MemorySafe X Review

Save & Protect All Your Precious Photo and Video Memories In Seconds (No Tech Skills Required)

memorysafe x review

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With MemorySafe X you can save and protect everything in seconds – no tech skills required! Works both on desktop & mobile devices.

PROS: the drive has 64 GB of storage. This means that you have more than enough space to store your photos and videos and those of all your family members. It is easy to use the MemorySafe X drive. It is compatible with most devices, including Android, Windows, iOS, among others. Unlike other storage drives that are specific for either mobile phones or computers, this special device is universal. It can be used for storage both on your computer and on the phone.

CONS:  Memory Safe X is solving so many storage problems for people instantly. It may be running out of stock soon due to high demand. Also, keep in mind this is an external storage device. It, requires proper care so that it doesn’t get damaged or get lost.

BOTTOM LINE: MemorySafe X is a USB drive that backs up all your photo and video files on your computer, tablet, or phone. It connects directly to your device and automatically works to back up all your pictures and video files. This easy-to-use drive does all the hard work for you and saves you a lot of time. The best thing about the external storage is that it offers you a 100% secure storage.What’s more? There is no subscription fee as happens with other cloud storage plans. As such, you get to enjoy the safest and most secure storage for free.

What exactly is MemorySafe X?

memorysafe x reviews

Are you among people who love taking photos? You have more than enough pictures on your phone, tablet, and laptop or even on social media. Your wedding photos are so vital to you because that’s the time that you committed to living forever with your loved one.

You have a collection of pictures and videos that you have taken during all your birthday parties with family and friends. Or it could be photos of your firstborn son when he started making those small steps as he was learning how to walk. Now, imagine if you just woke up one day and you found your son spilled hot tea on your laptop? Worse still, you take it for repair but find that it’s irreparable? The frustration of all the beautiful photos you had is unimaginable.

That is where MemorySafe X comes in. It is a USB drive that functions as a backup for all your photos and videos. Instead of risking all your beautiful memories to get destroyed in just a snap of the finger, you can decide to back them up. The USB device looks small in size, but it has a 64GB storage capacity. That is enough storage for all your photos and videos and those of your family members and loved ones.

There have been backup drives in existence for some time now. These backup drives are specific in the way they operate. Either a particular backup drive is specific for backing up photos and video files on the phone, or it is a computer backup. That means none can exchange their roles. That, is not the case with this universal device.

This is a new product with a design that allows it to backup all your priceless photos and videos which are either on your computer or your mobile phone. It backs up all your files and keeps them secure forever.

This backup device has been made using revolutionary technology. It has an AI intelligent software that helps it to search through folders to find videos and photos automatically. Everybody can use the easy-to-use drive, including those who do not have a lot of experience in matters to do with technology.If you have ever experienced data failure in the past, then you know how frustrating it can be. If you want to learn from other people’s experiences and not have your own, get this backup storage drive. Back up your precious photos and videos in seconds to  avoid any regrets in the future.

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  • Easy to use. The whole back up process is automatic and only takes one click!
  • Device helps you save and protect your precious memories with your friends and family
  • Comes with a 64GB storage capacity. This is large enough to save up to 64,000 photos. This storage space will come in handy even for people who have numerous photos and need them safely backed up.
  • Organizes your files according to their names and file types. It detects and removes duplicates, so you now have more space to add new photos.
  • MemorySafe X is compatible with most devices, including Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows.


  • This is a new product that is solving a lot of problems for people. It may be running out of stock soon.
  • For really large galleries, you might need to get an additional 64GB Memory Safe X.
  • If you have a lot of photos, you might need to let the device run for a few hours.


  • Compatible with various operating systems – it comes with two ports. For this reason, it can be connected and used on a computer, a phone, tablet, or iPad. It is compatible with most of the operating systems on these devices. These include Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, etc.
  • Instant back up – AI software enables it to work automatically and search through folders to find your images and videos. The drive is very easy to use. That means it automatically and instantly backs up your files which saves you a lot of time and energy.
  • Large capacity – it comes with a 64GB storage capacity. This is a large enough storage capacity that can save over 64,000 photos. More than enough space for people who have thousands of photos. It will take you some time to fill up this space with photos. However, this is subject to the size of the file. If the files are large, then the storage device will take fewer files.
  • Easy to use – using this device requires just a few steps. When you receive it, you first remove the packaging. You then make sure that your computer is on and running. Plugin the device on your computer and then install the app. Click on “Go,” and you are good to go. These are easy to follow guidelines that can people can follow even those who are not tech-savvy.
  • Safe and secure – when you back up your files, you can rest assured that they are safe forever. You do not have to worry about them being lost or forgotten.

