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Fixd Review




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Bottom line: do you panic and get confused each time the check engine light comes up on your screen? How good are you in remembering the next date for your car service? FIXD gives you the reassurance that you need so badly. It gives you instant information about why your light is on. The diagnostic tool also tells you how severe the problem might be, and this allows you to estimate how much it is going to cost you at the mechanic. The tool also informs you when the date for your next service is due.

Pros: the best thing about this diagnostic tool is that it gives you an affordable diagnosis and saves you time and money spent going to the garage. It is much cheaper than having to visit the mechanic every time a check engine light pops up. Shady mechanics no longer have the opportunity to rip you off.

Cons: among the downsides of the diagnostic tool is that it does not work with diesel cars or all-electric cars. It also does not work with models of cars made before 1996. The other major con is that the FIXD diagnostic tool only responds when the sensor in the vehicle has been activated. There are also complaints from users about connection and network issues that significantly affect the efficiency of the tool.

FIXD Car Diagnostic Review

So what exactly is the FIXD diagnostics tool? Does it really work and help you exactly pinpoint problems? Every driver will tell you that seeing the check engine light on the dashboard means a whole lot of stress. Sometimes it can be an issue as small as a faulty electric fuse. You drive on rough terrain, and because of the impact, the car may develop some minor electric problems.

fixd car diagnostics tool review

On the other hand, it can be a significant engine issue and may require you to leave your vehicle at the mechanic’s for. Also, a car requires servicing for its smooth running. If you want your vehicle to serve you for a long time with the utmost energy and vigor, then you should make sure it is serviced often. But the truth is we have so much to handle in life. We are experiencing so much stress trying to make it in life that it may be hard for us to remember each date required of us, including the car servicing date. We would, therefore, appreciate any assistance that would help us not forget it.

This gadget is every driver’s friend. It helps them in so many ways that it almost becomes impossible to live without it. And you know what? You do not require any special devices or complicated tools for it to work. You use it to run a quick scan. What’s more? You can use the same sensor on each of your vehicles and access them all on your phone.

It is a hardware-software kit that is sold by Fixd Automotive that is based in Georgia. It gives you information about your vehicle so that you can take action. The hardware relays any information to your Smartphone. You can then give the information to your mechanic.

The package comes with the  sensor and the app. You need to plug the sensor into your OBD 11 port. From the port, the sensor will relay any diagnostic information to your Smartphone. The data will be transmitted through Bluetooth, and it will include information about how serious it is. It will also inform you of the probability of what is going to happen if you continue using your vehicle. FIXD also helps you to schedule your car’s maintenance as well as know the parts that you will require for your repair and estimate the cost.

This device gives you the information you would get by rushing to your mechanic every time you see a check engine light on your dashboard. The other benefit is that it uses power from your vehicle. You just plug it there and leave it without worrying about how it is going to be recharged. It is compatible with both iOS and Android. Once you plug in the sensor to the port, you then download and install it and pair it with the sensor.

Who’s FIXD Car Diagnostics Tool For?

This tiny device is almost for every driver. No one wants to un-knowingly drive around with their check engine light and visit the mechanic’s shop. A trip to the mechanic may take precious time (that you don’t have) out of your day. Every driver wants to have a way to diagnose what the light means. It may indicate either a small or significant issue with your car. It can be minor issues that may worsen over time, making you spend thousands in fixing it. But if it is fixed early, it saves you a lot of worries.

FIXD is also ideal for a driver who has a newer model. The driver may not understand what the different lights on the dashboard mean. Thus, he or she can use the sensor with app to understand what the check engine light means and if it is an issue that should alarm him. If you frequently forget about when your maintenance is scheduled, it will remind you.

How To Keep Your Car In Top Shape?

  • Always keep an eye on your tires. It is easy to take tires for granted, but this is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Always make sure they have the right pressure.
  • Check the car’s air filter
  • Replace the windshield wipers
  • Change the oil regularly and check other fluids
  • Test the lights and work on any electric issue immediately
  • Learn the meaning of different lights on the dashboard
  • Clean the brake dust
  • Check the drive belts

Maintenance – Why Is It So Important?

  •  Improves safety. When all the car’s components are running smoothly, then there is better safety, and although an accident can happen, it will not be because of a car malfunction.
  • Regular maintenance enhances the reliability and maintenance of your car
  •  It saves you expensive repair costs. If your vehicle has a damaged engine because of your failure to do some maintenance, then you are going to spend much more on its repairs.
  •  It contributes to a cleaner environment. If your engine oil is not burnt, everything is running smoothly, and there are no leaks from any pipe, it will contribute to a cleaner environment.
  • Higher resale value. A car that is well maintained will cost more when you want to sell it than a car that is neglected.
  • Minimizes roadside emergencies. How often have you had a flat tire or an overheating engine while on the road, and you are forced to pull over? All these can be prevented by adhering to a maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

How Does FIXD work?

check engine light diagnostics with FIXD app

FIXD - Where To Plug It In?
Common Locations of OBD Ports

The package consists of a FIXD sensor and the app. The sensor is the one that acts as the scanner. For the sensor to run a scan on your vehicle, it needs to be plugged into the car’s OBD 11 port. Most models of 1996 and later have an OBD 11 port. The On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) grants you access to the diagnostic data. The port is under the dash on the driver’s seat. The sensor will receive feeds about your diagnostics through the port, and then the information will be relayed to your phone. You can then give the information to your mechanic or fix the problem yourself if it is not significant.

