The Kibo Code Quantum Review 2021 – Is this eCommerce Business Model Legit?

Kibo Code Quantum is an online ecommerce course, by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. The Kibo Code is an e-Commerce business course that shows people how to make money with ecommerce. They teach their students how to leverage a unique traffic source few are using. In this Kibo Code Quantum review, we will go in-depth into what this training course is about. See if it is legit and worth the investment.

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Kibo Code Quantum training is an online course. The Kibo Code system that teaches an eCommerce business model. Kibo Code teaches people how to make an income from a unique traffic black box. The creators are two internet marketers Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth. We recommend Kibo Code for starting an ecommerce business.

Kibo Code Quantum Review Summary
Training Program:Kibo Code Quantum
Creators:Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton
Niche:eCommerce Business
Duration:8 weeks
Payment Methods:PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer
Payment Plan:Yes
Official Website:Visit Here

Pros and Cons Of the Kibo Code Quantum Program

We bought the Kibo Code Quantum course and have access to the members area. Here are the pros and cons of the program.


  • Easy to follow format – Aidan and Steve made sure they cover everything in their training program. The Kibo code program is great both for beginners and advanced marketers.
  • No Inventory – You don’t have to buy any inventory upfront. The Kibo Code Training program is a sustainable and scalable ecommerce model. It requires minimal upfront investment.
  • Automation – Aidan & Steve , the creators of the Kibo Code ecommerce course automated the process. Steven Clayton & Aidan invested a lot of money into building proprietary ecommerce tools.
  • Trusted training program creators – A lot of online gurus have a program but aren’t legit. Aidan and Steve have been around for a long time. They’ve taught thousands of students how to build a business online.
  • Many Payment Modes – There are several Payment modes available


  • Pricing – The price tag is a bit high, but they do offer a payment plan for those that can’t afford a one time payment. You get access for a lot less and spread out the payments. Considering the high prices of universities, this is a small investment. The Kibo Code comes with a money-back guarantee from ClickBank.

Join the Kibo Code

What is it?

The Kibo Code Quantum Course is a comprehensive online training program, that teaches a unique e-commerce business model. It was developed and tested by Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth. This premium e-commerce course consists of 7 modules covered in 8 weeks. It is one of the best ecommerce courses around.

After the Kibo Code system launch in 2020, they’ve revamped and updated the program for 2021.

The creators of the Kibo Code Quantum program will teach you an ecommerce business. You will be selling different products not using Amazon or Flipkart. This training program leverages a unique traffic source. Kibo Code uses Facebook ads to boost profits of their ecommerce online business.

There are 4 steps to the Kibo Code:

  1. Install your store with the one-click system (included)
  2. Load the products into your store (hand-picked products for you)
  3. Use untapped traffic sources to make sales and profits
  4. Systemize the delivery process (100% automated)
Step 1 of the training program
Step 1
Step 2 ecommerce business
Step 2
Step 3 of Kibo Code
Step 4 Aidan Booth Explains traffic
Step 4

You will need to buy a domain name, with a catchy brand (done-for-you). The web-store setup is easy too, as Kibo Code comes with automated software that does this for you. Profitable products are already loaded and ready to go. With the traffic source Kibo Code program provides you drive massive traffic to your website. When you make a sale, suppliers in the USA will drop-ship the selling products to your customers.

In my several years as an affiliate marketer, I have never seen anything like the Kibo Code Program. Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth are e-commerce experts.

The success of this online business comes from the system and proprietary tools Aidan and Steve have built. You can’t get this anywhere else.

Register for the Free Kibo Code Quantum Webinars and see real live data from beta students and learn more about it.

The Kibo Code Quantum Program

  • Automation – most of the technical work is done for you and you focus on scaling your business and enjoy while you make money online. Shipping and handling, orders, and your e-commerce store are taken care of.
  • Traffic – using what Steve Clayton calls the traffic black box and using placements ads, you get the best conversion rates. This is not regular PPC or FB ads, but much better.
  • Database of US Suppliers – the Kibo Code lets you search through US suppliers and find profitable products to sell. This eliminates the problem of drops-hipping from China. This solves shipping times, refunds, labeling, and other logistics problems.

The Kibo Code program is easy to go through and enables you to start making money online. Some students made millions of dollars with their ecommerce store. Some made their first sales without Facebook ads in 24 to 48 hours.

Steve and Aidan made $76k in 24 hours and over one million in a month using this training system.

Aidan booth and Steve Clayton launched a few training programs in the past and their students had massive success. Their Parallel Profits program students are making a living with internet marketing.

This doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to make money online. The Kibo Code Quantum business strategy requires hard work and there are no guarantees.

The Kibo Code sells through ClickBank and you are protected by their 60 days money-back guarantee.

Kibo code is the real deal and delivers on what it promises. I reviewed previous programs from Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth and they always bring value to their customers. I got the program and have done a lot of analysis to write this Kibo Code Quantum review. This Steve Clayton course is going to disrupt the ecommerce business industry. It will change the lives of many students.

The Kibo Code System Modules

The Kibo Code course is built around 7 modules over the course of 8 weeks. It takes you from building a ecommerce store to picking the products, and most of this is done for you.

