Silent Snore Review

Can You Really Prevent Snoring and Help Breathing With This Tiny Silicone Anti-Snoring Device?

Silent Snore Review



Approximately 40% of men and 24% of women snore when they are asleep. When you factor in the partners (or other housemates, if the snoring is particularly loud!) of people who snore, it would seem that a large percentage of people are affected by snoring – whether they snore themselves or are kept awake by somebody who does. This problem only increases with age, with older people more susceptible to snoring and the resulting sleep problems. Snoring may seem like a minor annoyance, but a snoring partner or housemate can lead to problems sleeping, which can, in turn, have disastrous consequences of your health, career, and relationships.

If you are tired throughout the day, you may be suffering from deep sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation prevents you from living your life and carrying out your daily routine and obligations properly. You may struggle at work and even damage your career, or have little energy for spending time with your family and friends. Constant fatigue can also lead to depression and other mental health issues. In addition to your mental health and energy, sleep deprivation can also be a contributing factor to the development of various physical health problems, such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

Silent Snore - Where Can You Buy It?

Lack of sleep can be for many reasons, from consuming too much caffeine to anxiety and stress. However, many times it is due to something as seemingly-innocuous as someone snoring. It may be your partner’s snoring keeping you awake, or in some cases, even your own snoring can wake you!

Insomnia, sleep deprivation, and fatigue can ruin your career, and lead to resentment of your partner for keeping you awake. If your snoring is keeping somebody else awake, there is the problem of feeling responsible and guilty for this. All of these things put a strain on your relationships and daily life, and has been known to cause arguments and even divorce!

Snoring can happen for various reasons. It can be a symptom of sleep apnea – a sleep disorder characterized by frequently interrupted breathing during sleep. It comes in different forms: Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and Central (CSA). 

OSA often occurs in people who have allergies or are overweight, as their airway passages are more likely to be partially or fully blocked. People with OSA who snore often have to wake up frequently during the night to unblock their passages.

CSA happens when your brain is unable to control breathing during sleep. With CSA, your brain is unable to deliver signals to the muscles that control breathing. CSA is less common than OSA among the general population but is common among people who have suffered from cardiac failure. 

If you think you may be suffering from it, you should consult a doctor. In the meantime, or if you/your partner have the condition and suffer from frequent snoring, there are products available on the market which can help reduce snoring and restore healthy sleep to your life. We decided to test Silent Snore, a product designed to reduce snoring, to see if it would work. In this Silent Snore review, we will explore how useful this product is!

What Is Silent Snore?

Silent Snore is a small lightweight silicone gel device shaped similarly to a tiny nose ring. It is placed inside your nose and works by propping your nostrils open to expand your nasal passageways, preventing snoring caused by airway obstruction.

Our product arrived in a small case. All we had to do was remove the device from its case and place it inside the nose. According to the manufacturer, based in Hong Kong, the device was designed to fit nostrils of any shape and size (even people with a deviated septum), and it certainly fit for all of us in the office with no problems! It is also easy to clean.

Silent Snore

In some cases, snoring can be cured with surgery – however, most people don’t choose this extreme step, instead opting for anti-snoring products that can be purchased in many places without a prescription or need to visit a doctor. There are various anti-snoring devices on the market – from dental airway pressure devices for people with sleep apnea to more simple products such as nasal devices. While it is always best in the long-term to address the root cause of snoring (whether it is obesity, alcohol dependency, or any other medical condition), in the meantime you will likely want a helpful device to reduce the symptoms so that you aren’t woken up by snoring.

Unfortunately, anti-snoring devices don’t work on everyone. Some people find it distracting and difficult to sleep when they have a device attached to their body. This is a common problem with larger devices or devices that are worn inside the mouth. Nasal devices don’t tend to have this problem as much as they are smaller. One of these nasal products is Silent Snore.

Why Snoring Occurs?

