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Wealthy Affiliate Review

An affiliate program is easily one of the simplest and most effective ways to start making money online. However, unless you know how to take advantage of the right products and marketing strategies, it’s hard to make more than a few dollars on any affiliate network. That’s why some gurus and marketing leaders make their fortune helping people to discover what it takes to be a successful affiliate.

Some of these affiliate schemes are simply scams. These are the training courses that promise to turn your life around with the secret solution to affiliate success but give you nothing more than a handful of tips you could have gotten anywhere else online. Fortunately, the Wealthy Affiliate program isn’t one of those scams.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

It is course or training solution designed to turn almost any online marketer into a superstar success. Perhaps one of the most exciting things about this program is its robust community. From the moment you sign up, you’ll be embraced by a network of people who all share the same positive energy and productivity – with real-time chat, comments, and information everywhere.


In simple terms, you don’t just get a strategy for affiliate success, you get a community of people happy to motivate you towards reaching your goals for each month. When you’re just getting started with an affiliate strategy, it’s useful to have someone around you can ask questions when you’re feeling stuck. With many of the programmes I’ve reviewed online today, this has been severely lacking.

This community even includes the founders of the program, Carson, and Kyle. Additionally, it’s worth noting that we haven’t been able to find any legitimate complaints about this scheme, or any indication to suggest that it’s a scam. With that in mind, it’s well worth looking into the plan further and finding out what it’s all about.

How Does The WA Program Work?

The easiest way to describe the WA program is an online community for business that strives to give people better business and personal growth. It’s a program that’s specifically designed for serious individuals who want to stop working through the nine-to-five life and learn how to make real money online. There’s plenty of useful information here that is specifically intended to help anyone with a passion for selling to succeed.

Most schemes like the WA Program don’t feature a lot of interaction with the founders. However, Carson and Kyle are constantly getting active within the discussion forums, and it’s common to see them helping members to run their campaigns and businesses – no matter what time of day someone comes to them for help.

Carson and Kyle invest their time and effort into growing the community, and it’s easy to see that their primary goal with this program is to help people achieve the financial freedom and stability they crave. These are some of the only founders of online business out there who take the time to respond to the comments on their website.

If you’re wondering how you make money with WA, then that’s simple enough. Basically, you use your own passion and talent to make money using certain secrets for success. There’s no specific rule to follow when it comes to what you have to sell – which means that you can make a career for yourself doing something that you truly love.



Why We Are Sure That This Program Is Not a Scam?

After using the WA services for myself and trying out the tactics, I can only say that it doesn’t seem like a scam to me. Instead, it’s a legitimate way to get your earning started online. If you’ve started looking up reviews yourself, you’ve probably found that most of the feedback about this program is highly positive – which is a good start.

We all know how upsetting it can be to pay for something that doesn’t do anything to improve your life or add to your business portfolio. The good news is that this program actually gives you the support you’re looking for when it comes to your affiliate program. On top of that, you don’t have to pay anything to get started, you can launch your own free membership today.

Let’s take a look at how the WA program works to help you turn your financial situation around through innovative internet-based strategies.

You can watch the video below to get even more information:

Who Is This Program Ment For?

Even if you haven’t discovered your passion yet, you can still take part in the program. The business community is on hand to help you look through the various options available until you find a niche that appeals to you. There’s even a boot camp that guides you all the way from deciding to become an online entrepreneur, to making cold hard cash every day.

The fact that you get to make an income doing something you care about makes a great change to many of the sub-standard marketing programs out there that ask you to work with products and services that you don’t really care about. The chances of success in these programs automatically goes down because you’re just not passionate about the career opportunity.

By the time you’ve finished working on this program, you’ll have found the niche that works for you, and you will have discovered some great ways to make money on the products that you value. You will also know how to design a website that you can use to market yourself online too.

The overall product also comes with an interactive program that helps you to take part in business discussions which you can use to learn from. The members of the community can talk to each other, inspire other entrepreneurs with ideas, and share experiences on a daily basis.


