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Can this patented cervical traction device REALLY help you stretch muscles, stabilize your neck and melt away pain? 

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Many people across the world suffer from frequent and bothersome neck pain. It can be extremely painful and really decrease your quality of life. Daily tasks such as working on the computer, cooking and cleaning, and playing with your children or grandchildren can become uncomfortable at best and agonizing at worst. If you happen to be one of these unlucky individuals who suffer from frequent neck pain and are searching for a solution to bring back the quality of life that you deserve, you may have considered purchasing a neck support product.  There are many neck support products available on the market to choose from, and the choice can often be overwhelming!

In this review, we have chosen one of these products – the Neck Hammock – and explored just how well it works, to help you decide if this is the right product for you.

Neck Hammock – The Basics

Neck Hammock - Who Can Benefit

The Neck Hammock is a pain relieving device designed for home use or elsewhere, as a form of physical therapy to reduce the symptoms of neck pain or muscle spasms. The product is made in a portable size, so that you can take it anywhere, even if you travel away from home.

The Neck Hammock is exactly as you’d expect from the name – it consists of a small hammock that supports your neck. It is made of a soft material that is durable enough not to wear, yet comfortable enough not to chafe against your head. It also has small metal loops that attach to resistance bands to provide the resistance needed to reduce the pain of tension headaches or other chronic pain conditions. It helps you stretch the muscles in your neck, which provides a sense of relaxation from neck to the rest of the spine

If you’re looking to relieve your neck pain without having to visit a therapist, physician or doctor, the Neck Hammock may be useful to you. It is also a simple solution that is a safe alternative to many of the prescription medications out there, such as painkillers which come with various side-effects and can be highly addictive and dangerous for your health.

However, if you may have already seen a medical professional and are currently taking medications for the pain, you can also use the it in conjunction with these, to assist a speedy recovery.

Many users of the Neck Hammock like this device because it provides them with the same relief that they get from a physical therapy office, but in the comfort of their own homes or anywhere else they want to take it! There’s no need to miss out on fun activities such as family vacations or spending time with friends due to neck pain – simply bring the portable product along with you.

Does It Really Work?

Neck Hammock Cervical Traction

If you’re  reading Neck Hammock reviews, you are probably wondering if it really works as advertised. This patented device essentially works in the same way that a physical therapist would. If you ever used a cervical traction device before, you will most likely have some idea how this product works.

The Neck Hammock gently pulls and stretches all of the main muscle groups in your back, to improve your circulation. This lets more blood and nutrients reach these main muscle groups,reducing pain in those areas. The Neck Hammock lifts your head off the ground and gently separates it from your neck, allowing your neck muscles to gently stretch and relieve tension and pressure on muscles. As soon as we used the hammock ourselves, we noticed a reduction in pressure. According to the manufacturer, it does the same thing on herniated and bulging disks, but as none of us in the office suffer from these conditions, we were unable to test this ourselves.

What is Cervical Traction?

Cervical traction is a technique often recommended by therapists and physicians as an effective treatment for mild to severe neck pain. It entails stretching the neck muscles in a gentle manner so that the disc can be gently separated from the joint in the spine. Cervical traction devices, such as the Neck Hammock, are designed to offer instantaneous relief from neck pain, and reduce the chance of further outbreaks of neck pain in the future. You can read more about it here.

Who Can Benefit The Most?

In today’s modern world, you most likely use screens frequently – working in the office at a computer, using a tablet or phone in your home or on your commute, etc. If you bend down and hunch your shoulders over to look at those screens, you’ll put pressure on your neck, which over time can eventually lead to intense pain through your shoulders and down your back. While you can pay for a doctor or a physical therapy appointment, you can also use the Neck Hammock

You may also suffer from a herniated disk, which includes symptoms such as lower back pain, pain that shifts from the back to the buttocks or leg muscles, pain that increases with sitting down, and swelling in areas of the back. If any of these worsen over time, you may have a herniated disk.

Great for Neck Pain

The biggest benefit that the Neck Hammock has over traditional physical therapy appointments is the cost. Physical therapy can be extremely expensive, even if you do have health insurance – not to mention the travelling involved and the time spent in the doctor’s waiting room. This is a far cheaper and easier alternative to these appointments – if you use the product even twice, it will pay for itself!

Neck Hammock What Symptoms Can It Help With

In addition, the product is a more convenient way to treat your pain. If you suffer from a chronic condition such as sciatica (a medical condition often caused by injury, which includes symptoms such as weakness in the legs, shooting pains and cramps in the back or legs, and “pins and needles” in these same areas) or tension headaches (which includes symptoms like sore shoulder muscles, a band of pressure around the head, and pain that worsens around bright lights or loud noises).