Snoring Problems

When you sleep, your throat tissue relaxes, causing your airway to narrow. When you breathe during sleep, this airway vibrates, resulting in the sound of snoring. Anti-snoring products usually work by opening blocked airways or the passages that lead to them. Silent Snore is a hollow silicone nose plug that props your nostrils open, allowing you to breathe freely, with your air passages no longer obstructed. This leads to a reduction in the vibrations, enabling you and/or your partner to sleep soundly. 

The opening of air passages also results in faster-flowing air, which encourages your body over time to adapt to better quality nasal breathing, leading to healthier sleep cycles in general. Deeper sleep also has countless benefits – when you sleep deeply and without interruption, your body is more able to recover from damage or illness, and repair or build cells and muscle tissue. Silent Snore helps your body to rest in this state of deep sleep for longer without interruption from snoring!

Silent Snore is inserted into the nostrils before you sleep. Unlike other products that we have tested which can feel a little too tight, it is small, comfortable and unintrusive, so much so that it is easy to forget that it is there at all! It assists in breathing during sleep and combats snoring. It contains two small magnets to keep it in place so that the device will not fall out while you are asleep. As well as keeping the device in place, the small magnets stimulate nasal nerves, enabling you to breathe easily and ensuring that your body gets sufficient oxygen. We also wrote about Mindinsole that uses a while back that uses similar magnetic stimulation.

How To Use SilentSnore?

Silent Snore is made of hollow silicone, and looks similar to a septum piercing. The two small magnets gently but firmly pinch the inside of your nose to open up your nostrils, and in addition stimulate the nerves in your nose to assist with breathing.

How To Use Anti-Snoring Nasal Clips

It is one-size-fits-all, so there is no need to get a custom-fitted or specially-molded anti-snoring device based on the size of your nostrils. All you need to do to use Silent Snore is place the device inside your nasal cavity, and the device will get rid of snoring and ensure a peaceful night’s sleep!


It is 100% safe to use, with no chance of obstructing breathing and no documented side effects. Not only is it safe, but the silicone material is gentle so it won’t irritate sensitive skin when resting inside your nostrils.


The device needs to be cleaned after each use for hygiene reasons – thankfully, cleaning is easy and quick with warm water! The product comes with a small storage pot to keep it safe and clean between uses. The device is made from an eco-friendly and durable silicone gel and is environment-friendly. 

The plastic box that the device comes in is also durable and portable, so you can carry it in your pocket easily. If you are staying the night in a hotel, camping, or staying with friends or family, it is easy to carry with you. 


There are many advantages to using this anti snoring device. The good night’s sleep that the device offers has countless benefits to your life. When you and/or your partner are sleeping peacefully and getting an adequate amount of sleep, life is easier and a lot of potential health problems can be prevented! 

The benefits of using Silent Snore include:

  • Increased quality of sleep at night for you and/or your partner.
  • Increased energy levels and focus during the day due to the improved sleep at night.
  • A reduction in general fatigue.
  • Improved relationship with your partner due to both of you getting peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.
  • Sufficient oxygen for your bloodstream, helping combat the effects of sleep apnea.
  • Adequate sleep can help to prevent cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and other conditions.
  • The device is soft, light and comfortable to use


We did not notice any particular issues with the device, although people who are more prone to struggling to fall asleep may find any anti-snoring device a distraction, and it can take some time to get used to having a device attached to you while you sleep. Another small issue with Silent Snore is that it is available only on the official website of the manufacturer.

Alternatives – Competition

Anti-Snore Chin Strap

There are various options in the world of anti-snoring. One of these is the Anti-Snore Chin Strap, which is a neoprene strap made to fit underneath the chin and go around the sides of the head, held in place by Velcro straps at the back. The strap is intended to hold your mouth closed during sleep to prevent open-mouth snoring. Some people have described good results from the Anti-Snore Chin Strap, but others have reported a lack of comfort and no real reduction in snoring. In comparison to Silent Snore, the Anti-Snore Chin Strap is noticeably uncomfortable to sleep in.

