eCom Success Academy 2019 Review and Insights


There’s been a lot of buzz about the eCom Success Academy course from Adrian Morrison recently, so we’ve decided to take a look behind the scenes and see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. If you want to get a more detailed review you can check the recent article about eCom Success Academy or check out the official website –

Who’s behind it?

The easiest way to get to the heart of a new program is to take a look at who is behind it. In this case, it’s Adrian Morrison, a Facebook marketer who has made millions with his ecomm store with a pretty unusual strategy – he has a Shopify store where products are FREE and you pay for shipping. Crazy, right? It’s this weird approach that he is teaching through the Ecom Success Academy.

Now, if the name Adrian Morrison is familiar to you, it might be because his brother, Anthony Morrison has already developed an online reputation. Unfortunately for them both, it’s not exactly a good reputation. In 2016, Anthony launched an online course called Success With Anthony that got REALLY bad reviews. Some people even went as far as calling it a scam and if you’re one of the people who heard about this, we can understand why you might be a little sceptical!

Now, we all know that it’s not cool to tar people with the same brush just because they are from the same family and let’s remember that the bad press was for Anthony and not Adrian, who is the founder of this course. Adrian is a Facebook marketer and all-round business mogul who wants to share his knowledge with the public. At the very least, we should check it out.

The very first step – a platform

The first step, as you might imagine, is to open a Shopify account, as that is the platform he uses with his method. This costs money – although you can try Shopify free for a period, you soon have to upgrade to a service that costs $30 a month. Adrian also suggests that you actually upgrade to a better account, which is nearer $80 a month, but it does offer benefits in terms of processing fees and extra features.

Next steps – a product

Once you have a platform, you’ll need to put some effort into finding a niche. We don’t think it’s overstating matters to say that the niche is the key to it all – if you’re not making any money, you can’t run your business. Finding this rare, profitable, and accessible niche is really, really tough. Adrian offers a special product to help you with this task – the SIZZLE Product Sniper Software – but obviously, you have to pay extra.

The 3rd step – Facebook Ads

The third step in the process of becoming an ecom master is to set up the Facebook Ads funnel that you will use to bring visitors to your shop. Since Adrian is a Facebook Ads expert, we had high hopes for this part. Unfortunately, even though the information contained in this section is solid, it’s not revolutionary. It just involves creating a specific audience and boosting your products to them, which is always how Ads work.

Our final thoughts

Well, coming into the eCom Success Academy with the image of Anthony Morrison in our heads wasn’t the best start, but we gave it a go anyway.

The main thing that strikes us about the course is the fact that Adrian tells us that, under the right conditions, we can start to sell products in only one day. Now, these online ecommerce courses always make some big claims and you have to take them with a pinch of salt. You could make a sale in just a day, if you were lucky, but between following the course and, especially, doing the recommended Facebook Ads trial runs, which take at least a few days, and we think a sale in a day is pretty unlikely.

Another point is that this course isn’t really for people on a tight budget. As well as the price of the course itself, there’s a fair bit of upselling and when it comes to the Facebook Ads, Adrian suggests that you drop $200 per test to get a good idea of what’s working. For many new entrepreneurs, after buying the course, they won’t have $5 for lunch, let alone $600 dollars for Facebook Ads!

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