Knowledge Business Blueprint Review

Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins Knowledge Business Blueprint Review and Insights


Whether you are building a business online or offline, there are hurdles that one has to jump through. Having the right mindset is just the start. When things get hard, it is important to keep a positive outlook and have the end goal in mind.

In this day and age, there are many businesses both online and offline and chances are very high that whatever space you are in, there are some direct competitors to your business. Now, that’s a good thing because you can always »spy« on your competitors to bring fresh ideas to your business.

Don’t get me wrong… I am not talking about stealing creatives, content or anything like that.

This bring me to my next point. Another important part of any business should also include masterminds. Connect with people in your industry and share ideas. This way, every mastermind member will contribute to joined success. Whenever anyone finds something that brings in that sweet ROI they should share it. This way, everyone benefits and advances in their business a whole lot faster.

These masterminds are all around us. Usually it is a small group of anywhere from 4-12 people that meet (online or offline) from 2-12 times per year. The sole intention of these mastermind is to accelerate the professional success of each of the members.

Many of these mastermind groups are invite-only or paid. This ensures only quality members are accepted.

How to find the right knowledge business group?

In order to find a knowledge business group, you can simply do a google search for something like: »mastermind group for X«

A good place to look is Facebook. People with similar interests join groups on FB and a simple post in one of these, could help you find members of your knowledge business group.

There are also paid options like the Perfect Mastermind Formula by Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson. However, this will be launching in April and only a limited amount of people will be able to join. This way they will ensure the quality of the mastermind is kept at the highest possible level. Now why would you pay for a mastermind? Simply put: accountability. If you pay for a mastermind, you are held accountable, not only to yourself but also to other members of the group.

Here are some pointer before starting your own knowledge business group:

  • Make sure you decide on how many members you want
  • Do you want to meet monthly, weekly, quarterly or yearly?
  • Are there any specific topics that should be addressed?

Not all knowledge business groups will pan out as planned, so make sure you give it enough time to see how it goes. For more on how to asses the quality, visit Keep your expectations at a realistic level. Both for members and the value you will get.

You can also check out their official Facebook page, Linkedin page and Twitter account

We hope these pointer will give you some basics on the process of joining or setting up a mastermind.

Update: 11.4.2019

We just wanted to update you on the change of the business name of Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russel Brunssons training course from perfect mastermind formula to knowledge business blueprint.

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