Activism is a complicated thing.

As you may already know, it constantly exists with the help of very limited resources.

Open Rates for Online Advocacy Research As practitioners, it’s up to us to determine how we can use these limited resources in a way that best impacts our group and our community. We need to determine how each email we send can meaningfully advance our goals as an organization, and which tactics can really work for us when it comes to online advocacy.

The only way to answer the complex questions we have about our current environment is to invest in some careful experimentation. Throughout the last two years, we’ve partnered with half a dozen progressive groups in the advocacy space to design and implement experiments around our email campaign. We aimed to help these organizations and determine which tactics were effective at yielding the most value from their email list.

This meant a careful analysis of the results that these groups were getting in everything from actions taken, to click-throughs and opens, donations, and list growth and retention. Our program included more than five million emails sent to a combination of over 1.4 million individuals.

Now, we’re making all our research publicly available. We’re hoping that the papers that we have been able to produce will help to demystify some of the complexity that comes with running email tests and that it inspires you to answer big questions regarding research with your own programs.

You can read the content or download it below. If you’re interested in learning what you can do to implement these tests with your own list, please sign up for our exceptional training in the culture of Analytics and Optimization.