Blade 720 Drone Review

Is This $99 Drone Worth Buying or Should You REALLY Pay More?

Blade 720 Review

Looking for the perfect way to create unique content for your website, Instagram feed, or Facebook ads? Perhaps you’re a fan of videography and photography, or you’re building your portfolio as an amateur artist. Whatever the reason that you’re searching for a camera-enabled drone, the Blade 720 could be the perfect choice.

The Blade 720 drone is one of the most popular high-end drone cameras to hit the market in 2020. Designed for simplicity, flexibility, and high performance, the 720 is sure to upgrade your personal or professional gallery.

If you’re been craving your very own drone in 2020, here’s everything you need to know about this product and why it soars so high above its competitors.

Introduction: What is the Blade 720?

Starting with the basics, the Blade 720 is a portable drone brimming with sophisticated and modern features. Within the device, you’ll find a high-resolution digital camera, as well as:

  • Optical flow sensors
  • Intelligent movement control
  • Stability enhancement
  • HD video quality
  • Instant and easy content capture

Blade 720 Drone Price

This precision-engineered drone offers easy flying performance, even if you’re new to managing drone technology. Additionally, the foldable and lightweight structure of the drone means that you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

Who Designed the Blade 720 Drone?

The Blade 720 drone was designed by two German engineering experts.

According to the company, the idea for the product came from a desire to solve problems common among many old-fashioned drone solutions. The makers of the Blade felt that the majority of video-focused drone products were simply too bulky and heavy to travel with.

For Instagram influencers, travel bloggers, and businesses in need of high-quality content, the Blade 720 promises an ultra-compact and easy-to-use system, while still offering the HD quality required for today’s videos. You can even use the 720’s instant capture functionality to live-stream or record content directly to your smartphone.

What Makes the Blade 720 Special?

Blade 720 Drone Features

So, why is the Blade 720 drone so much more appealing than other competing products? 

This product is one of the few drones in the industry that has been designed to suit the needs of all users. You don’t have to be a photography expert, drone master, or tech enthusiast to get the most out of this investment. The Blade 720 Drone is just as suitable for beginners as it is for experts.

Despite a shockingly low price tag of less than $100, the device is one of the most innovative in the industry. It’s both one of the world’s smallest drones, and one of the most impressive in quality, offering HD video and streaming at a fraction of the typical price.

Some of the biggest benefits of the Blade 720 include:

  • Compact portability: most everyday tech enthusiasts don’t want to carry a huge and heavy piece of machinery with them wherever they go. The Blade 720 Drone allows individuals and businesses alike to capture authentic, high-quality visual content wherever they go in an instant, with a compact and foldable design. The rotors can fold down, making the drone around the same size as your iPhone. That means that it fits neatly into your backpack or pocket.
  • Simplicity: As mentioned above, one of the main attractions of this drone is its accessibility. Virtually anyone can fly this drone, with it’s simple and intuitive controls. The design implements a robust hovering ability, so you can focus on steering, rather than constantly adjusting the height as you fly.
  • Exceptional camera quality: The additional of camera and recording features to modern phones have helped to significantly increase their adoption. In the age of Instagram influencers and visual marketing, drone cameras can be powerful tools. This state-of-the-art drone comes with an HD camera that continues to deliver excellent images, regardless of altitude.
  • Futuristic features: Despite the minimal price tag, this HD-ready camera drone come with some of the most impressive features available today. You can enjoy virtual reality support, real-time transmission, in-depth app control, altitude management, and more. There’s even an exceptional gravity sensor built-in.

To access anything close to the same value in this drone anywhere else, you’d usually pay thousands of dollars. However, the Blade 720 is available for less than $100.


We’ve already covered a few of the incredible features that make the Blade 720 so special by examining its benefits. However, to ensure that you can make the most informed decision with your purchase, let’s take a closer look.