How To Combine Passion With Profit?

Often, working in a field that you don’t really care about is likely to lead to boredom and burnout. Fortunately,this program helps you to pursue the things you’re interested in while showing you how to earn income at the same time.

Most business experts agree that you’re more likely to succeed when you’re doing something you love. However, that doesn’t’ mean that you won’t need a bit of guidance along the way so that you don’t lose track of where you’re headed. The video training sessions within the course ensure that you finish your education in a better position, ready to make money from your passions.

The first thing this program will teach you to do is develop a website that allows you to reach out to people who share your passion. The business community is on board to help you create an attractive website if you don’t have any tech expertise yourself, and you can access all the tools you need for growth without any additional costs. While there are other ways you can make money without a website, it’s often easier to have your own online presence.

Once your website starts to become popular enough that it can generate regular and sustainable traffic, you can start to launch advertisements about the services and products that might appeal to your readership. This is where the affiliate marketing aspect comes in. Whenever someone clicks on a link that you post on your blog, you get paid.

Wealthy Affiliate review shows you how to sign up for programs from some of the world’s leading companies, including This helps you to market valuable products on your website, and you get paid every time someone shows interest.

Wealthy Affiliate Bonus Package and Final Verdict

Unlike other “Get Rich on the Internet” strategies, one of the most compelling things to note about the program is that membership is completely free. It doesn’t cost anything to open an account, so you can simply start making money in no time. In our review we show that from the minute you sign up, you’ll be able to access interactive forum discussions, a comprehensive support system, and a great community.

There’s also:

  • Expert advice on different niches: Depending on where your passions lie, you’ll be able to discover experts who are ready to share their advice on how you can succeed.
  • Live training and video tutorials: If you’re just getting started with your online business for the first time, live training and video sessions will help you to discover what you need to do to succeed in your venture. These videos are easy to follow, and you can watch them whenever and wherever you like.
  • One-on-one mentorship: The co-founders of the program are even on hand to help you get the most out of your new business strategy. You can communicate with them through the forum and get in touch with any queries or concerns.

In our review of this affiliate program, you will learn that it provides the perfect environment every entrepreneur needs to succeed online. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s a legitimate way of changing your …

Lesson number 1: Story of Self

Story of Self as our 1. lesson

Others should know who you are, where you belong to, what values are you in. Then they will be able to lead you. We should motivate others to action with our stories. Lesson number 1 – Story of Self will learn you convey for leadership in your movement.

If you are interested in becoming the best version of yourself, be it in business or personal life, you should check out one of the best online training courses on affiliate marketing. It is called the profit engine and you can read the review here.…

Take responsibility for Communications Failures

Communications FailuresProgressives are often frustrated that our messaging and ideas aren’t breaking through, whether it’s in a meeting with a campaign target, to members on your email list, or in the traditional media.

There are a lot of reasons this might happen, but there are a few I rarely hear mentioned: sometimes the point just isn’t relevant to the audience, is too complicated, or uses language that is difficult for the audience to understand.

If what you are trying to communicate does not actually get communicated, the best thing you can do is take responsibility for how you communicated and change it up. Ask yourself the following questions when your message fails to catch on (or, ask them beforehand and give your message a better chance to succeed!):

  • How could you be presenting what you’re trying to communicate in a more effective way?
  • What language could you be using that would make it easier for others to hear what you’re communicating?
  • Who is the best messenger given your audience?

When crafting a communications plan or just preparing for a meeting, consider the audience and what you want them to hear. You may not always get the answer you want, but you will have at least delivered the point in a way your audience could hear it — and you can deal honestly with the consequences with respect to the substance from there.

How have you re-assessed your communications to make them more effective? Share your self-correction tips in the comments!

