Save & Protect Thousands of Photos and Videos in Just One Click – No Tech Skills Required! – Is This Special USB Stick Really Worth It?

Last Update: October 2019

PhotoStick Review

SUMMARY: In just a matter of minutes or sometimes seconds, the photostick scans and backs up all your photo and video files on your computer. It also identifies and removes any duplicates which save you more space. By the touch of a button, you can save & protect all those beautiful memories in a safe and secure place and they’ll be with you for a lifetime.








Pros: photo stick backup drive is easy and straightforward to use. It can be used by even technologically most inexperienced people. You can backup those priceless memories with ease. It works in just a matter of seconds and the whole process is completely automatic. Unlike other drives where you have to back up every single file manually, Photo stick automatically saves thousands of photos and videos by just a click of the button. Another advantage is that photo stick can work with multiple computers. When you back up files from different computers, ThePhotoStick organizes and names the files according to the computer. To get to know more about the product, follow this Photostick review to the end, and you will decide whether it is worth your hard-earned money or not.

Cons: the photo stick reviews point out that some users complain that the device did not organize their photos and video files from different computers. The photo stick does not also come with instructions. This may pose a problem to users who have a challenge with technology. As much as it is straightforward to just plugin, install, and use the device, it becomes a challenge when you want to customize the features.

ThePhotoStick reviews also pointed out that some devices did not work at all. When the users connected the photo stick devices, they did not install and run.

PhotoStick – What Is It And What Does It Do?

According to, 46% of people lose their data every year. In a study carried out by Google on hard drive failures, disk drives that are over a year old have a 1 in 10 chance of failing each year. Data loss can also be as a result of computer theft and loss, viruses and software corruption, human error, fire, flooding, etc.

There are many things that can be frustrating. But I doubt there is anything more frustrating than the loss of data on your computer. How do you recover it? Think about that trip that you took with your husband and kids last holiday. You must have enjoyed yourself so much. To save all the precious memories, you carried along a camera (or just a smartphone) and captured all those moments. After, you decided that you want to save the photos on your laptop, and so you did. A petty thief then passes around, and the only thing that pleases him in your house is your laptop, and he takes it.

Just stop for a moment and imagine how would you feel? Years worth of precious memories…GONE! Just like that!


This is where the photostick comes in. Photostick is a thumb drive that allows you to back up your photo and video files instantly. This device works automatically and comes with a built-in software that helps you to back up your data in one simple step. If you have all your precious photos and videos saved on your computer’s hard disk, you are literally asking for trouble. That is a catastrophe waiting to happen. A simple thing like your son coming to hug you, when you are working on your computer and spilling some tea at the same time could be enough to lose your data. He may accidentally stumble and end up spilling the tea on your computer and crashing it. Where would you recover your data from? How much would you pay to have everything backed up in a situation like that?

What Is ThePhotoStick Device

This photo&video backup device is easy and straightforward to use. You plug it in and install the app on your computer, and you are good to go. This makes it a favorite even for people who are not very tech-savvy. The device comes with a large storage capacity that can hold up to 60,000 photos. You can back up your photos and videos as well as those of your family and friends.

Device Compatibility – Where Does It Work?

According to ThePhotoStick reviews, some users were wondering whether they would use the photostick on their computer or not. This is because they did not know whether photostick is compatible with their operating system or not. The good news is that Photo stick is compatible with all operating systems. If you talk about photostick for computers, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac. The photo stick for mobile is compatible with mobile phone operating systems, including iOS and Android.

MacOS And Windows Compatible
Compatible both with Mac and Windows

ThePhotoStick – How Does It Work?

This tiny device is effortless and straightforward to use on your computer. It is for this reason that it is used even by the most technologically inexperienced. If you can insert a USB drive and click a button, then you can use the stick.

