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All You Need To Know About The Ecom Success Academy eCommerce Training Course

eCom Success Academy is an eCommerce drop shipping training course invented by Adrian Morrison which is promising to teach you how to build your own 4MM online business. In 2018 Adrian has updated his training with the latest advertising news, a totally renewed dashboard, and few new sourcing tools. We from are one of the few companies to officially review and test the course before publication. You can read the review and our personal thoughts in the article beneath:

What Is Ecom Success Academy?


According to Adrian Morrison, Ecom Success Academy is a product that will help train a person to make money with eCommerce and dropshipping. How do they do it? Well, by utilizing Facebook Ads and a Shopify website a person can generate income on their first day. Morrison released the product in May 2016 and has used the same techniques on his own eCommerce website growing his profits to approximately $4 million in only eight months. At least, this is what Morrison claims he has down.

Now he promises that the product will work in the same manner for others; however, there is no guarantee. The program is not instantaneous in generating income, but requires hard work to make money. Morrison utilizes a Shopify website with a unique sales technique selling items for free but charging for postage – this is the so-called free plus shipping method. It requires several steps to get this business running:

How Does Ecom Success Academy Operate?

Adrian Morrison indicates that the Ecom Success Academy course can teach a person how to build your own eCommerce business help a person begin making money selling items online, and you can start generating income on your first day! This is an impressive statement, but is it true? Can a person start earning money on their first day out?

The first step in the program is to open a Shopify account. Morrison recommends that while there are free accounts, you should consider upgrading to Shopify at $79 monthly with additional fees. The basic Shopify account at $29 with additional fees may have slightly higher credit processing fees, but it does not offer the different features that Morrison uses in his course. This includes detailed reporting, handling gift cards, and abandoned shopping cart recovery services.

Utilizing the training along with a drop shipping service known as Aliexpress, any individual can sell products by giving them away free of charge and then charging the buyer postage expenses. Products to sell on your Shopify store can be found on the Aliexpress website, then once you find the ideal item you can place them on the Shopify site. Facebook ads can be used to promote the products where you make money by giving them away but charging the buyer for shipping.

The very first step Adrian Morrison took was the same as his brother, Anthony Morrison. Adrian requires the buyer of this product (that’s you) to give him an email address. Why? Well, this is so that he can contact you with everything else he could sell you in up-sell email communication.

A further problem with the Ecom Success Academy product is that it can be different to find a good niche product to generate enough sales to cover the costs of advertising. Morrison offers a solution to this issue by selling a ‘SIZZLE Product Sniper Software’ program claiming that he will be able to generate all profitable niches. Think about it, if all people have this software then it is likely that everyone will be searching for the same products to sell.

How To Use Facebook Ads As Promotion For Products and Shopify as Your Selling Platform?

According to Adrian Morrison, you should create advertisements on Facebook to promote your online products being sold on Shopify. The Facebook ads will target a certain audience and sell the products to people who would more than likely purchase them. This is nothing new and Facebook offers boosted advertisements promoting products to targeted audiences for some time. All of the promoted products will be sold through your Shopify store which can be set up in minutes. You

Of course, to use these ads effectively you will require a marketing budget; therefore, additional capital must be available to generate any income. Even using the targeted Facebook ads campaigns will cost money and in some cases a large amount of money. If you are operating on a restricted budget, this can be difficult to manage or impossible to do. Morrison states that $200 is a good budget to test products that may work.

Are There Ongoing Costs To Consider?

In addition to the Facebook ads, it is important to consider other long-term costs such as auto-responder costs and the Shopify site fees. If you take all of these items into account, a good prediction of start-up costs would be approximately $4,000 to $6,000. This is not made clear by Morrison and people believe all he needs is the initial cost of the program.

Who Is the Man Behind eCom Success Academy?


Adrian Morrison states that he is called a Facebook Marketing Expert because he has generated a large amount of income using Facebook ads for his own e-commerce site. He also maintains to have mastered the art of advertising on Facebook teaching thousands of other people how to complete this task. In fact, he has been invited to Facebook headquarters; so, why not offer people a refund on this product? Typically no refund happens when the business is going out of operation and all sales are final.

Adrian Morrison is the brother of Anthony Morrison and was featured in the video pitching of Anthony’s product – “Success With Anthony”. Unfortunately, the “Success With Anthony” product was considered a poor-quality product filled with spam. It was filled with continuous pop-up advertisements leading viewers down a never-ending sales funnel attempting to sell them one product after another. It kept the viewer’s head spinning and did not offer a complete picture of how the item actually worked.

However, that was not the end of it. The Morrison brothers did not merely sell a flurry of programs and that was all. Once a person had subscribed to the product and paid for items, they would also receive various telephone calls redirecting them to other people offering personalized coaching for thousands of dollars. Before you knew it, this high-pressure marketing strategy had you owing thousands of dollars for services.

How did they do it? The strategy is relatively simple when you break it down. As a user, you would be convinced by professional marketers who know how to persuade you that using private coaches would be ideal to complete a get rich quickly scheme. Once you are pre-qualified by discussing your financial budget and how much you are able to afford, you will be told that the coaching costs will be exactly the amount you are able to afford with your credit card allowance. These are the dodgy techniques the Morrison’s used making them online millionaires.

Believe it or not, Anthony Morrison did offer a refund to the buyers allowing people to reclaim their cash; however they became totally confused with all of the popup advertisements. Adrian Morrison, in comparison, does not offer a refund option for his product. So, why is the Ecom Success Academy different and is it legit?

Viddyoze 3.0 New Release

The team behind one of the best selling video editing software Viddyoze 3 has just announced a new update being published on 1th of May 2018. The tool was officially recommended by Adrian Morrison who is still using it to create and edit his sales videos for ESA. You can check out the full review of Viddyoze on GFKamericas recent post.


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