Doc Socks Review

doc socks review

Doc Socks are compression socks for reducing aches and pains and increasing circulation. They are designed mostly for people suffering from common medical conditions such as diabetes, sciatica and plantar fasciitis, and also people who spend a lot of time on their feet. If you have any of these conditions or are simply noticing that aches and pains are impacting your ability to be energetic and enjoy life, compression socks may be for you. As somebody who suffers frequent stabbing pain, back pain, and muscular cramps due to a combination of having flat feet and a very physically active lifestyle, I have tried various products from compression socks to insoles. After hearing about Doc Socks, I decided to give them a try. In this in-depth review, I will explore just how well Doc Socks worked for myself and others, and if they will work for you!

Doc Socks – What are they?

Doc Socks are compression sock sleeves (also known as compression stockings) designed to alleviate muscle cramps, aches and pain, reduce swelling, and boost circulation. They were designed by a leading podiatrist who had heard numerous complaints from patients about these issues, that had not been solved by other brands of compression socks on the market. From aging patients no longer able to play with their grandchildren to workers tired and in pain on their feet all day, many people of all ages and walks of life suffer reduced quality of life due to foot pain and strains. It was after noticing the unhappiness of patients that the podiatrist decided to come up with his own product to give people the spring back to their step!

Using extensive experience in treating foot pain, the podiatrist created Doc Socks to solve these common complaints and reduce muscle fatigue. We spend around two-thirds of our life on our feet, yet most of us pay little attention to taking care of our feet – perhaps this is why there are so many reported health issues! According to the Doc Socks website, “our medically supported compression sleeves were designed by top professionals to improve the quality of life for travelers, athletes, elderly, and individuals in all lines of work. The sleek and comfortable design allows you the ability to feel better and live life on your feet without feeling the pain later!”

what are they?

Compression socks are designed to fit very tightly on your feet, act as an insole, and apply gentle pressure (especially around the heel and ankle). There are many different brands of compression socks, some available on prescription. According to WebMD, compression socks “can keep your legs from getting tired and achy. They can also ease swelling in your feet and ankles as well as help prevent and treat spider and varicose veins. They may even stop you from feeling light-headed or dizzy when you stand up. Because the blood keeps moving, it’s harder for it to pool in your veins and make a clot.” There are many different brands of compression socks available on the market, so it can be difficult to choose the right one!

According to the manufacturer, Doc Socks are unique from other compression socks as they were designed with 7 targeted compression zones, and 3 different levels of compression. Doc Socks cover the area from above the ankle down to the ball of the foot, and don’t cover the toes. Some compression socks do cover the toes – this seems to be a matter of personal preference (I prefer the “sleeve” designs that do not cover the toes). They can be worn alone (one at a time or as a pair) or underneath other socks.

Who is this for?

If you suffer from medical conditions such as diabetes, sciatica, or plantar fasciitis, Doc Socks may work to help ease the symptoms and make you feel like your old self again! However, they are not just for people with these conditions – if you have ever suffered from foot pain, calf pain, ankle pain, or any form of lower body pain, compression socks may also be of help to you. If like me you spend a lot of time on your feet, whether through exercise or in your working life, it is likely that you are susceptible to aches, pains, and muscle fatigue. You may well have been recommended compression socks by a friend or family member, or even by your doctor.

Who Is It For?

Compression socks are often recommended for people such as:

  • People with diabetes, especially people suffering from diabetic neuropathy
  • People susceptible to plantar fasciitis
  • People who frequently spend a lot of time on their feet
  • People with poor circulation

Diabetes occurs when your body cannot digest and process sugar properly. It can either occur through natural causes or from an unhealthy lifestyle. Diabetes can even lead to nerve damage, known as diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy can cause high blood sugar levels, which can lead to painful foot cramps, feet swelling, and even conditions such as deep vein thrombosis, where blot clots develop within deep veins such as those in the thighs and calves. Doc Socks are designed to help with diabetic neuropathy and resulting conditions by applying gentle pressure to improve circulation, which subsequently reduces cramps and swelling.

