

Here you will find all of our reviews of the products in the automotive niche. Some are good some are really bad.

Personal care products

Best in Personal Care

Our top reviews in personal care products. Ranging from shoe insoles to beauty product, this is the place to find out if the heavy marketing is actually backed up.

electronics photo

Best in Gadgets

Latest and greatest in consumer electronics. Want a smartphone with all the capabilities of the new iPhone, but don’t want to pay the hefty price? How about cool gadgets that make your life that much easier? Check out the latest in our gadgets section

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