If you have any of the above, you will be fully aware of the need for urgent relief when pain strikes.

You often don’t have the time or ability to call the doctor and arrange an appointment in the next few weeks – you need a solution right away! Products such as the Neck hammock give you the ability to deal with this problem as soon as it arises, wherever you are!

A compressed, or pinched, nerve can also be the cause of neck pain. A compressed nerve happens when too much pressure is put on a nerve or group of nerves. Symptoms of a pinched nerve include numbness, “pins and needles”, muscular weakness, limbs “falling asleep”, and sharp pains.

The Neck Hammock is a cervical traction device designed for anyone that is dealing with frequent neck and head pain.

There are many reasons you may suffer from neck pain, including:

  • Sleeping in an uncomfortable position
  • Too much time spent looking down on or up to the screens on electronic devices
  • A herniated disk somewhere in your back or neck
  • A compressed nerve somewhere in your back or neck
  • Dental conditions such as TMJ

Neck Hammock – How To Use It?

How To Use The Neck Hammock

Using the Neck Hammock is simple – just attach it to a door, two to four inches off the floor. After this, lie down on the floor with your body well stretched and rest your head in the hammock.

The higher the Neck Hammock device rests from the ground, the greater the amount of tension that is  put on the neck muscles. Experiment to find the level of tension that is most comfortable and effective for you – if you feel an increase in pain, stop and alter the height of the hammock.

​It is best to use it daily, for as long as you need to. This could be once daily, or up to three times, and each session can vary from 5 to 15 minutes – again, experiment with what works best for you! If you feel dizziness or a headache, listen to your body – you may be using it too often or for too long.

If you notice that the pain has been gone for a while, it may be time to stop. If you suffer from a chronic health condition that you are using it to relieve the symptoms of, you may want to continue using it 3-4 times a week even after disappearance of pain.

Did you know?

The Neck Hammock is highly regarded as a safe and effective treatment solution for neck pain – however, the manufacturer states that safe usage of the product is important. If you notice one or more of the following, they may be signs to reduce use or discontinue use of the product entirely:

  • Headaches
  • Intense back pain
  • Sudden onset of nausea
  • Extreme pain or discomfort

However, it is highly unlikely that you will experience any of these negative effects.

How To Get The Most Out of the Neck Hammock?

Neck Hammock The Science Behind It

  • Stick to the 5 – 15 minute time frame suggested by the manufacturer. If you spend too much time in traction, you can do damage to your head, neck and back.
  • Make sure that you choose the right spot. Though the manufacturer recommends using it with a doorknob, not all doors and knobs are suitable. Check that your doorknob is strong enough to support the weight to avoid damaging the door or injuring yourself, or use a different object or piece of furniture.
  • Use the Neck Hammock at the first sign of pain – the longer that you wait before you use it, the less relief you might get!
  • Use a floor mat to avoid the hardness of the floor putting pressure or discomfort on your back when you lie down. A yoga mat is a good solution here. 

What We Like About The Neck Hammock

  • Effective relief from neck pain and muscle spasmsThis product offers you relief from neck pain in less than 15 minutes of using it. It offers relief from both chronic and mild neck pain / spasms. Another benefit is that it rescues you from the stress and frustration that often come with neck pain, leaving you relaxed and comfortable mentally as well as physically.
  • Portable and convenient to use:
    The Neck Hammock is a pain relief product that is easy to use and can be used and taken anywhere – it is highly portable and fits in most travel bags. Whether your pain strikes at home, on holiday, or at work, you can benefit from the great features of this product.
  • Easy to set up:All that you have to do to set up the Neck Hammock is wrap device around a doorknob or similar object, then lie down on your back and stretch your neck muscles, and you’re ready to go!
  • Easy to fit into your daily routine:You can make use of this neck pain device as soon as you are ready! There’s no need for concern, as it will not affect your busy routine, and each session only takes a short few minutes.

Who Can Use It?

The Neck Hammock is suitable for all adults of any level of physical health. If you or someone you know works in an office or sits behind a computer all day, the product may well be helpful. Even if you feel comfortable in your desk chair, it can put you too close to your computer or prevent you from looking at the screen directly.

Not only can this cause eye strain, but it can also impact the neck and cause muscle pain! This is a very common issue, especially in modern life where most of us use computers all of the time! The Neck Hammock is also good for people who exercise frequently, because it helps them stretch the muscle groups that they may otherwise ignore.

