OxyBreath Pro KN95 Reviews

Oxybreath Pro

In many environments, unfortunately the air that we breathe is often unclean. This means that it can be not only unpleasant to breathe in, but can even be unsafe and cause harm to us. This is a problem particularly in larger cities and urban areas, where pollution is high. Even worse, epidemics like bird flu, swine flu, and most recently the coronavirus, can make breathing the air dangerous and even lethal in some cases.

The “coronavirus” is an H7N9 avian influenza infection, transmitted through the respiratory system. Infections  have been on the rise in recent years.

Current deaths caused by the virus:

Coronavirus Deaths

Many of us worry about our health, and many people have found protective face masks to be a useful solution to the dangers of unclean air. Protective face masks are used to keep the wearer safe from airborne viruses and bacteria, and are worn frequently in parts of the world most at threat from these contagious viruses.

In this review, we will explore one of these protective face mask products on the market – the OxyBreath Pro from Hyperstech.

What is the OxyBreath Pro?

The OxyBreath Pro is a new mask designed protect the wearer from various types of infections, airborne bacteria and viruses, and even just normal levels of pollution. It is easily washable and also reusable. It has been popular lately in cities with high pollution levels, as well as with people with dust allergies.

The OxyBreath Pro is made of a lightweight, breathable sponge material that is comfortable, windproof, and kind to the skin. It was designed by the manufacturer Hyperstech to have an ergonomic fit, be highly adjustable, and durable.


OxyBreath Pro


Anti-Pollution, Anti-Virus Mask










Activated Carbon + Polyurethane

Air Valve System

How Does It Work?

The OxyBreath Pro fully covers the nose and mouth of the wearer to prevent any particles – whether they are bacteria or pollutants – from getting into the body via those routes. Using the product is easy – simply hook the straps around your ears and position the mask firmly over your nose and mouth.

anti virus breathing n95 mask


The mask has an impressive list of features, such as:

  • Full covering of the nose and mouth for maximum safety and protection
  • Protection from Allergens, Bacteria, Dust, and Pollutants
  • Nano Technology Dust-Free Air Filter PM2.5ppm
  • Lightweight, portable design
  • Modern, stylish visual design
  • Fully washable and reusable over 300 times

How Does It Work

Technical Specifications:

  • New 3.0 breathing valve
  • 95% or more Filter Efficiency
  • Valve Mask
  • Polyurethane Filtration: Nano Technology. 1st layer for large particles, 2nd layer for bacteria and unfiltered particles
  • Full Nose and Mouth Coverage
  • Microfiber Materials
  • Size: cca. 24*14cm
  • Level of Protection: KN95

Size Of The Mask

How Does the OxyBreath Pro Protect the Wearer from Diseases?

The OxyBreath Pro protects the wearer from contracting airborne infections by blocking the nasal and oral passageways, shutting off access by all kinds of particles and bacteria to the body and ensuring that nothing gets in!

High Quality Materials Used

Activated Carbon and Polyurethane LayerThe materials used are of high quality and so it should be.  If something is going to keep pollution out of harms way it has to have the build quality to back those claims. The filtration layer is made from 100% activated carbon cloth with a polyurethane materials that keep the fine particles out of your lungs!

Benefits of Wearing the Mask

Not only is the OxyBreath Pro lightweight, portable, and comfortable to wear, but it has an advanced dust filter with Nano technology that helps prevent you from breathing in any dust. Despite the great features, the OxyBreath Pro is highly affordable when compared to other productive face mask products on the market.


There aren’t many complaints from users about the OxyBreath Pro, although some users commented on the limited range of products available, and that it does not yet come in a range of different colors, only black.

Where Can I Buy The Oxybreath?

Currently, you can only but the OxyBreath Pro on the manufacturer’s official website. It is not yet in stock on other sites such as Amazon, or in stores, Thankfully, the manufacturer offers generous discount on the product! At the time of writing, the product is 50% off for a limited time! Delivery to your home is also free!

There are various other offers available on the site too. Currently it only costs $49 (USD, but it is available all over the world) down from the original price of $98!

Buying in bulk also leads to savings. If you buy 2 of the product, you only have to pay $69, which translates to each mask only being $35. If you buy 4, then this costs $123, or only $31 each! You can also buy 3 and get 2 more free for a bundle deal of $135, or 2 and get 1 free for $98!

If you want to protect your whole family as well as yourself, these bundle packages are a great choice.

