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Today’s world is faster-paced than ever before. Our work and social schedules are busier, and most of us take in an overwhelming amount of information each day, from TV, social media and the internet. Because of this increase in tasks and distractions, alongside technological advances that allow us to order takeout or cabs instantly from our phones, our lives are more sedentary and less physically active than ever. With everything we need just a click away, the chances of us walking a couple of miles to pick up groceries is a slim one. Although this is very convenient for us, the effects on most of our health is concerning. Most of us worry about our physical health, and for good reason. Health issues such as obesity, as well as mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, are on the rise, and many experts believe that our sedentary lifestyles are largely to blame.

Sleep Monitor Techwatch

It is no wonder that many of us want to improve our health. However, a lot of us just need that extra boost and a method of keeping track of our health in a way that actually lets us measure our progress in an intuitive and in-depth way. One way that many people have been doing this in recent years is by using smart watches. Smart watches are watch devices that utilize electronics to carry out a variety of functions, from counting your daily steps and calories burned to setting alarms and reminders to answering phone calls and emails.

Smart watches aim to streamline processes that you would usually carry out on a smartphone, in a more portable and less intrusive way.

Smart watches are on course to rival the popularity of smartphones – and big tech companies like Apple and Samsung have been offering their own smart watch products for a few years now. There are so many options for smart watches available on the market that it can be very difficult to choose the smart watch that is best for you. They range in price as well as features, and in fact some are actually more expensive than smartphones! If you are looking for a smart watch that helps you take control and keep track of your health goals, the TechWatch is one of many products available that is designed for this purpose. There are many different products available, but in this review, we will be exploring the TechWatch and how it compares to the other options available, in terms of features, design, and price! You can also find a very similar smartwatch that we reviewed on our website.

What is the TechWatch?

Design and Look
Techwatch Looks and Feels Almost Like The Apple Watch

The TechWatch is a smart watch designed for everyone from professional athletes to the average person looking to improve and keep track of their health. Built from extra-resistant glass, the watch is durable and designed to keep on ticking even throughout the most strenuous outdoor activities, while remaining lightweight enough to make it the perfect bit of equipment for fitness training or for casual endeavours.

Is the TechWatch Worht It?

In addition to being durable and tough, the TechWatch was also designed with numerous functionalities in mind to help you to track your daily activities and organise your schedule – it was built with fitness in mind but also works as a handy little personal assistant! It is comfortable on the wrist, with a soft silicone strap on it that doesn’t dig in or chafe while you are wearing it.

TechWatch Functions

The TechWatch was designed to strike a balance between expensive, high-end smart watches and lower-quality budget products. The manufacturers set out to design and produce a product that was both affordable and competitive on features and capabilities.

How Does It Work and What Makes It a Great Price/Performance Smartwatch?

The TechWatch is incredibly easy to use and can accurately monitor your activity and fitness levels to provide you with detailed logs and data of your health goals and statistics. It monitors your sleeping pattern to show you data of just how healthy your sleep schedule is – which is a vital service as lack of deep sleep can lead to many other health problems!

Budget Friendly Smartwatch

The TechWatch has a bright HD touch screen display which is easy and intuitive to use. The battery life was also designed to be extremely long-lasting, so there is no need to be constantly looking for a charger to get some juice!

The TechWatch is also compatible with iOS and Android phones, and uses Bluetooth to connect. Using everyday apps such as Facebook and Twitter, or receiving incoming calls and messages, are easy with the TechWatch – so you can go out for a run without your phone and not worry about missing anything!

Features of the TechWatch

It comes with an Impressive list of features, which we have explored in depth below.

HD Touch Screen Display

Display Quality

A clear display is vital for a good-quality smartwatch – there is no point a watch having great features if you can’t see the screen to make use of them! The TechWatch has an HD display that is designed to be unnoticeable when it is not in use, but clear, crisp and easy to read when it is! You can set reminders and read messages anywhere you go, even outdoors in direct sunlight. The 1.54 inch display screen is easy to use and navigate.

User Friendly

The TechWatch was designed to be easy to use for everyone, from younger tech-savvy users to older people who may struggle with technology. The fact that the screen is large enough to read easily also helps with its usability!

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Battery Life - Techwatch

One of the most vital aspects of any electronic product, particularly a smart watch, is the battery life. As they are designed to be worn and used outdoors while taking part in exercises such as running, swimming, cycling, etc, it is very important that the battery life is long enough for the user to take part in these activities for a reasonable amount of time before needing to find a phone charger. Nothing is worse than getting halfway through a run and losing power! Thankfully, the TechWatch has this issue covered, with an impressive three to five days worth of battery life (depending on its usage). In addition, it takes only a single hour to fully charge via a USB port!

Great Health Tracking Features

ECG Monitor Tech Watch

The TechWatch has an array of features designed to help you track your health. A built-in pedometer tracks your steps, and the product also provides live electrocardiograms (ECG), which you can use to monitor your heart health, and even share them with your doctor or other medical professionals! The watch connects to an app on your phone which helps you to view all of these statistics and reports in detail.

Compatible With iOS and Android

The TechWatch is compatible with Android as well as Apple products, as well as the apps that you probably use daily on your smartphone. You can use the TechWatch to view notifications from apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and WhatsApp, and even make calls while on the move!

