HealthWatch Review – What You NEED To Know

HealthWatch Review

Nowadays, living a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. Most of us are living increasingly sedentary lives due to advancements in technology, less of a need to travel to work, and increased options for passive entertainment (such as online streaming services). According to the World Health Organization, sedentary lifestyles (defined as a lifestyle where a person does not achieve at least 90 minutes of physical activity a day) are responsible for 10% of breast and colon cancer cases 7% of Type 2 diabetes cases, and 6% of coronary heart disease cases. In fact, it has even been estimated that physical activity causes more deaths annually than smoking does!








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In addition to this, more and more people are suffering from stress. It is well-documented that stress significantly affects our mental and physical health. Stress can increase the risk of physical conditions like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, as well as mental health issues like anxiety and depression. It is extremely important to keep active in order to maintain good physical and mental health.

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Despite advancements in technology resulting in a reduction in physical exertion and activity, these same technological advancements can also be used to help you live a more healthy and active lifestyle if you want to!

Fitness watches are becoming increasingly fashionable, due to their use in assisting with achieving fitness goals, as well as the stylish designs that many of them utilize. One of these products that we have heard great things about is the HealthWatch. We decided to try it out for ourselves, and come up with our own review to explore the advantages and disadvantages of this product!

What is HealthWatch?

HealthWatch was developed by a team of healthy living enthusiasts, who combined their knowledge and passion to create a top-quality fitness tracking smartwatch device. HealthWatch is a highly-affordable product designed to be accessible to everyone. 

How Does HealthWatch Work?

Now that we have described some of the main features and advantages of this smartwatch, let’s explore how it works. 

HealthWatch was designed to monitor your pulse, heart rate and blood pressure, all in real time. From monitoring drops in blood pressure to even possibly preventing a heart attack, HealthWatch is an invaluable assistant in keeping your cardiovascular health in check.


In addition to monitoring your heart and blood pressure, this product can also improve your health by monitoring your sleep at night. Healthy sleep is important not just for energy levels and focus during the day, but for maintaining a strong immune system and allowing your body to effectively repair cell damage.

HealthWatch can be used during periods of high physical exertion such as running or workouts, or even outdoor sports. It is waterproof and dustproof, so can be used while swimming (or even just while washing dishes!) or in very dry conditions, without suffering any reduced functionality.

If you are looking to stay connected with friends and family, or keep an eye on the weather, HealthWatch has your back. In this day and age, many of us need to be connected 24/7, and this fitness watch makes sure that this is simple and easy.

Despite the high-tech features of the watch, there is very little danger of the battery running out when you need it most. The battery is very long-lasting, lasting up to 15 days on standby without the need for recharging!

HealthWatch Technical Features


Compatible with many languages




Acts as a smart remote for smartphone camera


Built-in for fitness tracking

OLED screen

1.0 inch (2.54cm) large HD Display

Water/dust resistant


Battery life

110 mA (5-7 days working time, 12h GPS use, 15 day stand-by time)

Buzz sounds

Different sounds to choose from

Function menu

Easy to access menu


Phone notifications and more (vibrating reminder option)

There are many technical features of the HealthWatch, including:

  • An advanced heart rate monitor that allows you to keep track of your heart rate in real time
  • A calorie calculator that displays the number of kilocalories burned during the day
  • The ability to measure your blood pressure and blood oxygen levels throughout the day, as well as your daily physical activity
  • The ability to view and use your social networks and notifications
  • The ability to remotely control your smartphone’s camera and music player
  • Accurate distance measurements
  • A multi-sport mode that allows you to monitor activities such as running, swimming, cycling, and a range of other sports
  • An advanced sleep monitoring feature that allows you to follow your sleep patterns
  • Long-lasting and fully resistant materials that protect it from water or extreme conditions
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android devices

HealthWatch App

In addition to the huge number of features on the wristwatch itself, HealthWatch also includes a powerful and intuitive HealthWatch app for your smartphone. The app was designed to help you keep track of goals and achievements you might make, such as losing a certain amount of weight or building a certain amount of muscle.

How To Use HealthWatch

First, connect your HealthWatch device to your IOS or Android smartphone to sync all the device’s activity with your smartphone, and vice versa. Connecting the HealthWatch to your phone enables you to get alerts for notifications, emails, calls, and text messages. The OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) touchscreen is easy to use, and the multicolored design of the interface is bold and aesthetically-pleasing.

Once the device has been synced to your smartphone, keep track of your activity by checking it at the end of each day – HealthWatch counts the steps that you take, the calories that you burn, and the distance that you travel in the course of the day. It also tracks your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels!