Who is not advised to use it?

According to the manufacturer, those 16 years old or younger are not advised to use this product. In addition to children, those with acute cervical injuries should refrain from using the device, as well as people with conditions that impact the stability of the spine. If you still have any questions about whether the Neck Hammock will work for you and whether you should use it, you should speak to your doctor first. It may also be helpful to consult a physical therapist to determine whether or not you need traditional traction in a clinical setting instead of, or in addition to, using the Neck Hammock.

When Should I Consult My Doctor?

As effective as the Neck Hammock is, it is not always a replacement for the most severe issues you could experience. If you experience one or more of the following, you should consult a medical professional:

  • Pain that comes on quite suddenly and spreads
  • A wide range of symptoms
  • No relief from any home remedies
  • Pain that differs from the pain you felt before
  • Pain that gets worse over time

Symptoms The Neck Hammock Can Help With

What Can The Neck Hammock Help With

When researching online reviews of the Neck Hammock, we discovered that shoppers suffered from a large variety of different complaints and medical conditions related to the head and neck.

One such issue is that of poor posture. You may not realize how high the chances are that you have incorrect posture, or how much impact it has on your life in general! Even if you walk correctly, you might spend a lot of time sitting and looking down at a smartphone or tablet. This poor posture can cause significant pain in your neck, and in some cases even lead to further pain in your back and lower body.

You may have bad posture if you experience any of these following symptoms:

  • Pain that worsens later in the day
  • Trouble getting comfortable enough to fall and stay asleep
  • An increased risk of slipped disks
  • Problems with digestion
  • Problems with stress

The Neck Hammock is effective at combating these and other symptoms caused by poor posture.

Amazon Review 2

Best Place To Buy The Neck Hammock

You probably won’t find the Neck Hammock in local stores, although it is available from a few different online stores, such as Amazon for around $50. Your best bet would be to get it from the official manufacturer’s site. You can get the newest Neck Hammock 2.0 both on Amazon and the official site. Though both versions are similar and provide the same benefits, the newer model uses solid straps attached to the neck cushion, while the original model uses metal rings that you need to attach to separate resistance bands which then attach to a door or another object.

Is It Worth It?

When researching many Neck Hammock reviews, we looked at user reviews on Amazon and other sites to see how shoppers reacted to this product, and the experiences they had with it. This was also helpful in researching how useful the product was for solving problems and complaints that we do not suffer from ourselves.

Our research led us to discover the following pros and cons that other users experienced.

Check out this Amazon review from “ibgagirl”, who suffers from inflammatory arthritis, degenerative disc disease, a pinched nerve and debilitating headaches:


Using it is generally much cheaper than seeing a doctor or physical therapist, which can easily cost $100 or more! The Neck Hammock is an affordable way to treat your neck pain at home without spending a fortune. It is recommended by a number of doctors, therapists and chiropractors around the world.

Not only is it affordable, but it is also easy to use! You can do this while watching television on the couch, reading a book, or using your phone or tablet.

The Neck Hammock works faster than other devices available on the market do, and is much faster than making a doctor’s appointment and traveling to and from it!

This cervical traction device also comes with other accessories, such as a carrying case, and door hanger. Other products on the market often don’t come with these accessories, and you have to buy them separately!

The Neck Hammock is one of the few cervical devices that is FDA-approved! This means that the product met or exceeded all testing and other requirements imposed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) before going on sale!

It is highly adjustable – you can adjust the height of it and the way you attach it to a door or column, until you feel just the right amount of stretching along the back of your neck.


Although the Neck Hammock has received positive feedback overall, we did see some negative reviews on Amazon. Some of these reviews claimed that it used a little too much tension and caused headaches. As the manufacturer says, you should discontinue using it if you experience this. Other customer complaints included the following:

  • The product came with no instructions and was therefore difficult to set up
  • Discomfort during use as the padding on the collar did not provide enough cushioning
  • Too much tension, which may worsen symptoms

If you’re unsure whether or not the Neck Hammock will work for you, the product comes with a money back guarantee if you aren’t 100% satisfied!

Neck Hammock – Alternatives

You may be wondering how this device compares to similar products. Many people use heating pads for relief from neck pain, and others use ice packs. Many heating pads come with a timer function to prevent burns from the pads getting too hot. Ice packs can also provide relief, as the cold essentially freezes the desired muscle group. Over-the-counter medications, such as ibuprofen or topical creams and sprays are also used, but these can come with side-effects. Out of these traditional solutions, sprays are probably the best, as they can be applied to the affected area without help, and you don’t need to worry about turning them on or off, or any ice melting!

