Take responsibility for Communications Failures

Communications FailuresProgressives are often frustrated that our messaging and ideas aren’t breaking through, whether it’s in a meeting with a campaign target, to members on your email list, or in the traditional media.

There are a lot of reasons this might happen, but there are a few I rarely hear mentioned: sometimes the point just isn’t relevant to the audience, is too complicated, or uses language that is difficult for the audience to understand.

If what you are trying to communicate does not actually get communicated, the best thing you can do is take responsibility for how you communicated and change it up. Ask yourself the following questions when your message fails to catch on (or, ask them beforehand and give your message a better chance to succeed!):

  • How could you be presenting what you’re trying to communicate in a more effective way?
  • What language could you be using that would make it easier for others to hear what you’re communicating?
  • Who is the best messenger given your audience?

When crafting a communications plan or just preparing for a meeting, consider the audience and what you want them to hear. You may not always get the answer you want, but you will have at least delivered the point in a way your audience could hear it — and you can deal honestly with the consequences with respect to the substance from there.

How have you re-assessed your communications to make them more effective? Share your self-correction tips in the comments!

A post by: Shaunna Thomas, NOI alumna and community member

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