Who Is HealthWatch For?

HealthWatch was designed for everyone – whether you work in an office and are trying to be more active during the day, or are already a fitness junkie who lives in the gym. Whether you want to be gently reminded to incorporate a few more steps into your daily routine, or are looking to maintain an existing fitness routine with strict goals, HealthWatch can help you in your journey to achieve these goals. This product is useful for all ages and levels of fitness. We tested the device on ourselves and also on older family members, and all experienced increased motivation to have a healthy daily routine. Older people also felt particularly reassured by the heart and blood pressure monitoring tools, which can really take a weight off the mind when it comes to the health of your body!


There are various other fitness tracking watches available on the market. One of the most popular brands is Fitbit, which sells a range of products at a range of prices. Although Fitbit has a good brand reputation and many loyal customers, other customers have reported limited build quality and short lifespans for some of their products.

Garmin’s Forerunner range is another popular option for a fitness watch. The Forerunner products have very good reviews on their build quality and range of features, although the high prices may put off consumers with a tighter budget.

Electronics giants Apple and Samsung also produce smartwatches. Although they are not designed specifically for fitness tracking, their fitness tracking features are one of the reasons that they are popular, and have received good feedback. However, Apple and Samsung’s smartwatch products are far more expensive than those of other brands, with some carrying a price tag of over $500 dollars!



Apple Watch 4

Fitbit Versa 2

Price$69 (bulk discount available)$299$199
Battery110 mAh296 mAh145 mAh
Advanced health trackingyesnoyes
Fitness trackingyesyesyes
Control your musicyesyesno
Built-in speaker & Mic for phone callsnoyesno

Is It Worth It?

HealthWatch is a very useful and handy tool for improving your general fitness and increasing the quality of your everyday life. It acts like your own personal medical assistant, there on call 24/7 to inform you of any changes to your body and to motivate you to carry out your fitness goals. Aside from the practical applications, HealthWatch is also comfortable and aesthetically stylish, with a simple, modern design that matches almost any outfit you might wear with it.

The compatibility with IOS and Android also enables you to sync your device to almost any smartphone, incorporating your fitness tracking seamlessly into the rest of your daily life. For example, I used the weather tracking feature of the HealthWatch to plan my daily exercise. If you are looking for a smartwatch, you might want to read our review of xwatch or the techwatch.Thankfully there was no chance of rain, so I decided to run outdoors rather than on the treadmills in the gym. I went for a run while wearing the HealthWatch device, and was impressed by just how easy it was to control the music app on my smartphone using the watch, without the need to stop and remove my phone from my pocket. This enabled me to keep running without interruptions, achieving my daily goal on time. I was also able to view notifications from Facebook and Twitter, and when HealthWatch’s built-in alarm  woke me in the morning I could check exactly how well I had slept with useful metrics displaying movement. My mother who suffers from blood pressure issues also found the device very useful to keep track of blood pressure and adjust her exercise routine to respond to the notifications from the watch.

Where To Buy HealthWatch

HealthWatch can be purchased from the official website of the manufacturer, which offers fast delivery, extended warranty, and a fast, safe checkout process. At the time of writing, the official website is offering a 50% discount on every order. In addition to this extremely generous discount, there are multiple special bundle offers when buying multiple devices!

Each HealthWatch costs £69, which is a reasonable price, but the following bundle offers provide even better value for money:

  • To buy 2 HealthWatches costs £107 (equating to £54 each)
  • To buy 4 HealthWatches costs £169 (equating to £42 each)

You can also buy 2 HealthWatches for £137 and get 1 free, or 3 for £206 and get 2 free! These bundle offers are great if you want the whole family to be able to benefit from the healthy lifestyle that HealthWatch can provide.

If you order HealthWatch from the official website, you can also receive free shipping, wherever in the world you are. However, stocks are limited, and due to the popularity of this product, it might be best to act fast to ensure that you don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the offers available before stocks run out!

Final Verdict

Health Monitoring Watch

Overall, we were extremely impressed with the HealthWatch fitness watch. After wearing it for only a couple of days, the device integrated seamlessly into our daily fitness and sleep routines, and streamlined and simplified the processes of setting goals and monitoring progress. The device is comfortable and unobtrusive on the wrist, and performed well in various different situations. Combined with the affordable price, we would certainly recommend this product for anybody looking to track their general fitness levels.

We hope that this review has been helpful to you on the journey to achieving your goals for a healthy lifestyle!