There are other inflatable traction devices out there as well, although most don’t work as well as the Neck Hammock does in our experience. Not to mention, inflatable products are much easier to damage – just one prick from a sharp object is enough to completely ruin the product. 

Posture Pump Cervical Disc Hydrator

Another alternative is the Posture Pump Cervical Disc Hydrator. If you want a cervical traction device that can be used when lying on your living room floor, this may be a good choice. You can put the Posture Pump Cervical Disc Hydrator flat on the floor, with any pillow or cushion. As soon as you get into a comfortable position, you can squeeze the pump on the side to provide the traction that you need.

The Posture Pump Cervical Disc Hydrator was designed specifically for compressed disks and similar conditions. Although undeniably effective, this product has a price tag to match – it retails at nearly $120! The Neck Hammock is a lot less expensive and offers a similar level of versatility and effectiveness, with similarly adjustable levels of resistance.

Cervical Neck Traction Device

Ever Relief -Alternative

Cervical traction devices are easy to use, and can be used alongside any medications you may already take. to the medications that you take. As well as the Neck hammock, there is a product called the Cervical Neck Traction Device from EverRelief, which uses a small inflatable collar which is fastened around the sides of the neck with Velcro and inflates to provide the traction needed.

Cervical Traction Over the Door Kit

Another popular product for neck pain is the Neck Cervical Traction Over the Door Kit – a traction device designed for use over a door frame, as the name implies! With the Neck Cervical Traction Over the Door Kit, a cloth wrap hangs down from the device and allows you to place your head inside and rest your chin on the bottom. The product also comes with detailed instructions that show you how to install it on any type of door imaginable. The device is also adjustable. Although this product is a solid alternative to the Neck Hammock, it just isn’t nearly as comfortable. In addition, it can only be used in a standing position and on a door. As it also takes up a significant amount of space, you will need to take it down and put it back up again every single time you need to relieve your neck pain. – which is highly inconvenient and may even lead you to avoid doing your necessary sessions! The Neck Hammock generally fits more comfortably on most users, and costs just a little more than the Neck Cervical Traction Over the Door Kit.


alternative 3

Neck Hammock Review – Conclusion

So after all of the research, what did we think of the Neck Hammock?

Upon the arrival of your product, you will certainly like the fact that every accessory that you need to start using the product is in the box (with the slight exception of some instructions). Despite the lack of instructions, the device is easy, quick and intuitive to set up and use straight away. Use of the device is  simple and comfortable, and offers near instantaneous relief from neck pain and muscular aches. After using it just once, you can notice a feeling of relaxation due to the decrease in tension!

Most of us in the office suffer from pain in the neck or shoulders which is at least mild, which isn’t surprising as we sit at computers writing all day! Each of us noticed a significant reduction in discomfort after just a day or two of using it, and reported improvements to our posture – no more slouching or hunching over!

Overall, we would certainly recommend the Neck Hammock. It works for so many different medical conditions (such as sciatica, tension headaches, and slipped disks) and complaints, and is a great product for anyone who wants to treat neck pain conveniently from their home. Thanks to the included carrying bag, you can store it with its accessories anywhere. Portability are strong points of this device, you get so much benefits at a little price. Using the mechanical traction device is also not limited to a location, it can be used anywhere.

If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to treat head and neck pain, shoulder and back pain, and/or muscle spasms, the Neck Hammock is a great choice for a cervical traction device.

What do you get when buying from the official website?

What Comes In The Package

When you open the box, the following components are included:

  • Multiple sets of straps designed to wrap around objects in your home and support the device.
  • An eye mask designed to completely block out all light around you. This is optional, but for some people may aid relaxation.
  • A door hanger for if you use it on a door. Similar to the “Do Not Disturb” signs that hotels use, it lets others know that you are behind the door to prevent accidents caused by others opening the door, such as a nasty bump on the head!
  • A foam-cushioned head and neck wrap to cover the base of your head and your ears, and help you lie down comfortably. The foam inside wraps around your head and stops the other parts from rubbing against you uncomfortably.
  • A spandex carrying bag that expands to fit the Neck Hammock and all the included accessories inside. This bag also has strings with toggle buttons on the end that make it easy to open and close the top, so that you can take the product anywhere conveniently!


The Neck Hammock is an excellent cervical traction support product designed to soothe chronic or occasional neck pain from various medical conditions or poor posture. It arrives with accessories, is highly portable, and provides relief in only a short few minutes. The price is reasonable, and there are two different models available to choose from.

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