5 Best FREE Photo Editing Softwares Anyone Can Use

When you’re starting to edit your photos, it’s sometimes helpful to rethink the editing software in your toolbox.

Even if you are a beginner or non-photographer, the post-processing of your photos is the last step before you show the photos to anyone. Let’s admit that before posting a photo on social media, we all like to edit it a little bit or maybe a lot.

Not all of the good photo editing programs such as Lightroom or Photoshop require payment. This is the reason why we are writing about the five best editing programs anyone can use, and the best of all is that they are for free.

Here Is the List (in no order of appearance)

Adobe Photoshop Expressadobe photoshop express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free version of Photoshop. Editing of your photos is done online or over the mobile App. It is an actual trimmed down version of the real Adobe Photoshop software. With this program, not only professional photographers can edit the photos, but also beginners and photo enthusiasts.


Comparing to professional Photoshop, this version is easy to use, but still has high-quality actions such as perspective, contrast, saturation, exposure, and even the spot removal and selecting preset dynamic effects.

Of course, the Adobe Photoshop Express doesn’t have nearly all of the functions as a professional version, but it is quick and easy to use for a simple user.

There is also a special ‘decorate’ category in which a user can add text or make a custom collage.
And the best is that the user can always go back to the original photo and start to edit from the start.

The photo which was edited with Adobe Photoshop Express can be shared from Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, or Google Photos.

The +: Professional results, Minimalist interface, Advanced Filters

The -: The only available output format is JPG, limited tools, runs on Flash.

Platforms: Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows), Online on the web


It is also, a very easy to use program for editing photos and allows users to achieve professional results. With BeFunky, you can add effects to your images and all of your work, you can see it in the image’s history. The user can easily undo or redo if necessary.

BeFunky’s program has three sections: photo editor, design creator and also a collage maker.

Not all of the effects and templates are available without being a premium user, which means not all of it is for free.

The free BeFunky still includes basic editing, such as exposure and contrast. Also, it is worth to mention that it includes artsy effects, portrait touch capabilities, textures, and creative overlays.
If you are a very artistic person, you are going to love BeFunky, because you can design your collages and choose different customizable templates.

The +: Drag and drop composition features, stock image access, many creative templates

The -: Display ads can be very irritating, collage and design categories have a requirement of a subscription, many templates require payment

Platforms: Mobile (iOS, Android), Web


Software Fotor offers basic photo editing features such as brightness and saturation to more complex concepts for editing, such as teeth whitening and wrinkle remover.

The great thing about the Fotor program is that it includes different frames, stickers, effects, and even text options. Overall the program is primarily aimed at social media sharing, because you can make direct social media post, do the marketing resource, ads, collages, and documentation.

Perfect for the content creators who love to stand out visually.

The +: Creative composition tools, image processing, creative templates

The -: No manual edition capabilities, no plugin support, display ads

Platforms: Mobile (iOS, Android), Web


For may people, GIMP is known as the best free photo editing software available on the market.

Why is that?

It simply includes a wide range of editing tools, not just the basic ones, but also the professional tools.

GIMP tools: montage tools, cropping, color adjustment, automatic image enhancement tools, content-aware resizing, face swap, animated gifs, layer masks, curves, and personalizable brushes.

We don’t know any other free photo editing program, which would include a tool such as a curve. Probably this is one of the reasons why this is the number one photo editing software, which is constantly updated and improved without additional payment.

The +: Professional tools and features, open-source program, developer support

The –: Steep learning curve, no mobile version, cluttered interface

Platforms: Desktop (Windows, OS X, Linux)

Top Tip: If you need to backup your photos and videos, check out our guide on how to backup digital photos. If you are not tech savvy and would like an easy solution then a device like this one or this USB with a special software.


If you are looking for the easiest photo editing program, Canva is the one. It works only online, which means you upload your photo and start editing it straight away. Editing a photo is fast and very easy. Between edits, you even get tips on how it would be better to crop a photo, or for example, where you should put a text.

So, with Canva, you can crop, resize, add a filter in just a few easy clicks.

The +: very creative program with tips, includes filters and creative templates

The –: can’t edit photos too much

Platforms: Desktop (Windows, OS X, Linux,), mobile phone (iOS, Windows, Android)