How does Memory Safe X work?

Memory Safe X looks just like other ordinary USB drives. One of the main differences to other similar drives is that it comes with two ports: one connects it to your computer and the other can connect to your mobile phone or tablet. The drive works automatically with a simple click of a button. It is easy to use, even for people who are not very tech-savvy.

Follow these steps to get it up and running:

  • Make sure that your computer or mobile phone is on and running before plugging in the storage drive.
  • The drive has two ports: one connects to the computer, and one to connect to the phone. Depending on where you are backing up your photos from, plug in the stick on your computer or phone. With computers, the storage drive works with both Mac and Windows. In mobile phones, it is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.
  • Open and install the app
  • Click “Go,” and you are done

It may be possible that you have more than one computer or phone with your photos. These photos and videos may be different. For example, on one computer you may have pictures you took when you went for team building with your colleagues from work. On another one, you may have photos and video files from your road trip with your husband in the mountains. If you use an ordinary drive to back up the images, some will be incapable of backing up while others may mix them up. That is not the case when you use MemorySafe X. When you back up your files from different computers, it organizes the data for each PC by its name that you fed it while setting the computer up.

How many photos can you save?

The number of photos that a storage device can save depends mostly on the size of the files. Even if a backup device can save many images and videos, it will store less if your files are large. Ordinarily, video files a larger in size and will, therefore, take up more space. Some documents and songs may also have a large size that will end up taking up more space. This AI backup drive is a new product that comes with a 64GB storage capacity. This is enough space that can help you backup up to 64,000 videos and photos.For most users this is more then enough to back up all the precious memories.

Where can you use it?

Nothing in this world is more straightforward than using this AI backup drive. The drive can be used even by the most technologically inexperienced people. A few steps are involved in setting it up. You only plug it into your computer or phone, install the app, click “Go,” and you are good to go. You do not have to worry about which devices can be used with the drive. The storage device features two ports. One connects it to a computer and the other one to a tablet, iPad, or phone. This is the feature that differentiates it from the rest and makes it stand out. This is because other storage devices are specific. They can only be used with one device; either a computer or a phone. MemorySafe X is compatible with most operating systems. In computers, the storage is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. It also works with Android, iOS, among others in phones, iPads, and tablets.

Common Causes of Hard Drive Failures

memorysafe x is it a scam

  • Human error. Humans will make some common mistakes. Sometimes it is accidentally deleting a file on the disk or dropping the disk drive. Whether intentional or not, such common mistakes lead to hard disk failure.
  • Hardware failure. The drive is made of various hardware components. Sometimes the hard drive may fail because there was physical damage to the hardware.
  • Power issues. There are various causes of power surges. It could be lightening or interference of the power line. The surges occur when the flow of electricity is interrupted and then restarted all of a sudden. This can lead to hard drive failure when the read/write heads do not function in the right way.
  • Water damage. It is always catastrophic when you spill water or any other liquid on your computer or phone. This is because the liquids cause electric surges that can lead to damage to your computer or phone. Unfortunately, very few devices in the market have built-in protection against water or other liquids. As such, any spillage always spells doom for the device.
  • Heat. Excessive heat is another common cause of hard drive failure. As the heat increases, the hardware components expand and then contract when the temperature decreases. This may cause the hardware to become distorted or crack, leading to loss of data.
  • Firmware corruption may cause your device to become unreadable, which leads to data loss.

What type of files can MemorySafe X detect and protect?

If you have ever saved photos or videos on the computer and later had a hard time finding them, MemorySafeX is perfect for you. Sometimes when we save documents on a computer and do not assign names, the computer finds its way of naming the files. It may assign numbers, or anything else. This makes it hard for you to locate it later. MemorySafeX helps you find all the photos and videos on your computer or mobile and back them up.

It works with files in the JPEG, MPEG4, MP4, MOV, PNG, and other formats. Even the photos that you download from the internet are either one of these formats, making it possible for Memory Safe X to back them up. The device also organizes your file so that the same data cannot be backed up twice.