The primary features of the Blade 720 include:

  • Lightweight foldable design: The propellers slide inwards to make the drone more compact and easier to transport.
  • Smartphone app control: Just install the app on your smartphone and connect to your drone via Wi-Fi to start flying.
  • Incredible battery life: The Blade 720 Drone comes with a sensational battery life, offering flight for at least 10 minutes. The rechargeable battery helps you to capture content for longer.
  • Advanced speed: Unlike other low-cost drones, the Blade 720 can move at a rate of up to 12 metres per second. There’s also a fantastic transmission range of 2km.
  • Altitude hold mode: This advanced feature locks the location and height of your drone so you can keep it hovering in one space as you take photos and videos.
  • High-quality images and video: To offer sensationally sharp pictures, the Blade 720 comes with a 720P HD rotating camera. You’ll be able to easily take photos and videos from any angles. There are even a 120-degree wide-angle lanes for broad capture.
  • Intuitive, easy to use design: This product has been designed for simplicity. Not only is it lightweight and portable, but the controls are intuitive, smooth, and easy to use. There’s a single button for landing and return, and you can switch between high and low-speed mode.

Other Exciting Features of the Blade 720 Drone

Aside from crucial features like a high-definition camera, altitude hold mode, and reliable battery life, the Blade 720 also differentiates itself in a number of other ways. For instance, to protect your investment, the manufacturers have built the drone using lightweight materials that are still durable enough to withstand knocks and bumps.

720p Crisp Camera

Other useful features include:

  • Anti-collision: Built-in sensors in the Blade 720 system prevent accidental collisions with other objects and the ground upon landing.
  • VR Mode: The included joystick and VR kit allows for complete control of the drone, and in-depth insight into your journey.
  • Flight Tracking: Decide exactly which route you want to cover in advance with flight tracking that plans your trajectory in advance.
  • High atmospheric pressure support: Accurately lock the height and location of your drone without worrying about damage from atmospheric conditions.
  • Panorama mode: Capture complete 360-degree photos for your social media marketing strategies and websites at the click of a button.
  • Headless mode: Change direction whenever you want, without a huge turning circle.
  • Easy to control rolling: 360-degree rolling from your smartphone app. The 2.6hz remote control protects against outside interference.
  • Robust Wi-Fi connection: Easily transmit data to your phone in real-time, better than the one on the tactic air drone.
  • LED night light: Make it easy to see your drone, even in the dark.

How Does It Work?

Because the manufacturers of the Blade 720 Drone wanted it to be accessible to all users, the device has been designed from the ground up for simplicity. The easy-to-use drone comes with its own unique app, which is available via Android or iOS. What’s more, when you receive the device, you’ll also get a manufacturer’s booklet included with instructions on the hardware.

The booklet will show you how to clip the wings of your drone into the inner frame to make it more portable. Additionally, you’ll be able to quickly learn how to use the one-touch landing and take-off feature on the Blade 720. This means that you only need to use a single button to launch and finish your flight. As long as your device remains within range, you’ll be able to quickly collect exceptional content, without much of a learning curve.

Setting up the Blade 720

Blade 720 - Amazing Footage

From the moment you take it out of the box, the Blade 720 is ready to go. You can scan a QR code in the manual to instantly download the app or find it on the relevant marketplace. Once that’s done, just plug in the batter and start up the drone. You’ll have your device up and running in 10 seconds or less.

The intuitive features of the Blade 720 Drone make it incredibly easy to use. The controls are intuitive and sleek. What’s more, the headless flying design means that you can change direction instantly, without huge turning circles and complex directional. Once you’re in the air, you can launch the in-built camera to take vibrant videos and pictures.

Using the Blade 720 App

The Blade 720 app was designed by the masterminds behind this 720 drone technology. Think of your app as your ultimate remote control for your new smartphone. Don’t worry, the proprietary technology ensures that interference is kept to a minimum, so you don’t lose control of your drone.