Antisnoring Chin Strap

2 in 1 Anti Snoring and Air Purifier

air purifier anti snore

The 2 in 1 Anti Snoring and Air Purifier product was designed to purify the air as well as to prevent snoring. It is made of plastic and silicone, is stored in a reusable case, and was designed to “maximize airflow through the nasal passageways”. Like the Silent Snore, it features small silicone prongs that open the nostrils for increased airflow. Unlike the Silent Snore, it also has an attached air purifier. However, the purifier is also quite bulky and adds weight to what would otherwise have been a small, unintrusive device.

Some users have actually reported an increased difficulty in breathing due to the size and weight of this product. The silicone prongs also don’t apply as much pressure as those of the Silent Snore, and the device is prone to falling out during the night.

Nasal Strips

 Perhaps the most well-known anti-snoring product is Breathe Right Nasal Strips. These are small disposable plastic adhesive strips that are worn over the bridge of your nose. With bands designed to lift the nasal passages, these strips are supposed to open your passages and increase airflow. Customers have reported a noticeable yet mild reduction in snoring from these nasal strips, although the fact that each disposable strip is individually wrapped with a peel-away backing leads to unnecessary waste. If you are looking for a less wasteful and more eco-friendly product, reusable products such as Silent Snore are probably a better option.

All products have pros and cons, and results may vary among customers. 

Where To Buy Silent Snore?

Silent Snore is available only on the manufacturer’s official website. The price is very reasonable at $49. You can also purchase multiple devices in a bundle package to share with your family and friends, and this also results in better value for money. 2 devices costs $69 (the equivalent of $35 each) and 4 devices costs $123 (the equivalent of $31 each).

There are also special offers currently available – for $98 you can buy 2 devices and get one free, or for $135 you can buy 3 devices and get 2 free! 

In addition, there is currently a limited-time discount of 50% on all purchases from the site!

Conclusion and Verdict

Overall, our experience of Silent Snore matched the positive feedback from other customers who have tried the product. The device is remarkably comfortable and unobtrusive when it is in your nose, and it feels incredibly lightweight considering how durable the build quality is. The reduction in snoring was significant, and we all reported improved quality of sleep. 

The day after using Silent Snore we all reported increased energy levels and focus, and less fatigue. It really can’t be overstated just how important good sleep is for yourself and the people around you! Considering the fact that so many people suffer from snoring, it is surprisingly easy to combat with this device, and the benefits – including reduced chances of heart problems, strokes, and high blood pressure – are priceless. 

For our money, it is definitely worth trying it out and taking advantage of the special offer. We hope that this review has been helpful to you in your search for better, more peaceful sleep!

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Customer Reviews

While writing this Silent Snore review, we checked out other online customer reviews to see if other users had good experiences with the product. We have included some snippets below, so that you don’t just take our word for anything!

Bonny – “I have a big snoring problem, and I ordered Silent Snore to help me with this problem. But I cannot sleep with anything like this attached to my nose. It is not the problem of the device because it helped me as long as I was using it. It is my problem that I cannot have an external object on my body when I am sleeping. It irritates me and disturbs me, but the few times I used the product, it worked well.”

Kelly – “This anti-snoring device is tiny. It looks like a horseshoe except that i use it as a nasal device. It helps me with my snoring, and I can go out with my friends and stay overnight without being embarrassed about my snoring habits.”

Anonymous – “I did not trust this product too much from the reviews but decided that I would give it a try since I was fed up of my snoring. And I am glad that I decided to order this product because it works very well. It was a little uncomfortable when I attached it to my nose, but otherwise, it is okay. I used to wake up at night just to check if it is still there or what has fallen now. But the device stays there in place. According to the manufacturer it is held in place with the magnets at the end of the ring. I have had a snoring problem ever since I gained weight, and after using Silent Snore, my problem has gone away. My husband says that I don’t really snore anymore.”