Back pain is another common condition that many people of all ages and body types suffer from. Back pain can occur as a result of sciatica, or simply as a result of bad posture or frequent everyday tasks such as carrying heavy objects and bending down to pick things up from the ground! Sciatica is a condition characterized by lower back pain that spreads down the leg along the sciatic nerve. It is most common in, but not limited to, middle age. The way that Doc Socks work to combat back pain/sciatica is by elevating the arch of the foot and applying compression to improve posture. If you are interested in trying Doc Socks for back pain, customer reviews have been very positive for this, with middle-aged customers reporting an increased ability to take part in exercise such as walking, running and playing sports. If you have decided to hang up your old football boots due to the aches and strains of aging, it might be time to reconsider!

Do they Work?

Plantar fasciitis is a common and painful condition often occurring as a result of injury to the heel and causes inflammation in the tissues in the sole of the foot.

Many sufferers of plantar fasciitis experience unpleasant symptoms such as:

  • Severe pain when waking up in the morning
  • Stabbing pains around the heel
  • Intense pain during physical activity or when standing

Sufferers of plantar fasciitis are typically advised to elevate their foot/feet and refrain from exercise until recovered. Refraining from exercise for a while can really affect general health and fitness, and for people such as professional or aspiring athletes can even be catastrophic – so understandably, it is best to reduce recovery time by as much as possible! Compression socks are frequently recommended by medical professionals to help with this. They compress the bottom of your foot and gently stretch out the plantar fascia ligaments, helping you to heal and recover faster. Wearing compression socks at night is supposedly particularly helpful in recovering from plantar fasciitis, as the socks keep the feet in the correct position (rather than pointing downwards and causing strain) while you sleep.

Another common condition that many people suffer from, and Doc Socks are intended to help relieve, is poor circulation. Poor circulation is often a result of aging and can lead to darker, thicker veins, especially in the legs, ankles, and feet. Varicose veins (swollen, lumpy, enlarged veins) are often a result of poor circulation, a condition that compression socks are recommended to help with. Compression socks such as Doc Socks put firm but gentle pressure on the nerves and cause more blood to flow down and into your feet, increasing circulation and reducing the likelihood of darker, or varicose, veins. This can help you not only to have smoother, healthier-looking legs but to increase your freedom of movement and ability to enjoy life!

Doc Socks – Do They Work?

The first thing that we noticed about these compression socks was how comfortable and lightweight they are. They fit reassuringly snugly around the ankle, yet also allow for unrestricted freedom of movement while giving the required pressure and compression. Too little pressure doesn’t give you the required benefits, whereas too much leads to discomfort and reduced circulation, but the compression from Doc Socks was “just right”! I tried them inside various pairs of shoes – from sneakers to running shoes to formal work shoes – and they were comfortable and fit well in all of them to the point that I forgot that I was wearing them, which is always a good sign.

I don’t suffer from conditions such as plantar fasciitis myself (I decided not to injure myself for the sake of research!), so I did some online searching to see if Doc Socks helped people with conditions such as these. According to many online Doc Socks reviews that I researched for this article, they are effective in preventing and/or recovering from plantar fasciitis, especially in runners. The extra support for the tissues in the foot is noticeable, and so is a general reduction in aches and pains while moving or exercising. However, it is important that compression socks aren’t used as the only cure, and are used alongside the correct shoes and recommended daily exercises such as stretching, ball-rolling, etc (always consult your doctor for more information if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis or other conditions).

For general complaints such as swelling, fatigue, and poor circulation, Doc Socks compression socks are widely recommended in online reviews. In fact, many of the Doc Socks reviews that we found claimed that they offered more relief than the prescription socks that their doctors recommended for various conditions! I certainly noticed that I could run further before muscle fatigue set in while wearing Doc Socks.