The fact that this product is controlled via a smartphone app rather than a separate remote means that you can take even less equipment with you when you’re planning a drone shoot. The app directly connects the drone to your phone, and it’s completely free to use.

What’s more, the features that you find on the app are designed for simplicity too. You can instantly choose between three separate speeds to control your flight pattern. Additionally, one click of the altitude hold button will keep your drone steady for pictures and videos. You can even do 360-degree roles with this drone, though you may need some practice first.

How to Use It

If you’ve always wanted a state-of-the-art HD video and image drone, but you’ve been worried about learning how to use it – this could be the product for you. Not only does the Blade 720 Drone present less of a worrisome investment than some of the high-cost products elsewhere on the market, but it’s easier to use too. The box of equipment for your drone even comes with an added screwdriver so you can attach the wings upon delivery.

Once your drone is built, all you need to do is:

  • Download the relevant app on the Apple or Google Play store;
  • Follow the instructions provided by the app to sync your device;
  • Hook your phone into the included remote control;
  • Charge your Blade 720 drone;
  • Hit the one-key button for take-off

It’ll take you a few seconds to get used to basic maneuvers like flying from one point to the next and traveling in circles. However, once you’ve had a little practice, the Blade 720 is very easy to pick up and master. You’ll be doing barrel rolls in no time.

Doing Tricks with Your Drone

So, what if you want to do something really special with your drone?

Aside from making it easy to take and download pictures or videos, Blade 720 also lets you have plenty of fun with your flight patterns too. There are multiple distinct modes to choose from in the drone, including a speed mode that allows you to ramp up the device’s performance.

There’s also the option to do 360-degree flips for tricks that will instantly impress and delight your friends. Once you’re done playing with the product, the one-button return will ensure that you don’t come crashing back to earth too quickly. 

Where Can You Buy It?

If you decide that you want to get your hands on your own Blade 720 drone, then the best place to buy it is from the official company’s website. The site will instantly check whether the drone is in stock in your region, and also provide you with a list of some of the best deals that you can take advantage of.

For instance, at the time of writing this review, there’s an option to buy two drones and get the third for free. After you’ve made your purchase, you can expect to receive the drone within a couple of weeks. The exact shopping time will depend on where you’re getting your drone delivered.

How Much Does it Cost?

As mentioned above, the Blade 720 drone is currently available for just under $100, at $99.99. Usually, the price is double this, at $199.99. If you want to get your hands on one of these devices, it’s a good idea to take the plunge now, while the price is still low.

You can also get three drones for $199.99 with the buy 2 and get one free offer. If you need to purchase multiple Blade 720 drones at once, then you can get two free when you buy three too.

Even for the typical price of $199.99, the Blade 720 offers excellent value for money. 

Should You Buy the Blade 720?

So, is the Blade 720 a good investment for you?

If you’re looking for a simple, efficient, and easy-to-use HD drone for a low price tag, this could definitely be a good purchase for you. The Blade 720 is one of the most impressive compact drones on the market. It comes with excellent features, like auto anti-collision modes, and hovering, to help you take better videos. Additionally, the controls are easy to use – even for beginners.

What’s more, the price of the Blade 720 drone means that even if you’re not sure how much you’re going to rely on drone footage in the future, you can still get your money’s worth with just a few videos. The Blade 720 could quickly become one of your favorite ways to collect new content for your social media channels and website.

Is It Worth the Price?

Although the typical price of $199.99 might seem like a lot to spend at first – it’s a fantastic cost for the value that you get. The high-quality nature of this drone combined with the wide selection of advanced features makes this product exceptional value for money.

If you buy the drone right now, you also get to benefit from a half-price discount and free shipping. It’s a deal that’s too good to miss.

Where To Buy Blade 720 Drone


Still have questions about the Blade 720? Hopefully, we can answer them here:
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Android and iOS smartphones.
What is the image quality?
720p HD ultrawide.
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