EcoHeat S Review

Is This Portable Personal Space Ceramic Heater REALLY Going to Keep You Warm This Winter?

EcoHeat S

Winter is nearly here, and it’s about to get cold. Even when inside, very low temperatures can leave you shivering. Extreme cold doesn’t just cause discomfort – it can also be hazardous to your health and wellbeing. Researchers believe that your immune system weakens in very cold temperatures, leaving you vulnerable to infections and illness. 




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We all want to stay warm in the winter months, and our bodies do too. For many of us, central heating is a luxury we cannot afford. During the winter months, electricity bills can skyrocket due to having heating on in every room of the house – so you may be looking to heat just one room instead of the whole house. Even if you have central heating, sometimes you just want an extra boost of warmth, especially in colder areas of the house.

You may also work in an office where your coworkers have the heating on far too low for your comfort – almost half of Americans claim that their office temperature is too cold to work in comfortably, and this appears to affect women disproportionately.

If any of these problems sound familiar to you, you have most likely considered purchasing a portable heating device. There are countless different portable heating products available on the market to help you in the colder months, and it can be difficult to know which one to go for with the overwhelming number of choices available!

In this article, we will be exploring one of these products, the EcoHeat S, and discovering just how well it works in keeping you warm, whether you are using it at home or in the office.

There are numerous benefits of EcoHeat S that the manufacturer advertises, including:

  • Instant Warmth: EcoHeat S provides instant warmth for any room that it is placed in. If you take the device to work, your working environment will be warm and you will be able to work more effectively and comfortably.
  • In Control: As well as the product being easy to use, the thermostat also gives you complete control of the desired temperature.
  • Good Health: Using EcoHeat will keep you and your family warm all through the colder months, and you won’t have to worry about any of the negative health consequences of low temperatures.

EcoHeat S – What Is It Exactly?

While searching for a cost-effective yet efficient portable heating device, we stumbled upon the Ecoheat S. Ecoheat S is manufactured by the company Hyperstech, who also make various other products for the home, such as the WiFi Ultraboost and x One Phone.

EcoHeat S is a new portable heating device made with high-grade ceramic, with a stylish and premium finish. It is a cylindrical portable electric mini heater that features an adjustable thermostat, and oscillating action that is able to heat any area up to 98 degrees.

Portable Heater EcoHeat S

The heater does this by using ceramic elements as well as a fan that pushes hot air out into the area around it. According to Hyperstech’s website, it will warm you up in as little as 3 seconds!

Most compact heaters on the market are slow to heat up, not powerful enough and expensive to run. In addition, many of them lack the safety features needed to keep your home safe in the event of the heater being knocked over!

How Does EcoHeat S Work In UK

The fact that a lot of portable heaters are so slow to work also means that they waste a lot of energy before they even start to heat up the room to your satisfaction. According to the manufacturer, EcoHeat S heats up in just three seconds, thanks to the advanced PTC ceramic element. When you come home to a cold house, you don’t want to spend time waiting for your heating to kick in! The Ecoheat S also utilizes an internally-situated fan heater that pushes out hot air into the entire room.

Of course, you may choose to just wear several layers of clothing in the winter – however, this isn’t always convenient or comfortable, and effective room heating is usually still highly important. This ceramic mini heater was designed to be invaluable to any renter or homeowner looking to reduce their power consumption and avoid the huge electricity bills that come with heating the entire house at once. 

EcoHeat S is small and portable, so you can easily take it with you to the office, then back home to heat your lounge, guest room, garage, or any other room that might be too cold in the chillier months of the year. Just plug the device into the wall socket, and in just three seconds the device will be providing warmth to the entire room!

Features Of EcoHeat S Heater

Running Costs - Eco Heat

EcoHeat S comes with many features, including but not limited to:

  • Various safety features from tip-over protection to overheating protection, all within a safe fire-retardant design.
  • Oscillating action
  • Three different settings for ultimate flexibility. You can choose between 1200 watts of heat output, 600 watts of heat output, or the standard cool fan setting to keep the room cool in warmer temperatures.
  • Portable, compact design that makes the product easy to take to the office or around the house.
  • Easy to use – just use the illuminated dots on the device to select your desired settings.
  • Energy saving

How Does EcoHeat S Work?

