About Us: What We Do and Why

At our heart, we’re a community of people who know how to make things work. We’re organizers, which means we’re great at finding solutions to problems with as much speed and innovation as possible. By working as a cohesive team, we believe we can solve the biggest challenges known for preventing transformation.

The truth is that change doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. If you have the right resources, and a community behind you that helps you to learn and grow, then you can accomplish anything. All it takes a is a little hard work to make a real improvement.

Our brand gives back to our community by training organizers to develop truly life-changing, and memorable movements, by integrating proven methods that we’ve tried and tested over the years. With cutting-edge digital strategies and decisions driven by extensive data, we can create plans that really work. What’s more, because we offer our clients access to the most revolutionary tools around (completely free of charge), they always have what they need to get to the next level.

Our team is working every day to help develop some of the most intuitive movements, and strongest leaders in the world. By transforming campaigns today, we believe that we can continue to pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

Come and join our cause.

Our Challenges

America is many great and wonderful things. However, at it’s very foundation, it’s built on one simple, yet transcendent concept: democracy. Speak to any true American, and they’ll happily tell you that we’re a nation that’s “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”.

Throughout centuries of controversy and hardship, America has fought to become the greatest country on earth, thanks to this one simple principle. We believe that democracy works, and that the people of this country can make better decisions for themselves than any CEO, aristocracy, or dictator.

Unfortunately, the state of American democracy as we know it is struggling, and the American people know it.

A dangerous level of highly concentrated economic, cultural, and political power has been delivered into the hands of a few select leaders, including corporate lobbyists, Wall Street experts, and government officials. These people are writing the rules for the rest of us, while all we can do is follow along.

As a result, the citizens of America are feeling powerless, and overlooked. We feel unable to protect our basic human rights. We can’t defend our drinking water, or have the comfort of both medicine, and rent. We’re struggling to hold onto stable jobs, and we’re constantly moving between periods of cynicism, resignation, and outrage.

From left, to right, to all of thee points in-between, we’re hearing angry people scream, shout, and demand that their country is given back to them.

Learning from Our Vibrant History

The good news is that as bad as things might seem, our democracy is resilient at it’s core. We can look back out our history for lessons on how to succeed in a complicated world. Look back on the story of America, and you’ll see visionary leaders throughout the years who managed to organize their sense of outrage into a movement for profound social change.

The Abolitionists, the Founding Fathers, the Progressives, and every minority group that has struggled to find their place in the world, they’ve all shown us the power of making a stand. Whenever we find ourselves under someone’s thumb, we can rest assured that organized social movements will help us to stand for justice, reclaim our power, and change the world forever.

The challenges that we face today are just as daunting as one ones that threatened our ancestors. However, now, we’re also facing a landscape that’s dominated by relentless advertising, which means that people have become valuable as consumers, rather than citizens. The corporate world has decided that the only way to win the hearts of a nation is through marketing. We’re resorting to television attack ads just to make sure that our voices are heard.

The problem is that we can’t buy our way to social justice. The oppositions pockets seem to be endlessly deep, and for every battle that’s won using money and marketing, countless are lost. There’s no justice to be won from a heartless campaign built on money and bank statements.

Instead, just like the Founding Fathers and the Civil Rights Leaders that came before us, we must blaze new paths for our futures, and begin to find a way to win our campaigns through engagement organizing.

What is Engagement Organizing?

The power of engagement organizing comes from time-tested strategies that are grounded in thee realm of behavioral science, and proven in the field. These strategies are combined with ever-evolving tools and technology in the marketplace.

As you may know already, most successful social movements are built through strong social networks. They come from word of mouth messages, and friends recruiting friends in small groups, one at a time. This means that the emerging popularity of social platforms could be perfect for the world of grassroots organizing.

Engagement organizers know how to bridge the gap between offline movements, and the online world. We help people to build true democratic power that allows them to overcome serious challenges like cynicism, politics, and inertia.

Of course, we don’t just fight to win – we fight to have a resounding impact. Whether it’s jumpstarting an individual’s journey into the future, or helping a presidential campaign to thrive, we focus on four core principles in everything we do:

1.       Fight: We stand for what we believe in and take responsibility for our actions.

2.       Engage: We communicate with others, and find the strength that comes in numbers by inviting others to join with our causes, and contribute their skills.

3.       Learn: We carefully assess and analyse the situation, and learn from our mistakes, empowering everyone on our campaign to grow and evolve.

4.       Win: Engagement organizers never settle for anything less than true change – something that really improves the world around us.

Join the Engagement Organizer Community

We champion the value of Engagement Organizing to everyone and anyone we encounter, because we truly believe that it could be our most valuable tool in the fight to revitalize and enhance democracy. We feel that this is our path towards creating a new America, where citizens can once again feel as though their voices are truly heart.

With the power of Engagement Organizing, we can re-shift the balance of power in our communities, and create a world where people truly stand a chance when they stand up against their governments and begin to campaign for change.

In the battle for real democracy, Engagement Organizing is a weapon that we can’t afford to lose. When it’s wielded by the right people, the visionary leaders of our future, it can easily change the world. We invite you to join our community of Engagement Organizers, and take your place in the creation of the future.

Grow with us, Train with us, Lead with us.

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