How To Organize Digital Photos And Make Your Life A Lot Simpler

How To Organize Digital Photos On Your Computer

You find yourself in front of a computer searching for the photos you did six months ago on your one day trip across the border. You simply can’t find the photos in your one file folder with too many different kinds of pictures in it. And let’s not forget the pressure of a friend who is waiting for you to see those promised photos.

Read about my great tips on how to organize the photos, which will help you save lots of time. These tips will also free you from stress and hassle. Great, right?

Save photos on the external hard drive or in the cloud

A great way to back up your photos/videos is on your external hard drive. These things are awesome because you can bring them anywhere you’d like. You can easily stick them in your camera bag or your suitcase. When you need them, you just take them out and use them on the location or the airplane. Sounds perfect, right?!!

The only thing about hard drives is that they can crash. Yes, we all know that this bad thing can happen. If you don’t have photos stored somewhere else, it can be a pain in the ass when cloud storageyou lose everything in a second.

Nowadays, photographers like to use cloud storage, so everything is saved/stored online, and it saves you lots of space on your computer.

Cloud storage as Dropbox and Box are working fine until you start asking yourself about the privacy issue. If you do have some private photos, then maybe it is better to store them offline in two different hard drives or buy yourself the RAID.

To be fair, there are security concerns regarding cloud storage. If you find yourself worrying about the security and privacy of your photos, you can also check out the PhotoStick or MemorySafe X – these two devices save photos AND organize them with a click of a button (no tech skills required)!

Another great way to back up your photos in the cloud is through famous and professional editing Adobe software called Lightroom.

Organize your workflow

Essentially your workflow is like a process of finishing a project from start to finish. If you don’t organize your photos and videos directly from the start, you can expect that everything will be a mess at the end. The organization of photos is a very good thing that will fasten your workflow, remember that!

So, how to organize your photos?

Organized Photo Albums

Imagine that you have to organize business files (incomes and outcomes). You would label them for every year and every month and put them nicely in the boxes. The same goes for labeling folders where you will store your photos.

Essentially you create a naming structure for digital folders.

Naming folders from start to finish

This system I am about to tell you works very well. With it, it’s easy to find pretty much everything in a moment of notice. You should also know that there is not much to it when it comes to archiving files and creating folders.

Here is what you should do when you are storing photos on your external hard drive:

  1. Create a new folder on your external hard drive and name it Photography or Photos or Pictures or something similar, so you will know exactly what this folder contains. Photos, of course!
  2. In this folder, create another folder every single year for that year. So, if 2020 just started, you create a folder with a name 2020.
  3. In a folder of the year 2020, you create 12 folders. One for each month of the year. (01 Jan, 02 Feb, 03 Mar…)
  4. Now you create different kinds of new folders inside of the January folder. The best thing is that you create folders and name them by the location or events, so later it will be easier for you to find what you are going to look for. Let me remind you to use special keywords that you can also type in the search engine and find your photo album easier. (For example, 1-14th of Jan Canarias, 18th of Jan Father’s bday)
  5. Inside of a folder named 1-14th of Jan Canarias, you will create a bunch of folders. Name the folders by the equipment which you have used. For example: Canon Camera (new folder), GoPro (new folder), Drone (new folder), Phone (new folder) – now you have a pretty intense file/folder structure that works very well.
  6. Inside of a Canon Camera folder, you create a folder called RAW or JPEG, depending on in which format you are shooting. Next to RAW, you make a folder named FULL SIZE after the edit of the RAW photos. Here you can make all kinds of different folders, depending on your preferences. For example, you make one folder of photos just for Instagram or your blog.I know, it seems a lot or even too much of folders made in a few minutes, but this way everything is organized. With that kind of folder structure, you will save yourself tons of time. I wish you a happy photo shooting!