The PhotoStick - How Does It Work?
Once you get your order, follow the following simple steps to start using the device:
  • Remove the packaging that comes with the PhotoStick
  • Ensure that your computer is on and running normally
  • Plugin the device on your computer
  • Open and install the app on your computer
  • Click “Go,” and you are good to go
Where Can I Use Photo Backup Device

Photostick does an in-depth scan of your computer to get your photos and video files. Once it finds them, photostick then copies and backs all your data. One good thing is that the device identifies duplicates and removes them. This saves you a lot of space that you can use for more recent photos. It also saves you from having to browse through the same image several times. You also do not need to pay any subscriptions to get photostick. There is no software installation. You plug in and enjoy safe and secure storage for your favorite photos and videos.

What type of files can you find with ThePhotoStick?

There are those memories that will always put a smile on your faces. These are memories that we would wish to have forever. That is one of the biggest reasons people choose to invest in back up devices to safely keep their cherished photos and videos on their PC in case it fails. It’s normal sometimes not to name them, which becomes harder to locate them. What the computer does in such a scenario is that it assigns its own name to the said file, which may include numbers. It, therefore, becomes hard for you to retrieve the photos later. But, when you use the Photo stick, all that becomes easier. This is because it can locate and find any file on your computer, including the unnamed ones. It will then back all of them up.

The photo stick reviews point out that the drive is compatible with all types of files. These include JPEG, MPEG4, MOV, and PNG. The drive also backs up photos and videos that you’ve downloaded from the internet.

It is also good to note that ThePhotoStick will also work with multiple computers. It will find and locate the values and then back them up. The drive will then assign names on the files and folders according to the computer. As such, you will enjoy an easy time locating any data from any computer. The drive is also compatible with all operating systems on computers and phones. If it is photostick for computer, it is compatible with all operating systems on computers, including Mac, Vista, and all versions of Windows, including Windows HP. In phones, photo stick is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

Storage Options – What Are Your Needs?

There are many models of ThePhotoStick. How many photos you can save depends on the model that you have. You can get the PhotoStick 8, which offers you 8GB worth of storage. This is a storage capacity that can carry up to 3,500 photos. Then there is the PhotoStick 64 model that comes with 64GB storage space. This space can hold up to 30,000 photos. The largest of them all is thephotostick 128 that offers you 128GB of storage space. This is a space that can hold up to 60,000 photos. It would take you forever for you to fill up this space.

However, you need to know that the amount of photos you can save on a particular device which mainly depends on the size of the files. The larger the files, the less number of photos the machine can save and vice versa. For example, video files are known to be substantial. They will, therefore, take up more space, which reduces the number of files that you can save on the device. The same applies to some songs and some documents.

8GB Storage
8GB Photostick
64GB Photostick
128GB Storage
128GB Photostick
1TB PhotoStick Plus
1TB Photostick plus

Why Is Your Hard Drive Slowly Failing?

Your hard drive is a mechanical device and it is prone to failures.

There are two types of hard drive failures which are: logical failures and physical failures.

Physical failures are due to the failure of the electric motor or the drive itself. This mostly happens if the hard drive is dropped or hit when it is running. Newer SSD disks are also prone to failure due to the drive having a limited read/write cycle count on the individual sectors (but this is beyond the scope of this discussion).

Logical failures on the other hand, come from viruses and software corruption.

Here are the top reasons why a hard disk failure is inevitable:

  • Heat. Hard drive failures occur primarily due to hardware overheating. If your hard drive has inadequate ventilation and cooling off the system, then it can cause damage to the pieces of equipment. Always make sure you have enough ventilation on your hard drives.
  • Power surges. There are different causes of power surges. For example, we can have lightning strikes, interference of the power lines, or any other type of interruption on the power. The surges result in hard drive failure when the read/write heads fail to function correctly.
  • Water damage. Water spillage on any of your device spells doom on it. The casing around the hard disk is not waterproof. Thus, any water spillage will ultimately cause drive failure.
  • Corrupted files. If you are among the people who close a program incorrectly, you turn off your computer, and you are continually doing software installation, then you are at risk of getting hard drive failure.
  • Human error. Another cause of hard drive failure is human error. If you are continually doing improper installations and file removal, then you are at high risk.
    Physical damage. Any physical damage on your computer can lead to hard drive failure. This could be dropping the laptop, bumping, etc.
  • Fan failure. The fan is the component of the computer that cools it up in case it overheats. Lack of a fan means more overheating, which ultimately leads to hard drive failure.

