The New Organizing Institute Mission

The New Organizing Institute, or NOI, is a unique training and research program using the “grassroots” method. We were created by experienced organizers in the online world, and tech professionals with affinity in all aspects of politics in conjunction with MoveOn.Org.

Our mission is:

  • To use the very best resources we have in training and supporting a new generation of tech-enabled campaigners.
  • To disseminate and consolidate the knowledge we gain in the field of political technology and online organization.
  • To conduct new research and investigations post-campaign to employ results-focused systems thinking to make progressive organizations and campaigns more efficient.

Currently, we’re looking for ways that we can fill an urgent need among the progressive organizations and campaigns in the world. Currently, these growth movements are hitting brick walls when they’re looking to fill new internet director and online organizer positions. A network of sophisticated, talented, and experienced operatives for this environment doesn’t exist in the world today in the same way as the established fields of fundraising, organization, and campaign movement.

The NOI hopes that we can begin to immediately fill the gap with an intensive training session in March, designed for online organizers considering working with electoral campaigns.

The Institute will pinpoint the most exceptionally talented trainees in our midst and provide them with more intensive guidance and follow-up support throughout the early stages of their careers. This will help us to build on our goal of creating an experienced network of online organizers and technology experts who are committed to progressive values.

During our first two years, the NOI hopes that we can inject hundreds of talented new online organizers and technologists into the market. These are professionals who will understand people and politics just as well as technology and the internet.

Alongside our training initiatives, the NOI will also be conducting research in the fields of online organization, technology, campaign IT and logistics.