Technical Specifications

  • An Activity Tracker provides displays of time, steps taken, calories burned, and distance travelled, in a variety of metrics.
  • Automatic sleep monitoring lets you know exactly how much of your night was spent in deep sleep, in light sleep, and awake. An alarm also helps you to wake up to face the day when it is time!
  • Message and call notifications are fully compatible with your phone, whether it is iOS or Android.
  • Retina HD Touch Screen
  • Provides reminders that you should move after sitting down for too long!
  • Remote camera
  • Bluetooth compatible for music, phone calls, phone finding feature, and other Bluetooth features
  • Takes 1 lithium polymer battery
  • Battery life of 3-5 days
  • Dimensions: 100.000,1 X 30,5 X 30,5cm
  • Weight: 99.8g
  • Fully waterproof
  • Comes with an ultra-resistant aluminium case that has double-sided, hardened glass

Is the TechWatch For You?

Using Techwatch For Sports

The TechWatch is designed for anybody who wants to improve and/or keep track of their physical health and activity in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are a professional athlete or somebody looking for motivation to get out of the house for light exercise such as walking, or anything in between, the TechWatch is for you. If you are looking to monitor your health vital statistics automatically in a way that is quick, efficient and accurate, this product was designed with you in mind. From people with busy careers to elderly retirees with health problems, the TechWtach keeps track of your lifestyle for you, taking that stress off your shoulders and helping you live your best and most healthy life. However, it is no magic fix – you still need to have the motivation and willpower to put the work in to meet your goals!

How to Use the TechWatch

Setting up and using the TechWatch couldn’t be easier, and only takes around 2 minutes! Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Hold down the watch’s  “on” button to start the device
  2. Use Bluetooth to connect the TechWatch to your smartphone
  3. Touch the “health tracker” button on the display screen to see your calorie burn rate, steps taken, distance travelled, heart condition, etc.
  4. Keep wearing the watch while exercising and going about your daily routine
  5. Hold down the button to reject incoming calls or to read messages

Where Can I Use the TechWatch?

You can use the TechWatch anywhere as it is designed to be portable and for you to take it with you on every step of your daily routine so that it can monitor and keep track of your activity in general! As it is tough, rugged and durable, you can wear it during almost all sports and activities without worrying about it getting damaged! The only place you cannot use the TechWatch is underwater – so take it off before you jump in a bath, shower, or swimming pool!


Should I Buy the TechWatch?

It can be difficult to know if a product is for you. Even though the TechWatch has an impressive list of features and a great reputation, no product is right for everyone! Here we have gone into some of the pros and cons of this product to give you an overview on it:

Strong Build Quality


  • Long battery life
  • Reminder alerts are very useful for fitness
  • Health activity tracking statistics are accurate and useful
  • Physical electrocardiogram features
  • Great, durable build quality


  • Not suitable for use underwater e.g. in baths or pools
  • Battery is possible to be overcharged

Most smart watches from big brands such as Apple, Samsung etc, are expensive, with many costing around $500! The TechWatch, despite its extensive features and good build quality, is only $79.99 – the same price as many inferior quality budget smart watches.

We didn’t just review the TechWatch ourselves – we also researched online to find other TechWatch user reviews to see how other people felt about this product. Many users expressed pleasant surprise with how well it worked for a low price, and praised the practicality of being able to track incoming phone calls and messages, as well as controlling music via Bluetooth, all while out engaging in physical activity. The durability and comfort of the watch was also praised.

More examples of user testimonials can be found below:

“I love it – got 5 for a discounted price! My whole family now has a TechWatch :)” – Miller

“TechWatch is amazing. Not only is the design phenomenal, but the health trackers are very useful, too. It helps me stay active and I can use it to quickly send texts when on the road. Impressive device!” – John

“I’m extremely happy with my TechWatch. It looks beautiful… really gives you a premium feel.” – Amanda

Where Can I Buy the TechWatch?

The TechWatch is currently only available online from the manufacturer’s official website. Ordering the product is a very easy process, and there are usually very generous offers or discounts available!

Orders are processed within 20 days. On the unlikely scenario of you receiving a damaged or defective product, it is easy to file a return and refund request to the manufacturer’s dedicated support team – just check out the detailed information on the official website if you need to do this.

At the time of writing, you can buy 2 TechWatches and get 1 free, or buy 3 TechWatches and get 2 free – if you have friends or family members who also want to join you on your fitness journey, this will save you a lot of money! On top of that, shipping is FREE with any choice of order!

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Our Verdict and Conclusion

Where To Buy Techwatch

So, does the TechWatch live up to the hype? After testing it extensively among a variety of people in our office, as well as among friends and family of varying ages and fitness levels in various scenarios, we have come to the conclusion that the TechWatch is a very good smart watch product and is highly competitive on both price and features. There are also other smartwatches on the market like this one and this military inspired watch.

If you are looking for a smart watch that is stylish, functional, and durable, that you can wear anywhere throughout your day, the TechWatch is a great choice. The Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with smartphones was smooth and reliable consistently, and the health tracking statistics (calories burned, steps taken, distance travelled, heart rate monitor, etc) seemed advanced and accurate, and were easily accessible via the corresponding free smartphone app. If you want top quality fitness tracking features and a personal assistant handy on your wrist at all times without breaking the bank, the TechWatch is for you!

Of course, no product is right for everyone, so it is always worth doing your research before buying a product. We hope that this TechWatch review was helpful to you!

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