Do You Actually Need It?

If you have a massive number of photos and videos on your laptop and you have never experienced data loss, then this is for you. It is always good to learn from the experiences of other people instead of waiting for your own. If you ask people who have ever lost data, then you will know that no frustration in this world comes second to losing ones data. It is so painful knowing that what you worked for so long may just have gone down the drain forever.

You are simply somebody who loves photos and loves to keep the memories. You have probably kept an entire collection of your wedding. You have photos when you were pregnant with your firstborn. Or maybe you filmed your baby’s first steps or first word they uttered. All of these are precious memories saved on your laptop so that you can have access to them anytime you want. What if you wake up the next day and all these are gone?

If you don’t want to lose all your memories, the PhotoStick is definitely worth getting. Recovering data from a corrupted or fried drive will cost you much more then the price of the photo stick.

Cost of data recovery - Source:
  • There are overall strange behaviors from the computer
  • If you are having frequent program crashes or disk errors, then you should be alarmed
  • A hard drive that is failing will produce strange noises such as clicking and humming
  • If your hard disk is failing, then you will experience repeated error messages while you are using the software.
  • You will know it is not okay when you start experiencing slowing down of the computer, freezes and a blue screen errors
  • If you are beginning to find files that cannot open properly. Or files that contain corrupted data even where you saved the files with no errors, then you should know that things are not okay with your hard drive.

Who Is It For?

As much as the prices of hard drives have reduced considerably, that is not enough reason for you to avoid having a plan B. Sometimes, there is more value to the hardware than just the buying price. For example, a hard drive may be cheap when buying, but it will be more of a loss if the drive crashes with all your data in it. Buying a new one at a low price will not give you back your data. It is of utmost importance that you take care of your hard drive to prevent it from crashing.

The following are some tips that you can apply to reduce chances of hard drive failure:

  • Add a monitor. There is no shortage of applications in the market that will monitor the health of your hard drive. Many of them will monitor and alert you via email in case there is an issue in your hard drive that needs to be addressed. This is a crucial step to take towards curbing hard drive failure.
  • Watch the surrounding environment. Sometimes we put our computers and laptops in closed up places that have no ventilation. We forget that companies don’t just waster resources and take a lot of time to work on the cooling system of the machines. When we keep our machines in areas that are not well ventilated, and we do not even care to invest in a fan, then they are always hot, which in turn affects our hard drives negatively.
  • Watch out for static. Static electricity is a big no for computer components. When handling them, make sure you ground yourself. As much as TVs, speakers, and so on do not have strong magnets that can erase a drive does not warrant you to put your hard drives on the appliances. Do not take the risk.
  • Defragment the drive. A fragmented drive shows signs of work overload. Allow the hard drive to work in its most efficient state by defragmenting it.
  • Tighten the screws. Loose screws may increase vibration. The vibrations can destroy the platters of a hard drive.
  • Back up. There is no 100% guarantee that your drive will never fail. Eventually, after continued use, the drive will fail. As such, it is only advisable that you be responsible enough and back up your data so that you will not lose everything when the drive crashes. This is why we recommend ThePhotoStick.
How To Use The Photostick

All major media formats are compatible

Regardless of whether it is MP4, JPEG, PNG, MPV, or any other, photostick keeps your files safe and secure. You can save all your old and new photos, videos, and even music from that old CD on this USB storage drive.

How To Use Photostick?

  1. Order Photostick from the official website
  2. Plug it into your computer
  3. Click “Go”
  4. Wait for the back-up to complete
  5. That’s it!

Once you make and receive your order of the photostick, you should first remove the packaging. When you remove the packaging, you will notice a small cap at the tip of the device. Remove that cap to get the USB stick. Next, you should make sure that your computer is on and running. Find an open USB port on the computer and plug in the USB drive. Most computers will automatically detect the drive and open it. Here you will get the options to run it. In case the computer does not automatically detect and open the drive, you can go to My Computer, open it and look for the USB drive. You can then double click on it, which will open the drive and start running it.