Once the sensor is plugged into the port, you then sync it with your phone using Bluetooth. It needs to be downloaded and installed on your phone, and it is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. You can download the it from either play store or Google play depending on the type of your phone.


The App

You will use the app to see whatever is happening with your car. But the good thing is, in case there is a real issue with your vehicle, the sensor will scan it, and you will receive a real-time notification on your phone. The notification will tell you exactly what the problem is, how risky it is to continue driving in the given situation, and it gives you an idea of what to expect when you get to the mechanic’s shop.

What Problems Can You Detect?

FIXD is capable of identifying a wide variety of errors. It can narrow it down and translate it into plain English so that you can easily understand it. If it is a minor issue you can fix it by yourself. Sometimes only a minor fix is required. This saves you time and money. It also minimizes your frustrations of leaving your car with the mechanics who sometimes may not be trustworthy and may not give you the right diagnosis. You can also use the app to clear any light on the dashboard.

Features – What Can It Do?

benefits of using fixd obd scanner

  • The FIXD sensor measures 1.8×0.8×1.6 inches in size. It weighs 0.96 ounces. This specific design is supposed to help it to quickly and securely get plugged into the On-Board Diagnostic port from where it will have access to the self-diagnostic computerized system of the vehicle.
  • The sensor is powered by the vehicle itself. As such, you can plug it and leave it in the port without worrying about how to recharge it.
  • The app is user-friendly. It communicates with the sensor via Bluetooth.
  • There is a large Tap To Scan button in the middle. You can use the button to run an instant scan. On the bottom of the screen, there is a timeline, wear items and a logbook button.
  • When you touch the Tap To Scan button, the sensor begins scanning. If there are no issues, a green icon will appear. If there are moderate issues, then the icon will become yellow. In case there are significant issues, then the icon will become red.
  • If you want to learn more about the issues that have been detected, it’s straightforward. All you do is tap on the details icon. You will then be able to read all the information together with the possible consequences in case you don’t resolve the issue.
  • The timeline screen will provide you with reminders about air filter replacements, oil changes, transmission fluid changes, steering linkage inspections, and other maintenance services.
  • The Wear Item Button will open a screen that allows you to enter details about tires, battery, wipers including when they were replaced, the battery voltage, the amount of tread, among others. It will use the information to inform you when it is time to replace either of these components. It also has a purchase button that you can use to search the list of compatible components and purchase them.
  • FIXD also has a logbook that keeps records of all the recent scans as well as all the codes which have been cleared.
  • To access the menu of the app, you tap on the three-bar icon on the upper right-hand side so that you can edit your account, add sensors, find nearby repair shops, buy parts, and view any recalls.
  • On the left corner, there is a car icon. When you tap on that icon, you will be able to see all the active sensors and all the vehicles which you have paired with your account.
  • The Freeze-Frame function will take and store a snapshot of the status as soon as the error code is stored.

Should You Buy It?

Nothing is more frustrating then that moment when your car breaks down while heading to work or when you are on that fun road trip with friends or family. It can be devastating. Imagine, if it was just a minor issue of a small wire that got loose somewhere. How bad would it be if you spent all that time looking for a mechanic and spending money on them for something you could have fixed yourself? What about if you pass it as just a small issue and you continue driving only to realize that you have damaged your engine?

OBD sensor and app

That’s how vital regular diagnosis is. You need to know what is happening with your vehicle precisely. That is where FIXD comes in handy. FIXD can scan your car for any problems. It then translates it to English and notifies you  on your phone. You can even run an instant scan using the Tap To Scan button at any time, and you will still get a notification. It will tell you if it is something you should bring the car in to the mechanic or not. You will be able to decide whether it is wise to continue driving. When you know exactly what it is, you can estimate the cost it will take to repair. The app also updates you on when the next maintenance is due.

Just like most products, FIXD has its downsides. But the cons with the app are minimal if you compare them to the benefits. In our review we hope to go over the benefits and you feel comfortable before purchasing the product and making sure that it will work for you.



FIXD provides affordable diagnostics that saves you a lot of money that you would otherwise have used in paying a mechanic. When the sensor scans a problem, it gives you all the details, including the spare parts you may require in repairing it. This makes sure that the mechanic will not overcharge you and you get a place with reasonably priced spares.

It also saves you a lot of time that you would have spent going to the mechanic’s shop.

Easy to use

The hardware and software is easy to use. When you buy the kit and remove the packaging, you just plug in the sensor in the OBD 11 port. The sensor is the one that will scan your vehicle and relay the information to your smartphone. The sensor uses the power of the vehicle so there’s no need to charge it.

The best thing about the software is that when the sensor scans and finds a problem, the system can translate it into English. This makes it easy to understand it. It also gives you the consequences that would arise if you continue driving. As such, you can make an informed decision.