The EcoHeat S is a mini portable heating device that is suitable to be used on any flat surface, from all floor types to desks or shelving units. Whether it’s your bedroom, nursery, garage, home office, or any other room that you want to keep warm in the winter, EcoHeat S will help you achieve and maintain a consistently comfortable temperature and keep the chill away. Once you have plugged the device in, just set your chosen temperature and the device will get to work!

EcoHeat S Portable Ceramic Heater

PTC Ceramic Heating Elements – Efficient Quick Heating

The PTC elements provide quick heating and high thermal efficiency. After being energized, the elements generate heat, and blow the hot air out. The technical term for this is “convection” of air in order to achieve wide angle heating of a large area in just 3 seconds!

Most portable heaters on the market are too basic and cheaply made to offer many useful features. The Ecoheat S, on the other hand, features 3 different adjustable heating level (Fan Only. Low-Heat (600 Watts), and High-Heat (1220 Watts)) options to suit your preferences. In Fan Only mode, the product pushes out natural air, which helps to increase its circulation around the area. You can choose the temperature (up to 37 °C), and the LED light situated on the top shows you exactly which setting the device is on. This choice of modes means you can not only control the temperature, but how much electricity you are using!

Animation - How Does EcoHeat Work?

Temperature Control – Built In Thermostat

Thermostat Control

The temperature control is very useful, and really is second-to-none. The adjustable thermostat ensures that you will always be comfortable, and the LED digital screen makes making changes simple: the + and – buttons allow you to set a target temperature of between 60.8F (16C) and 98.6F (37C). The LED screen shows you exactly what temperature you have chosen, and the device has reached. Once EcoHeat S has reached the designated temperature, it will start to emit natural air. If the temperature drops again, EcoHeat S will sense this and start to heat up the room once more!

The way that EcoHeat S works to provide warmth is simple yet clever: the device sucks in cold air from the room from one side, runs the air through its internal radiator which heats it up, then emits this warm air out into the room. The device is USB powered, and uses very little energy, saving you precious money on your electricity bill in comparison to many other heaters on the market!

Heater, Fan and Control Panel – The Three Key Parts

EcoHeat S is made up of three key parts: the heater, the fan, and the control panel. These three distinct components let this device work as both a heater and as a fan to blow out cool air. This little gadget also combines flexibility with portability and a wide range of included safety features that make it an ideal heater for home or office use. Whether you are looking for an effective cooling solution for the summer or something to heat you up during winter, this electric heater is widely-regarded to be effective. 

EcoHeat S – Power Consumption

Many customers are worried about using a portable heater because of the potential increase in their electricity bills. EcoHeat S was designed specially to have a low energy consumption, thanks to its ceramic heating plate, which has been proven to be energy-efficient and highly durable. There is also no flame produced, which makes it kinder on the environment as well as your wallet! 


The EcoHeat S heating elements are made of high quality ceramic, a material that is becoming increasingly popular in many heating products due to its excellent ability to both absorb and produce heat. Ceramic heaters can offer a lot of warm air to a room quickly, while also cooling down quickly after being switched off. With ceramic, there is no danger of emissions of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide into the room. They are also much more energy-efficient than heaters of other high-quality materials and consume much lower amounts of electricity – ceramic heaters are typically rated 85% – 90% in energy efficiency, and the EcoHeat S is no exception to this!

How does EcoHeat S achieve this phenomenal level of efficiency?

Ceramic heaters utilize ceramic plates mounted in metal coils, working like a coil heater – except that ceramic plates absorb heat and then release it out to the air, a process that is actually significantly faster than that of coil heaters!

This device only takes seconds to cool down, and the cooling process starts automatically the moment you switch the device off. As this is happening, the heater blows the heat across the room through the fan. You can also choose between a fan oscillation of 70 or 35 degrees from the left to the right. This way, the heat will reach every corner of the room. Simply press the turn button to move hot air from side to side. We were impressed by just how large an area the EcoHeat S can heat up using this feature, despite its small, compact size. 

The controls on the top of the device are a really helpful feature that enables you to easily set the thermostat, change the intensity of the heat, and switch the oscillation feature of the unit on or off. On hot days, you can use the fan instead in the same way to keep you cool!