Module 1 – Central Intelligence of the Kibo Code Course

Aidan Booth will teach you all about the e commerce industry and the basics behind the ecommerce business. This classified training reveals every step of the Kibo Code System. The videos are easy to go through and layout all the steps in the process. After module 1, you will have a store name, a domain, a payment processor, and logo.

  • Learn about the e-commerce business model
  • Step by step walkthrough of the program
  • Product pricing and product picking
  • Avoid huge upfront costs and inventory cost
  • Inner-circle strategies that enabled Aidan and Steve to build their 7-figure e-Commerce business

Module 2 – StoreStorm – Kibo Code Quantum Program

The StoreStorm is a proprietary tool, developed by Aidan and Steve. It comes with the Kibo Code program. It lets you build your eCommerce store in less than 60 seconds. The pre-built eCom themes are guaranteed to convert. This is a huge time-saver, as it takes a long time to build a full-blown e-commerce store the traditional way. Not to mention building the sales page for selling products.

  • Launch an eCom store in 60 seconds or less with high converting products
  • Proven high converting e-commerce themes

Module 3 – Hand-Picked Products – Kibo Code Quantum Training

In this module, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton will give you 5 profitable products. This will kickstart your online business. Students in the past made over $2,500 with just a few products. This is a goldmine.

  • Get 5 hand-picked products fro your store
  • Start getting traffic and making sales
  • Fulfill product delivery with US suppliers

Module 4 – Profit Vault

The Kibo Code Profit Vault will give you a list of profitable products and teach you to dig deeper to find even more. The Profit Vault has more than 3 million profitable products inside. Kibo Code training system Students will enjoy this module, as it is hard to pick products by hand.

  • Products with their suppliers for shipping and handling
  • A database of profitable products with low competition
  • Integrated with the StoreStorm software to publish the products to your ecommerce store
  • Filter through more than 3 millions products

Module 5 – Kibo Code Quantum Traffic Black Box

The Kibo Code Traffic Black Box is a system for generating a lot of traffic for your store. It does this by leveraging a “secret” untapped traffic source with low competition.

Learn how to get traffic without Facebook or other Pay Per Click methods

  • Set up a sales funnel
  • Get leads for your store
  • How to get cheap clicks and great ROI

Module 6 – The Kibo Code Quantum Oracle X

The Kibo Code Quantum Oracle X is a proprietary software to accelerate your profits. In module 6 of the Kibo Code program, you will learn about finding winning products for your store. These are high converting products with the best profits. The whole process is automated, which is a huge benefit.

  • Pick the best products for your store based on relevance to your buyers
  • Automate the process

Module 7 – Kibo Academy

The Kibo Code Quantum Course includes the Kibo Academy. This is where like-minded people can share ideas, get support, and grow their businesses. The Kibo Code Academy provides support for any questions you have.

  • All year round (365) support via email
  • Access to the Kibo Code Quantum Program Community

Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton – Who are they?

The creators of the Kibo Code Program have been in the internet marketing industry for years. Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton started building out affiliate websites. Later they switched to the e-commerce business model. Combining their experience they created online training courses. Since, they have taught thousands of students in the past. Some are making millions of dollars with their strategies.

Aidan & Steve created the following training courses in the past:

7 Figure Cycle

The 7 figure cycle is a similar e-commerce business model to Kibo Code. It teaches the Amazon FBA eCommerce Business model. This training system was an in-depth training on how to build a 7 figure Amazon business that makes thousands of dollars per day.

Parallel Profits

Before the Kibo Code and Kibo Code Quantum program, Parallel profits was the flagship training course. This training program was all about how to build an e-commerce business model.

100k Factory

The 100k Factory and 100k Factory Ultra was an affiliate marketing business model by Aidan and Steve. It taught its students internet marketing. It was great for beginner to advanced marketers. The curriculum was around building websites. Then selling products to make thousands of dollars per day up to 100k per year.

The Kibo Code Quantum Bonus

The first people who join the Kibo Code Quantum course using the link below will secure a special Kibo Code Bonus. Here is what’s included:

  • Mastermind ($4,997) – The mastermind is one of the best bonuses you get with the Kibo Code Quantum Training. This includes additional strategies and unique formulas. People who use this for their business will get advanced blueprints.
  • Full Recordings ($3,997) – Live recordings of the Kibo Code inner circle of top internet marketers with guest speakers. They share ecommerce Facebook training secrets, business insights and more.
  • 7-Figure Scaling Secrets – This Kibo Code bonus will teach you how to scale an Kibo Code Quantum ecommerce business to 7-figures and beyond.


e-Commerce is the process of buying or selling products through the internet. The abbreviation means electronic commerce. These are just some basics before we dive deep into the Kibo Code Review.

Conclusion – The Kibo Code Quantum course

The Kibo Code Quantum is great for both beginner and advanced marketers. The Kibo Code program has positive reviews and is a safe investment. We recommend it to people who want to learn how to build an ecommerce business. Aidan & Steve are great teachers for the eCommerce store model.

I hope this Kibo Code Quantum Review provided you with great insights and made your decision easier.

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You are covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee


Here are some of the frequently asked questions answered.

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