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Help Train our Trainees

Are you aggravated by the quality and quantity of the political email filling up your inbox? Here’s your chance to impact the next generation of online organizers — before they get finger anywhere near that campaign SEND button. During our week-long program, trainees will be broken into teams representing fictitious campaigns. Each night, they’ll compete in campaign simulation exercises. On two of those nights, they’ll be producing email campaigns around a hot issue, a made-up campaign crisis, or a fundraising deadline.
We would like to give our trainees the opportunity to send their email to a live list so they experience of seeing real people read, click (or not click), and reply with feedback. It would be extraordinarily helpful if you would participate. There will be two days when you receive email (Monday, Feb. 27 and Thursday, Mar. 2). You’ll 6 emails each time, one for each trainee team.