Who is it for?

Are you one of the people who are absolutely crazy about taking photos? Maybe you have a collection of video and photo files on your phone or personal computer. How would it feel if you woke up one day and your phone was empty? If you ask those people, who have lost data before due to disk failure, they will tell you the feeling is frustrating. It is agonizing that your files are gone for good. It is for this reason that experts advise people always to back up their data. If you are such a person who does not want to risk losing their data just like that, then MemorySafeX is for you. It is going to enable you to backup thousands of your photos and videos securely. In case your computer or mobile crashes, then it will not be difficult for you to retrieve your data.

Where can I buy MemorySafe X?

It is quite easy to get a Memory Safe X backup device. You have to order from the official website and avoid getting scammed. At the moment, you are getting a 50% discount each time you purchase the product from the official website. You then plugin and install the app on your device, and you start your back up process. Your photos will then be secured, and you can comfortably take pictures as you back them up because you know chances are even in 10 years to come; you’ll still have them.

Signs that your hard drive is failing

backing up with memory safe x after hard disk crash

  • Folder and file names that have been scrambled or changed, then you should be alarmed
  • Frequent and cryptic error messages when you are performing typical tasks like moving files is a disastrous sign
  • If your file and folders are frequently disappearing, then there is cause for alarm
  • It is alarming when you have unnecessarily long waits to access your files and folders
  • Frequent crashes, especially when booting the operating system is also something to watch out for
  • When the hard disk is silent for a long time after you have requested some data
  • If you are having garbled output while printing or from open files

Another great product for your computer needs is the Xtra-PC USB – by using a special software it can make old and sluggish computers like new again – no need to buy a new computer and pay thousands!

Should you buy it?

In our Memory Safe X review, we have outlined what it is, its features, and the many benefits. The review would appear unauthentic if we only dealt with the benefits for that reason that we have also given you the downsides of the product. But as you can see, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages by far. There is so much that you get by getting this product. You are sure that your files are safe and secure forever. You will have no worries that your photos and videos will be destroyed in case of water spillage or electricity disruption. As much as we may recommend this product, the final decision for buying the product or not is yours. But we have offered you enough information to help you make an informed decision.

Conclusion and verdict

Nobody wants to lose their data and their precious memories. It is very frustrating. We all want those memories we have captured in our photos to stay with us forever. This, however, may be risky when we have not backed up the files on our phones and computers. This is where this great gadget comes in. It helps you to back up all your photos and video files instantly, it only takes a few seconds. It is easy to use and has a large capacity for storage. Nothing should stop you from grabbing one and enjoy a safe and secure back up for your memories.

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MemorySafe X is a brand new product on the market. It is the only product that has a design that can help back up from both your computer and phone or tablet. Other products in the market mostly work one way. They are either specific to work with a computer or a phone, but not both. Why pay double if you can have it all in one device? If you want a backup device that does more or less the same job, but has been on the market much longer, check out this review of ThePhotoStick.

MemorySafe X – money back guarantee

Customers are always afraid of the unknown. What if the product does not work correctly? What if it is not efficient as it has been advertised or it becomes faulty?

For this reason, manufacturers will always offer a money-back guarantee for any manufacturing faults. This includes if the device didn’t work at all or if it worked for a short time and then broke. The guarantee will not cover defects out of your mishandling. It will also not include if you buy the product and later feel you are not happy having it and you want to take it back.

The MemorySafe X backup device comes with a three year guarantee. This is supposed to give you the ultimate confidence that the product you are buying is high-quality. You should not have a problem investing your money on the product. You will get a product that will help you to back up your photos and videos instantly. You can back up directly from your phone or your computer. The device is easy to use, and it is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, among others.

Tips for requesting a refund

It is good to note that you will probably not get a refund if the product becomes faulty out of your own mistakes. You will also not get a refund if you are returning a product just because you are not happy with it. Customer remorse after buying the product does not qualify you for a refund if the product is not faulty. The money-back-guarantee applies only after a manufacturer’s fault. For example, if the product does not work at all.

Just follow these tips and you’ll be good:

  • Get the product and the packaging. The packaging should be in good shape.
  • Outline the reasons as to why you are taking the product back and why you want a refund.
  • Reach out to the manufacturer by sending them an email or calling them.
  • Return the package to the manufacturer

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