The Benefits Of Using It

One click is all it takes

Unlike the other cloud storage services, you do not require to open an account for you to install and use the photostick. You also do not need to have any specialized knowledge, or unique technical pieces of equipment to use this USB storage drive. You plug in your drive and click on “Go,” and you are good to go.

Automatic and swift

In the early days, one would be forced to sit down on his or her computer and manually choose the photos and videos that you want to back up. That process is not only tedious; it is also dull and consumes a lot of time that would be useful in doing other things. Fortunately for you living in the photostick age, those days are long gone. You can now plug in your drive on the phone or computer, click a button, and your files will be automatically backed up. Plus, you can have your computer running and doing other things as you back up the files. The best thing is that it will find all the files regardless of their type or age and back them all up quickly.

No internet needed for backup

This is one feature that is quite exciting about the photo stick. When you back up your data on the cloud storage, there are some few complications. First, you are not really sure where your files are. You do not know if any other people have access to the data or not. You cannot tell if your data is safe and secure or not. However, the most annoying thing is that you will require having the internet connection every time you want to access your files from the cloud. This is an additional cost. You will also require opening an account with passwords that you must remember. That means that if you are having a stressful day and cannot remember much, your data may be in jeopardy. You risk not retrieving your data.

That is not the case, though for ThePhotoStick. When you plug in the drive and back up your memories, no internet will be required for you to access it. There are no passwords that will be required and no opening of any accounts. The best of them all is that you will be fully aware where your files are saved securely. That means only the people you grant permission can access it.

Huge memory in a small stick

Are you tired of the annoying “storage full” warning? If your answer is yes, then you need to rethink your choice of a backup device. You need to get photostick and get rid of your storage worries. Photos tick has a massive storage capacity that allows you to store thousands of photos. In fact, they come in different sizes so that you can have varieties to choose from. There is the 8GB USB drive that can carry up to 3,500 photos. There is the photostick 64GB one that can hold up to 30,000 photos, and finally, you have the 128GB USB drive in which you can store up to 60,000 photos. With that massive storage capacity in one small stick, you do not have to worry about insufficient storage. The storage is so big it would take eternity even for the craziest photo lovers to fill it up.

However, as mentioned earlier, the number of photos that a given size of the USB storage will take depends mainly on the size of the file. Videos, some documents, and songs are known to be larger. As such, the numbers that it would take is pretty less. On the other hand, most photos are small in size. Thus, there is a possibility that thousands and thousands will fit in the storage device.

Where Can You Buy ThePhotoStick?

The best place to buy Photostick is on the official website. When you do that, you will have the opportunity to get a variety of different discounts and perks. First, it is the only way that you can get to enjoy their 30 days refund. Secondly, you will be sure that the product you are getting is authentic and real. Sometimes the company is offering some juicy deals that you cannot access if you do not get the product on their website. They will have deals at times that will have you buying the product at a price of half your groceries!

You can also buy the product from Amazon. It also has discount deals, especially when you are buying in bulk. You get to enjoy having your data safe and secure forever at a low price.

What If I am Not Satisfied?

Buying a new product, especially online, can be a bit tricky. This is because you do not have the item at hand to test and feel. This is why people usually go online and search for different opinions, just like you are searching for photostick reviews. You search for the product, its features, its benefits, and how it works. You get to see what reviewers say about the product, the features, advantages, and disadvantages, where you can find it, and how it works. Some reviews will also have the frequently asked questions section, which is great to help you understand the product better.
Sometimes, people are very careful before buying a product, especially online. Even when the reviews point out benefits and you feel like you need the product, you might take a step back with questions. For example, what will happen if I buy the product online, and it is faulty? Can the company offer me a refund if I return the product? Do they even accept returns? How legit is the company selling the product? These questions often stop a potential customer from making an actual purchase.The photostick company is well aware of this fact. It knows that the customers need to feel confident as they make their purchase. It is for that reason that the company offers a full back money guarantee for every purchase. If you buy the product online from Amazon, then you will also enjoy the guarantee. That means that if you are not happy with what you get, then you can request a refund. If you receive a product that has defects, then you can return it to the company and get all your money back.However, there are some limitations. For example, the guarantee does not cover customer’s remorse. Maybe you have seen how a particular product has been hyped online, and you purchased it. After getting it, you start feeling like it is not exactly what you wanted, and you would wish to take it back. Well, the full money-back guarantee does not apply there. The company will also not offer a refund if the defect on the product is your fault. The guarantee will only cover the flaws that are from the manufacturer. Maybe the photostick does not work at all, or it works for a short time and then stops.

