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photo of FIXD car diagnostic tool


​​​Imagine you​r check engine light coming on in your car. It always comes on at the worst time and it is ​nerve wracking. Is it serious, can ​you keep driving, how much is it going to cost and is it SAFE to even drive? ​Fixd Is a diagnostics tool that lets you decode what your car is trying to tell you. Your car is talking – start listening!

HUD vizr


​Glancing at your phone for directions, even for a split second, could be the difference between getting back home to your family safe​ or… a disaster. With Vizr heads up display, you can easily navigate ​the road​, check your location, next street exit, traffic conditions miles ahead… ​without taking your eyes of the road!

mindinsole magnetic insoles


Whoever stands on his fit for any period of the day knows how achy your back and feet can feel after a hard days work. Whether you patrol for work or have to stand for longer periods of time, you really need a pair of inserts to cope with that pain. These insoles use a combination of magnetic and massage points to eliminate the pressure and pain that you might feel.

photostick in hand


​The Photostick has been around for quite some time now. If you don’t trust the cloud for photo backup and want to keep your memories safe from un-wanted eyes, then this device is just for you. Looks just like a USB stick but it is much more than that. With their proprietary so​ftware you can backup all your photos and videos in just one click.

memorysafe x photo backup


​Keeping your precious memories backed up and safe for years to come should be a top priority. ​Remember your sons graduation or your ​anniversary? ​Oh, how quickly time passes! How about that dreaded “storage full” message on your phone just as you want to capture that “once in a lifetime” moment? MemorySafe X can backup all your videos and photos, both from your computer and mobile device.

compression socks doc socks


​If you are someone who stands on their feet for any amount of time at work or at home, you know how beat up your feet can feel after a long day. Doc socks compression socks creators are claiming that these socks can help with a wide variety of conditions and pains you are experiencing.

smartphone on a budget - xone phone


​This one has to be one of out favorite products of the year. If you want state of the art specification and technology in your smartphone, but don’t want to pay the heavily inflated premium price the look no further. Xone phone is a smartphone with all the capabilities without the hefty price tag!

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