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We mainly focus on giving you the best possible products reviews that give you enough information before actually buying the product or even getting scammed by shady companies out there. We have always taken pride in creating honest product reviews free of all the fake endorsements.

We fund our website and team with affiliate commissions. However, we don’t base our reviews on those commissions, again, we want to make sure you get the best reviews possible. We go over the internet and look for reviews (the good and the bad), to make sure we leave no stone unturned. We try to give you in-depth reviews on each and every product and strive to make them long and analytical.

Product Testing

We are a team of geeks that loves gadgets and gizmos and love playing with them and testing. If you read our review of FIXD car diagnostics tool, you will see that we truly love this gadget. We love getting our hands on the latest products on or others popular e-commerce store online. We grew up playing with pretty much any imaginable gadget you can think of. If we have the chance (and money) we purchase the product and really go through the customer experience to the fullest. Once we have enough founds and a big team, we will do it for every product. When testing products we have fun as you can see in our Mindinsole Review and the Doc Socks Review. Those were really fun to review and write our opinion on.

Feedback from Customers

With recent advancements in AI and technology in general, we are able to scour the web for reviews and have gotten pretty good at detecting which ones are fake and real. Most of the review websites just give you the facts, specifications and recommend the products no matter what. Most of the reviews are produced by bots, are bought or produced by the companies itself! We curate our reviews and cut all the B***S*** and give you an honest feedback on the product.


We are not paid by any company to write these reviews, although we might get a commission for the products we recommend. We fund our website with our time and money and if we fail to gain your trust and you don’t purchase through our website, we don’t make money. The goal here is much bigger – to make this a “go-to” source for product reviews across the globe.