A post by: Shaunna Thomas, NOI alumna and community member

The New Organizing Institute’s Inaugural Training

Inaugural TrainingThis intense week-long online organizer training was modeled on Campaign Corps’ “Campaign Schools” – a mixture of lectures, discussions, exercises and intensive campaign simulation that took place long into every night of the training. The training produced a class of talented and trained online organizers who understand politics and people, as well as the Internet and technology.

A phenomenal success, the NOI’s first training was like no other. Learn more about the New Organizing Institute’s inaugural training:


New Organizing TraineesThe Institute selected exceptionally talented trainees from a diverse range of backgrounds, actively recruiting outside of technologist stereotypes, and we were rewarded with a fantastic and diverse class of trainees. Among our trainees were experienced programmers, recent college graduates, computer science majors, community organizers, campaign professionals, individuals with little to no technology experience, web designers, and those looking to break into the emerging field of new organizing in politics.The diversity of backgrounds and experiences resulted in a far better learning experience, as trainees gained new ideas and insights not just from NOI trainers, but each other.


CurriculumThe curriculum incorporated basic campaign training as well as Internet and technology skills. For the internet marketing training, you can also find a lot of information in the Wealthy Affiliate review – here. NOI trainees do not just understand how to raise money online — they understand how their online efforts fit into an overall fundraising, communications, or field strategy.

This first training was designed, not to produce IT staff for campaign, but to train campaign professionals extensive to make effective use of email, websites, voter files, and volunteer mobilization tools.during a campaign. Trainees learned the best practices of:

  • Email list building
  • Technology of mass emailing
  • Writing effective emails
  • Fundraising online
  • Website development
  • Mobilizing volunteers online
  • Online “house party” tools
  • Working with campaign staff


TrainersThe trainers at the New Organizing Institute training were almost as diverse in backgrounds and experiences as the trainees. Many of the trainers are experienced campaign professionals and experts in areas ranging from finance to field operations. Their presence ensured that NOI trainees have a solid grounding in campaign basics. The training also featured some of the biggest names in online organizing, including individuals from, the Kerry and Dean campaigns, the Democratic National Committee, and leading internet consulting firms. NOI trainees did not simply learn the best practices of new organizing – they learned those practices from the best in the field.

Website building and CRMs

Building Website and CRM SystemNOI trainees were also trained in the use of Constituent Relations Managers (CRMs), online tool sets that allow users to create websites, manage volunteers, organize online petitions, and send mass email blasts. This is something we previously saw in affiliate marketing, just like you can see in the PE training course by Mark Ling, Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones. Here too, NOI sought to present its trainees with a diverse selection of firms, from those catering to large campaigns and non-profit organizations, to those designed for campaigns at the state, local, and Congressional level. Representatives from a number of firms attended the training, including:

  • GetActive
  • Democracy in Action
  • SmartCampaigns
  • MediaMezcla
  • NGP

NOI trainees used the CRMs provided by the above firms to build campaign websites, giving them valuable hands-on experience with these products.

After the training

Meeting after the TrainingThe New Organizing Institute will follow up with continued support for our trainees throughout their early careers. Our goal is to create a network of experienced online organizers and technologists committed to progressive values and better organization for business and eCommerce owners. The NOI hopes to inject talented and trained online organizers and technologists into the job markets of electoral politics, advocacy and charitable organizations.

Since the training, the NOI staff has stayed in contact with our trainees. We have assisted with job searches, starting on the last day of training, when we helped the trainees prepare their resumes and organized a job fair featuring over 20 progressive organizations from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic National Committee, to the AFL-CIO, the ONE Campaign, the League of Conservation Voters and ATKerney eCommerce business organizing:

We have also provided on-the-job advice, and facilitated communication between the trainees themselves. NOI trainees were given contact info for the various trainers so that they can stay in touch and ask for advice on issues they deal with every day.

Last, but certainly not least, because the learning experience at the training was made that much stronger because the trainees could learn from each other, the NOI has helped trainees stay in touch. Devoted to building a network of professional online organizers, the New Organizing Institute wants to ensure that the sharing of knowledge and ideas between trainees continues well into their careers.…