EcoHeat S – Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of the EcoHeat S device are as follows:

  • Automatic Oscillation
  • Safety Features
  • Fully Adjustable Thermostat
  • 600 Watt Low Heat Setting  / 1220 Watt High Heat Setting
  • Provides heat across large areas
  • .2 KW per hour power usage
  • Operates within a range of 220V to 240V.
  • Rated frequency is 50Hz.
  • 4092 BTU per hour.
  • An amperage of 5 A to 5.455 A.


What Is So Special About EcoHeat S Portable Heater?

The EcoHeat S portable heating device is useful for anyone looking for a quiet radiator which is easily portable without much effort or issues. EcoHeat S offers numerous benefits over a more traditional device, and comes with a wide range of special features.

The special features of EcoHeat S include:

  • PTC heating elements – the heat is rapid, maintained and self-regulated.
  • 3 different heating levels (fan, medium, and strong heating).
  • Heats at a wide angle.
  • A few simple buttons to use.
  • An in-depth user manual.
  • A tutorial video which can be found on the official Hyperstech website.
  • Humidifying or de-humidifying of the air in the room.
  • Small dimensions – the product measures 21cm x 14cm.
  • Portability
  • Wireless usage
  • No condensation left on the walls (unlike other devices on the market!)
  • Thermostat with an LCD display to maintain your selected temperature.

What Benefits Can You Expect?

Where Can You Buy It?

While carrying out detailed research on the EcoHeat S product, we found that various different users are getting great results from using the product for a wide range of different needs and purposes. Mothers are using EcoHeat S to keep babies’ nurseries at a consistently snug temperature during the winter to prevent discomfort or even serious illnesses like pneumonia! Meanwhile, their husbands are using them in the normally-cold garage to keep them warm while they carry out work on DIY projects for the home. Workers are also using EcoHeat S to keep the cold out of their home offices while they work to make their money. 

EcoHeat S is also being used in other industries. We even read about hoteliers who have bought dozens of these devices for their hotel roomsinstead of spending a fortune on heating each month, they plug just one EcoHeat S device into each room to help keep guests warm for their entire stay! Unlike more widely-used heating units, which can’t be controlled by guests to suit their own individual needs, the EcoHeat S is easily adjustable in a user-friendly, intuitive package. 

EcoHeat S also reduces airborne allergens in the home by causing a significant reduction in circulating dust in the air. Installation is simple, and once it is up and running, the attached LCD display helps you monitor your desired room temperature with ease.

Is It Safe To Use Eco Heat S?

When you are using any electrical device, especially ones that produce heat, it is vital to ensure that it is safe to use. Many people will worry about how safe their portable heater is to use, especially if they are using it in their family home! Products that use a naked flame or heating wire methods are certain to come with a level of risk – because EcoHeat S uses ceramic heating instead, it is much safer than many of the portable heating options out there on the market.

Power Consumption Of EcoHeat S

In addition, EcoHeat S is built from flame-resistant V-0 grade material, and is ETL-certified. It also features an auto-off safety feature that ensures that it is protected against both overcurrent and overheating, as well as tip over protection. It is all too easy to knock things over (especially for me, as a very clumsy person!), and many portable heaters can be dangerous if tipped over, especially onto carpet. With the EcoHeat S, the device detects when it has been knocked over and automatically shuts down to keep you and your home safe.

Another great thing about EcoHeat S is that it does not consume oxygen, so it is kinder on your health and the health of others around you, such as children or pets. Air circulation in your home will remain healthy with this device. 

The last thing that you want to be doing when trying to get warm and relaxed at home is worrying about health and safety. Thankfully, all of the EcoHeat S’s advanced safety measures enable you to rest easy and relax as the device keeps you toasty and warm!

Note: Like all electrical devices, the EcoHeat S device safe for indoor use only!

Installing the EcoHeat S

The Ecoheat S device is very easy to set up, and no special instructions are needed (however, the device does come with an in-depth user manual). The product comes with a cable that needs to be connected to the socket, and within a few seconds, the radiator will heat up and warm your room immediately. To adjust the settings, such as heat level and oscillation, you just need to use the LED display and buttons – it’s very easy and not at all complicated. We were impressed by how quickly and painlessly we got it to work after unboxing the device!