After wearing Doc Socks every day for a week, I noticed a world of difference. There was a huge reduction in stabbing pains and muscle cramps in my flat feet, and my energy levels stayed high throughout the day due to this. According to the manufacturer, this is due to the arches of the feet being elevated and supported. Unfortunately for me, there is no cure for flat feet (yet!), but solutions such as compression socks can certainly alleviate the symptoms. From my perspective, using these for flat feet was one of the most effective treatments I have experienced and made me feel more energetic and comfortable on my feet!

How to Use DocSocks Compression Socks

  • Ensure that the socks fit properly and that they do not slip down your ankles
  • Do not wear more than one pair at a time as this can reduce blood flow
  • Wear slippers or shoes over the socks to reduce wear and tear
  • Do not wear them in water

Where Can I Buy Doc Socks?

where to buy

If you are wondering where to buy Doc Socks, they are currently available only from the official site. A pair costs $21.95, which is a reasonable price for good quality compression socks. Buying more than one pair at a time leads to discounts as well.

We have included all the current prices for your information below: (not guaranteed due to high demand)

  • $21.95 for one pair
  • $41.95 for two pairs
  • $61.43 for three pairs
  • $79.91 for four pairs
  • $97.95 for five pairs
  • $114.95 for six pairs
  • $130.94 for seven pairs
  • $146.55 for eight pairs
  • $164.79 for nine pairs

The website often has sales with generous discounts, however. At the time of writing this, the website had a 50% discount available! Like most sites, major holidays and retail events like Cyber Monday also usually lead to a significant drop in price. If you’re looking to get them for a good deal, following the brand on social media sites can keep you up-to-speed with current and upcoming sales.

Can I Get a Refund if I’m Not Happy?how to get a refund

Although reviews are mostly very positive, no product works for everyone in the world! If you have worn docsocks for a few days and felt no benefit or relief, the manufacturers give you a full 30 days to request a refund.

To request a refund or new product, you will need the following:

  • An email account
  • Your original order number
  • A new shipping label (you can print this online)
  • Any original packaging for the product
  • Packaging to ship the product back to the manufacturer in

Alternatives – the Competition

There are many different choices when it comes to compression socks, and most are approximately the same price. Ranked highly on Amazon is this pair by SB Sox, which are a comparable price and generally well-received, although some customers claim that the pain relief they provide is only mild.

Another popular brand of compression socks is TechWare. Their Pro Ankle Brace Compression Socks possibly most resemble traditional socks. They are reviewed highly for comfort and price, although the pressure is supposedly less tight than that of Doc Socks compression socks.

When choosing the right pair of compression socks, there are a few things to remember:

  • Choose socks that will compress firmly without cutting off circulation too much
  • Make sure that you choose the right size for you
  • Ask your doctor which compression socks are right for your condition

Doc Socks compression socks are one-size-fits-all, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the 7 targeted compression zones not lining up to your exact foot size. They also now come in both black and white colors, so they will go with whatever outfit you choose to wear!

Should You Buy ThemFinal Verdict: Should You Buy them?

Doc Socks are ranked online as competitive both on price and on efficacy. Reviews on these compression socks for plantar fasciitis are positive, with their innovative compression technology and support seeming to rival those of other brands. When I tested them for foot pain from flat feet and back pain from the resulting bad posture, I noticed impressive results, especially when used alongside insoles. The amount of pressure was neither too harsh nor unnoticeable, and the material seemed both durable and breathable. Daily tasks resulted in much less strain on my feet and less pain in my back, and I was able to run much further than usual on my morning jog without feeling the familiar muscle pain and fatigue!. I (fortunately!) didn’t have any injuries to test recovery time on, but online reviews claim that they assist with healing and reduce recovery time for conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

The design is comparable to that of other compression socks – a simple “sleeve” design that comes in either black or white and is machine-washable. The one-size-fits-all design is very helpful and certainly simplifies things – in fact, my smaller-footed partner also borrowed them and found them very comfortable!

So, would I recommend Doc Socks? Overall, I was very impressed and would definitely recommend trying them – and other reviews agree! Ultimately, there is only one way to know what product will work best for you, and that is to try them – however, I hope that this Doc Socks review was useful in helping you choose the right pair of compression socks to bring comfort and freedom back to your life!