Have you ever found yourself missing an appointment even after constantly reminding yourself? Sometimes, also, after we have put reminders on our phones, we find ourselves forgetting stuff. Now, when you use FIXD as your diagnostic tool, all that is catered for. It will be giving you notifications about your maintenance. This makes sure you won’t forget it. Plus, the app will provide you with a real-time alert in case your vehicle has an error. If you run an instant scan, you will get real-time feedback. A green icon will mean there is no mechanical issues; a yellow one will mean there are minor issues while a red one shows that a significant problem has been detected.

No complicated gadgets

You do not require to have complicated skills or gadgets for you to install the device. You also do not need to spend money on a technician. The gadget is simple to install and the app is also easy to download and install.

Safety and security

When you use FIXD, you do not have to worry about the data getting exposed. On the other hand, when you regularly service your vehicle, its systems will be running smoothly. The brakes will be perfect, the steering, the oil, the tires, and so on. This will make sure that you are safe when driving. Even if an accident occurs, it will be because it was unavoidable. It will not be because it’s your fault.


FIXD can work with all models which are gas-powered or hybrid from 1996 and later. You can use it with multiple cars. All you have to do is pair the it to the different vehicles. With this, you will be able to keep an eye on all your cars even when you are away.


FIXD is designed and made by ASE certified mechanics and engineers in the USA.

Large variety of uses

There is a wide variety of issues that FIXD can help you in finding and fixing. These range from small such as a faulty fuse that affects the electrical system to significant issues such as engine damage. It is said to help find thousands of problems in your vehicle. The best thing is that it will give you suggestions of whether it is an issue that you can rectify yourself or one that requires a mechanic. Once it is resolved you will be able to clear the check engine light.


To make your purchase worry-free and comfortable, the company gives you 30 days full money-back guarantee. It is best to buy it from the official website here.



It does not work with electric cars.

The app also works with gas and hybrid-powered cars that were produced in 1996 or later and every diesel vehicle built in 2009 and after. That means that if your car’s model is older than 1996 and does not have an OBD port, then you cannot use FIXD.

Check engine light indicator only

It only works for the check engine light on your dashboard. It will not diagnose other lights on the dashboard such as the ABS, TPMS, transmission cooling or airbag, and stability control. The device scans the car only when the sensor has been activated. That means if it is not enabled, you can be having a major issue in the engine but you do not know about it. Some users also complain that there are occasional network connection problems and errors.

What Comes In The Package?

Once you have purchased the kit, you do not only get the tool. The tool comes with instructions that guide you on how to install it. This is what makes the installation an easy one, as the instructions are easy to follow. The guidelines also include steps that guide you on how to download the app on your phone, whether it is Android or iOS. You are also given instructions on how you link your app and the sensor using Bluetooth. You also get information about the company’s full-back money guarantee and customer service contacts.

What Do People Say?

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The Competition

Zubie Car Health Monitor

zubie diagnostics

FIXD is not the only car health monitoring device that is available in the market. There is no shortage of varieties of similar products being offered in the market. One such product is the Zubie car healthcare monitor. Zubie connects your vehicle to the internet to offer you location, trip history, maintenance alerts, engine diagnostics, and driving insights. You simply plug in Zubie Key, download and install the app and you are connected. You can even monitor your vehicle even when you are not in it.

Verizon Hum +

Another competitor of FIXD is Verizon’s Hum+. Hum is a car diagnostic system from Verizon communications. The kit is composed of two devices: the diagnostic reader that connects to a vehicle’s OBD 11 port and a speaker with Bluetooth connectivity that can be clipped to the visor. You will need a monthly subscription and also includes a mobile application that will help you review collected data as well as receiving alerts. The Hum consists of features such as maintenance reminders, incident alerts, and emergency assistance, among others.

Verizon Hum +


Car MD

CarMD is another competitor. When you go out to buy a a used vehicle, how do you ensure that it is what you are looking for? CarMD does all the work for you. It automatically tracks and populates your maintenance schedule with both the schedule recommended by the factory and covered services. You plug your device into your car’s OBD 11 port and instantly get a diagnostic report, maintenance schedule and more. If the car’s check engine light is on, you will get to know what it is. You will also get to know how severe it is and an estimation of the total cost of repairs, including spare parts and labor. You can download the app from Google Store or Play store as it is compatible with both Android and iOS phones.

Conclusion – Our Verdict

You can get a 50% discount with FREE SHIPPING at the official website. However, due to extremely high demand, we cannot guarantee availability!

We hope you liked our FIXD Review – we all want that peace of mind when we are traveling with our cars. We want to be sure that we will finish the journey with the utmost peace and without any significant incidence. This is possible when we are confident that the car is running smoothly and has no significant issue. But how do you know that the vehicle has no problems? This would only be if it was recently serviced and changed oil, tires, etc. This is where it comes in handy. Sometimes we do not remember to take our cars for scheduled maintenance. The device helps us by giving us reminder alerts for scheduled maintenance. It also helps us to diagnose whether the vehicle has a serious issue when the check engine light comes up. The app is also smart enough to tell you if you can keep driving or not. FIXD is the perfect device that every driver needs.

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