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We do our best, to get our hands on the products we are reviewing, before they are publicly available. The way we are able to achieve that is with a wide variety of partnerships we have in the industry.

After gaining access to the product or digital training we go through it comprehensively and base our recommendation on a variety of factors. That way, you will always get the best products for the knowledge level you are at and the amount you are willing to invest. In short – best “bang” for your buck! If you are looking for a good affiliate marketing course, you can check out profit engine by Mark Ling or the wealthy affiliate course here.

There are also ways people are using to make money with eCommerce and using Shopify as a platform. But the problem is that EVERYONE is using the same products and same drop-shipping sites like aliexpress.com – we are seeing a uptrend of drop-ship on demand products and marketers achieving results with this technique. We found a great review at GFK on a course from Don Wilson.

We also realize that everyone is in a different place, both personally and financially, so we keep that in mind when writing and recommending any product. Not every digital training course is created equal and whenever possible we give you a alternative option.

Our Goal

There are a lot of courses in the marketplace and with new ones being published almost on a daily basis, it is very hard to cut through the b******t. Everyone would prefer to first try out the product before deciding to invest and that is where we come in. With our strategic partnership and our knowledge on the subject, the reviews we provide you with bridge that gap.

Keeping up to date

As mentioned above, there are many digital products being launched almost every day and to keep yourself updated, we suggest coming by to our website regularly. We also update the reviews and try to collaborate with others that had the chance to try out the products.

September Updates

We just saw a new publication on one of our favourite review websites GFKamerica. They have just published a review of one of the best selling courses named Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker including beta testing results, members area overview and their personal thoughts. They have also added some screen-shots of their personal testing products and their first experiences with this course.

April Updates

Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins are teaming up with Russel Brunson. They are launching a online course called the knowledge business blueprint (official website). You can read the full review of knowledge business blueprint at gfkamerica.com.

May Updates

There is another review coming up in May 2019. Adrian Morrison is about to relaunch his best selling eCommerce course called eCom Success Academy. The course has been published in May 2017 already and since then became the official Shopify training course. This year eCom Success Academy is relaunching again with new features and new training approaches included. You can check out the eCom Success Academy 2019 review on GFKamerica.com or check our our ESA 2019 review and insights here