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In case the photo stick doesn’t satisfy your needs, you can write to the company claiming that you want to return back to them and you get your money back.

Here are a few tips to make the process easier:

  • Get the photostick together with the packaging
  • Outline the reasons why you want to take their product back to them and why you want a refund.
  • You can then contact the manufacturer via email or by calling them on the number provided on the website.
  • Return the product to the manufacturer and get your refund

PhotoStick – Is It Worth It?


Light And Portable

The photostick USB drive is small and light. You can take it anywhere you go and use it with other computers when needed.

Filters Out Duplicates

Apart from locating and backing up your files, the photostick USB drive also identifies duplicates and removes them. This saves you a ton of storage space, that you can then use to save other videos and photos. It also saves you the annoying agony of having to see the same file multiple times.

Scans And Finds Files Automatically

Gone are the dreary days when one had to sit on a computer and manually choose the photos and videos that they want to back up. This is not only tedious and boring, but it also wastes a lot of time. With this USB drive, everything is automatic. You plug it on your computer, install the app, click on “Go,” and you are good to go. You will back up all your files in minutes.

Many Storage Options

This is probably one of the best benefits of the photostick USB drive. Nobody wants a backup device that is continuously giving the “Storage full” warning. You want to be able to back up all your favorite memories in a hassle-free way. The USB drive comes in three varieties so that you can choose the one that perfectly fits you. There is 8GB, 64GB, and the 128GB. The 128 GB has a capacity large enough to carry up to 60,000 photos.

No monthly expenses

Unlike saving your private data on the cloud, this USB drive will only cost you a one-time fee. After that, there will be no subscription fee or any other monthly expenses.


With the many scandals in recent years and data breaches, people started wondering if the cloud is really something we can trust.You never know when hackers can steal your data stored somewhere on the cloud. On the other hand, having your photos&videos stored on a physical device adds that extra layer of security and safety.


Return policy

The 30 days guarantee requires that the packaging should not be tampered with.

What are the alternatives?

ThePhotoStick is not the only photo backup device on the market. Other products may have the same functionality. If you search on Amazon, you will get a large variety of products. The following are some of the competitors in the market:

MemorySafe X

Memory safe x is a  very similar product Photostick. It works as a backup for all your photos and videos. The only difference between the two is in one feature. The photostick has two different versions (“desktop” and mobile). Contrary, MemorySafe X can be used to backup photos&videos both from desktop and mobile devices in one stick. You can read our review of MemorySafe X here. It is compatible with all the major operating systems out there.

MemorySafe Review

Picture keeper 4GB

Picture Keeper 4GB is another alternative. It is portable and works more or less the same as photo stick. Unlike other flash drives, the Picture Keeper 4GB creates instant backups for your precious photos and videos. For you to use this flash drive, you will need to download an app on your computer and run it. However, this USB drive only comes with 4GB storage capacity.

Picture Keeper 4GB alternative


In this photo stick review, we did all the leg work for you. We hope we gave you enough information to make a buying decision. We went over the main benefits as well as some cons. If you are someone who wants to protect and save all those precious memories , then we suggest getting the photostick. Unless you want to spend 100’s of dollar and get someone to do it for you, or spend countless hours doing it yourself, get thephotostick or MemorySafeX.

Photostick is a must-have for everyone who does not want to undergo the frustrations of losing their data. Memories are worth keeping. They give us memories of where we have come from, and the good times we have had along the way. They accord us the inspiration we need to face life’s challenges. It is for that reason that we take photos and videos whenever we have a moment we want to retain as a memory. You then continue and save the images on your computer or phone so that you can quickly access them. All that can disappear in a blink of an eye just by a click of a delete button. Worst case scenario, your phone, and PC are stolen, and you lose everything.

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