Should You Buy It?

If you are worried about the coronavirus, or viral infections in general, it may be wise to purchase a protective face mask, and the OxyBreath Pro is a very good example of an effective protective face mask product. It can be used by people of any age, and is easily adjustable to fit any wearer comfortably and effectively. If you or your family live in an urban environment, or work with food preparation, it could be very useful in keeping you safe – and not just if you live in a country affected by the corona virus outbreak.

Even if you aren’t worried about viral infection, there are other uses for protective face masks such as the OxyBreath Pro. If you live and breathe in a polluted environment, face masks can keep your general health in check and your breathing easier and less at risk of pollutants from factories, exhaust fumes, etc. Large cities across the world are notorious for poor air quality.

Our Verdict

Overall, we were very impressed with the quality of the OxyBreath Pro. Straight away, the user will notice the stylish design, which manages to look fashionable rather than medical! The sponge material is both durable and comfortable, and we had no worries about it tearing or becoming damaged during use. It is also incredibly breathable, meaning that our breathing was not affected in any way while walking or running outdoors.

The dust filter is particularly effective, and we noticed that coughing was less frequent than before. As our office is in a busy part of the city, wearing this mask made us realise just how much dust and pollutants we must have been inhaling into our lungs before trying the product! There was noticeably easier breathing after using this product frequently.

We can’t really think of any drawbacks to the OxyBreath Pro, especially at such a reasonable price point. However, no product is right for everyone, so it might be worth trying it out for yourself instead of just taking our word for it! We hope that this review has been of help to you!


What Is H7N9?

In the past this type of influenza viruses have been detected in birds. Until 2013 in China, this virus has not been seen in humans or people. More information.

You have probably heard about the coronavirus in the news in recent days. This particular outbreak is an H7N9 strain of the coronavirus family (a number of similar bacterial viruses that originate in animals). When we refer to the “coronavirus”, we will be referring to this particular strain – a new strain of the coronavirus family that has not been encountered previously.

The current coronavirus outbreak started in the Chinese city of Wuhan, near a wholesale seafood market. Like other diseases such as influenza and ebola, the coronavirus originated in animals, before spreading to human hosts (in this case, the first people infected were workers at the market).

There have been other coronavirus strains in the past. SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) were caused by cononavirus strains. SARS was incredibly deadly – infecting over 8000 people in 37 different countries and killing 750 in 2002. MERS was also highly catastrophic, infecting 2500 people and killing a shocking 35% of that number.

The Wuhan coronavirus has now spread into multiple countries and is causing chaos. In China and other countries, manufacturers of protective face mask products are seriously struggling to meet demands, with many workers working overtime. The stock that gets to stores and pharmacies quickly disappears, as many worried citizens are panic buying them to protect themselves and their families from the viral outbreak. Sales of protective face masks have surged in recent days all across the world.
The Wuhan coronavirus causes pneumonia, with sufferers experiencing fever, painful coughing, and trouble breathing. Severe cases have even led to complete organ failure. Existing antiviral antibiotic drugs do not work against this viral pneumonia. Most at risk are the elderly and those of general poor health.

Other Diseases

As well as the recent coronavirus strain, there are other similar contagious diseases that protective face masks such as the OxyBreath Pro are used to protect against. One of these is the Avian Influenza (H7N9) virus, more commonly known as “bird flu”. Similar strains, such as H7N2, H7N3, and H7N7, had infected humans before, but there were no human infections of H7N9 until March 2013.

Patients of H7N9 reported serious pneumonia, fever, coughs, and difficulty breathing. Almost all of these patients required medical attention to recover from the infection. There are ways of preventing viruses such as these from spreading, such as keeping raw meat and eggs separate from other foods to prevent contamination, using separate chopping boards and knives, and thoroughly washing your hands with antibacterial soap and hot water after touching these raw foods. Any surfaces or utensils that have been in contact with raw meat should also be washed and disinfected immediately.

Can OxyBreath Pro prevent CoronaVirus?

With a global health emergency like the current CoronaVirus, there is a need for face masks like the oxybreath. These masks are designed to prevent the spread of viruses with the built in filtration system. The virus is spreading fast across the world. This acute respiratory disease is very serious with first death victims around the globe.

It is of utmost importance to keep person to person contact to a minimum. Washing your hands frequently and using disinfectants is advised to avoid an infection in the first place.