EcoHeat S Review – What To Expect?

The first thing that we noticed after receiving the product was the stylish, sleek black design. Many portable fan heaters on the market look slightly ugly, in shades of dull gray. Others look cheaply made. The EcoHeat S had none of these problems and was aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive in any room that we used it in. It is only 8.5 inches tall, meaning that it can be stored pretty much anywhere (after the quick cool-down period) after use.

The installation was very easy, and we didn’t even need to consult the user manual at all. Once the device was running, it was very quiet, which was great for when I used it in my home office while working. In fact, the device is running almost silently in the room with me as I write this, and keeping me warm despite the bitter cold outside! The manufacturer claims that it is lower than 50db while running, and I can certainly believe this claim. Other portable heating products that I have tried have been much more noisy, which is annoying as I don’t want to have to choose between being warm and having a quiet room to work in.

The tiny fan heater in the device is also highly effective, with innovative functions and characteristics. It really is impressive just how quickly the living room heats up with this device – my elderly mother tried the product in the basement, which is normally too cold for her to go in at all during the winter months. With the EcoHeat S, she was able to sit comfortably in the basement and read without having to wrap up in many layers!

The EcoHeat S also helped my friend save on his heating costs. Using the device in each room that he went into was cheaper than him heating the whole house, and he was very pleased with this. According to the manufacturer, the device is also very environmentally friendly, with the power consumption low. The oscillation feature, in particular, helped get the room just as warm as if it had been centrally heated.

The controls and settings were incredibly easy to use, and the portability of the device was really useful – we were all able to take the device between rooms and even houses very easily, even on foot. I even took it into my office, and my coworkers were impressed.

Where Can I Buy EcoHeat S?

If you have read this Eco Heat S review and are wondering where you can purchase this great product, the best way to get hold of the EcoHeat S is via the official website. At time of writing this, there is a very generous special offer of a 50% discount on each product!

You can get one EcoHeat S device for only $89, down from the regular price of $178

There are also special bundle offers available if you want to heat multiple rooms, or provide gifts for your friends and family this winter. You can buy 2 EcoHeat S devices for just $149, which comes to just $75 for each device, or you can buy 4 EcoHeat S devices for just $229 – which comes to just $57 for each device! There is also the option of purchasing 2 devices for $187 and getting 1 free, or 3 devices for $277 and getting two free!

What’s more, every order comes with Free Delivery and shipping worldwide! Winter is coming, and in our opinion there really is no reason for you not to give this fantastic product a try!

Should You Buy It?

EcoHeat S Reviews - Verdict

Overall, EcoHeat S is a great product with many outstanding functions. The design is stylish and the build quality is excellent – it certainly doesn’t seem like it will fall apart any time soon. The portability is very convenient for the modern lifestyle of moving between spaces frequently. The safety features are extensive, giving you permanent peace of mind with overheat protection, flame-retardant materials, and tip over protection. The three settings are all effective, and it is easy to control and switch between them at the touch of a button, with the illuminated dots signifying your chosen settings. The product works very well for both wide angle heating cold rooms and cooling warm ones. 

The reduction in power consumption is also very noticeable when comparing the product to other portable heaters on the market. We would all recommend trying the EcoHeat S if you are looking to keep your home warm in the winter months without spending a fortune on energy bills. For our money, the EcoHeat S really is the best portable ceramic heater on the market!

The only drawback that we noticed was the slightly longer than average time it took after ordering to arrive to us.  A small number of other customers have also complained about the long shipping time. However, despite this minor drawback, once the product arrived we were very impressed with it, and there really isn’t much that we can say disappointed us about the product.

Drumroll… Our Verdict

EcoHeat S really is the best ceramic heater that we have tried, and we can’t recommend it enough. If you are looking to keep your home or office warm this winter without paying astronomical energy bills, this product is the ideal solution for you. As the weather gets colder, this portable heater really is a purchase that you won’t regret.

We hope that this EcoHeat S review was helpful to you in your search for the best portable heater for the winter!

At the time of this writing you can get a 50% discount with FREE SHIPPING at the official website. Due to high demand we cannot guarantee availability!

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